Ambi Climate 2 vs. Sensibo Sky

Make your home ‘cool’ with a smart air conditioner!

It’s important to feel comfortable in your home while turning on the AC on a hot summer’s day might feel amazing, you can switch to a smart AC controller that will take your comfort to the next level.

That’s where Ambi Climate 2 and Sensibo Sky come in. By using smart AI algorithms and sensors, they can learn about your preferences and environment. Allowing it to auto-adjust the AC to suit your taste, offering a more personalized experience.

Not only that, they offer great smart home integration with Alexa and Google Home, meaning you can take advantage of useful technology like voice control and scheduling, making your AC truly smart. This, in turn, will end up saving you on energy costs, as it won’t be on full blast all day or night, as it will “know” when to turn off or cool down.

Let’s take a look at Ambi Climate 2 vs. Sensibo Sky, to see which suits your home best.

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Ambi Climate 2 vs. Sensibo Sky — Things in Common

  • Geo-Fencing – Both Sensibo Sky and Ambi Climate 2 have the geo-fencing feature. It allows your air conditioner to automatically turn on or off whenever you’re near your home, or when the last person leaves. It basically understands how far away you are, based on your smartphone location.

    This ability will let you rest assured that even if you had forgotten to switch off your air conditioning before you left, geo-fencing will take care of it.

  • Scheduling – Have your perfect setting for any time of the day. You can even schedule your air conditioner to turn on and off at certain dates and times throughout the week. Have your home greet you nice and cool as you arrive home, or even at bedtime.
  • Comfort Zone – This feature is designed for those of you who have either get too cold or too hot in the night. Instead of having to grouchily get out of bed in the middle of the night, the comfort zone setting will always ensure that the temperature remains within your preferred range.

    Similarly, Ambi Climate offers a unique mode called Comfort Mode. When using this mode, its AI engine intelligently learns from user’s feedback and combines with data leveraged from onboard sensors and online sources to analyze how different factors affect user’s comfort, auto-adjusting the air conditioner. So, you can simply give feedback on your comfort level — whether you feel hot, cold or comfy, and allow Ambi do the work for you. Over time, the more feedback you give Ambi Climate, the better Ambi will be able to create your personalized profile and tailor the indoor environment to your comfort preferences. Plus, you’re not required to pre-set your comfort zone while using this mode.

  • Hands-free Control – Imagine that you and your loved ones are deeply immersed in a movie, and you start to feel a little too warm. Well with the power of voice control, luckily you won’t even have to pause the movie. By using Alexa or Google Home, all you need to say is ‘’Ok Google, turn on the air conditioner’’

    And it’s done! You can use this amazing feature when cooking, entertaining guests, or simply when getting ready for bed. Simply tell Google or Alexa to turn off, on, lower, or increase the AC as you please.

  • IFTTT – IFTTT is a useful and a free way to get your apps and devices basically ‘’talking’ to each other. Meaning, you can build a smart home that responds to every cue like turning on all the lights when you receive a text or turning on the Roomba when you leave your home.

    Well with Ambi Climate 2 and Sensibo Sky, you can do other cool things. Such as having your AC automatically turn off when the room drops under 24 degrees, or change your smart lights to a cool white when it gets too hot. You can play around with it, and create your own scenarios.

  • Easy Installation – Luckily, both Ambi Climate 2 and Sensibo Sky are easy to install.

    For the Sensibo Sky, all you need to do is hang it in close proximity to your AC unit, and then plug it in. Some key things to remember are, make sure to have a reliable WiFi, you’ll also need to download the Sensibo or Ambi app, which is available on both iOS or Android. Once you’re you’ve done so, you simply point your remote control, push the power button and you’re set.

    While for Ambi Climate 2, you don’t need to hang the Ambi device close to the AC unit; as you can simply place the Ambi device within 2-4 meters of your AC unit. It’s also recommended that you place the device close to where you will be, such as the bedside table in the bedroom or next to the sofa in the living room, so the data detected by the smart sensors will be similar to your experience.

    It’s worth to note that if you wish to set up multiple Sensibo Sky or Ambi Climate units around your home, you can easily do that. You can control all of them from the same app, as each of the AC units will appear there. After which you can label them as you wish, to help identify them.

  • Smart Home Integration – You can connect your Ambi Climate 2 and Sensibo Sky with Alexa and Google Assistant, making your control extra smart! This gives you the opportunity to use some of the great features that we talked about, like IFTTT, voice control, and even remote control (which is similar to geofencing). Ambi Climate 2 uses Siri Shortcuts, so you can even use voice commands to control Ambi via Apple’s voice assistant, Siri.
  • Supports Multiple AC Brands – Both Ambi Climate 2 and Sensibo Sky are compatible with all major AC brands. Meaning that you can turn your regular ‘dumb’ AC, into a smart one!
  • Saves on Energy Costs – One big thing that both controls have in common is saving on your final energy bill. By being able to remotely control your AC, you won’t have to worry about having forgotten to turn it off.

    And with your own scheduled settings, it won’t be on all night either, so you can sleep easy knowing you aren’t running up your electricity bill in your dreams.

Ambi Climate 2 vs. Sensibo Sky — Differences

Ambi Climate 2

  • Difference #1: Modes – When it comes to Ambi Climate 2 vs. Sensibo Sky, Ambi pulls ahead with it’s four unique AC modes. We have already discussed Comfort Mode, so let’s take a look at the other 3.

    Away Mode: This mode will only trigger the AC when needed. By using this feature, you can drastically reduce your energy costs since the AC will be turned off when you’re gone, so you won’t have to think twice about it. This feature is also ideal to use if you have pets at home, while away on a holiday or work. As the temperature will automatically increase, or decrease as needed.

    Temperature Mode: You can now choose your optimal temperature with the temperature mode. After you have set one, the AC will continue to maintain it only raising it or lowering, depending on the weather changes.

    Manual Mode: This feature is for those of you who’d just prefer to stick with the traditional AC settings. It deactivates smart features and its AI technology, while still keeping your traditional AC configurations.

  • Difference #2: Climate Control – Now your home can be at the perfect temperature at all times! Ambi Climate 2 relies heavily on WiFi to collect its weather data. Meaning that it will continuously adjust your AC, reflecting the weather outside.

    So for example, on a rainy day, it will decide to switch on its heating mode, to offer a more cozy environment. Yet on a stifling hot summer day, it will work on lowering the AC’s temperature all throughout your home.

  • Difference #3: AI Technology – Another important difference between Ambi Climate 2 and Sensibo Sky is Ambi Climate’s superior AI technology.

    As it aims to provide smart home effective integrations, as well as allow remote control, different modes, and timers, Ambi Climate mimics the human comfort experience. While taking on other factors that affect thermal comfort, such as humidity, sunlight, weather, time of day all into account.

    Ambi Climate intelligently learns from your feedback and combines with data leveraged from onboard sensors and external sources to determine the impact of the various features on every user, and builds personalized comfort feedback for them. Ambi will then automatically adjust the air conditioner based on the comfort profile to match everyone’s needs, ultimately enhancing comfort and energy savings too!

Ambi Climate 2 vs. Sensibo Sky — Comparison Chart

Ambi Climate 2 Sensibo Sky
Wifi Control Yes Yes
Location Awareness Yes Yes
Alexa & Google Home Yes Yes
Color White Storm Grey
Dimensions 4.25 x 1.65 x 3.18 in 3.2 x 2.2 x 0.7 in
Android & iOS Yes Yes
Temperature Mode Yes No
Manual Mode Yes No
Away Mode Yes No
Comfort zone Mode  Yes Yes
Climate Control Yes No
AI Technology Yes No
Voice Control Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Remote Control Yes Yes
Humidity Sensor Yes Yes

Ambi Climate 2 vs. Sensibo Sky — Our Thoughts

Ambi Climate 2

When it comes to Ambi Climate 2 vs. Sensibo Sky, they are both quite similar, with only a couple of differences.

Both fall into a similar price range, though Ambi Climate 2 is slightly pricier. Yet it has the right to be so. With its amazing climate control feature allowing your AC to become even smarter with its ability to adjust indoor settings based on the outdoors. As well as having 4 different modes to choose from, you can have the perfect temperature in your home, at any time of the day and night. Not to mention its superior AI technology, that works hard to understand your preferences, before creating your own personalized experience.

While Sensibo Sky is a little simpler, it still is a positively reviewed product on the market today. It comes a little cheaper, and offers excellent smart home integration, quick installation, built-in temperature sensors, and more!

Both are highly recommended products, but if you wish for something more advanced, Ambi Climate 2 is a good way to go!

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