An Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime Review • A Useful Add-on

As smart technology continues to get more and more advanced, more and more products are releasing onto the market that make our lives just a little bit more convenient. Netgear has now announced the all-new Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime. This particular doorbell is designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, and it’s easy to get installed without any professional assistance. Designed to function well on its own or when paired with Arlo cameras or smart lights, it’s an excellent addition to your entryway and a great way to keep an eye on your front door.

Let’s break down the features of the Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime to figure out whether this new arrival can hang with industry behemoths like the Nest Hello and Ring Pro.

Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime — Features

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  • App Control – Smart products are all about making your life more convenient, and one of the primary ways that Arlo accomplishes that goal is through the free Arlo app. From a simple app on their smartphones, users will be able to interact with visitors as they approach the door.

    If you happen to pair your new doorbell with an Arlo wire-free camera, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the Arlo Smart subscription service in order to intelligently detect people. This feature is an excellent perk for safety, as it can even call 911 emergency services that are closest to the camera’s location in the event of an emergency. Save valuable time and keep your home protected by pairing this an Arlo doorbell and an Arlo camera.

    Outside of the emergency features, the camera also allows users to see and interact with people at their door. Even without the camera, it’s as simple as pressing a button to talk with visitors without having to move an inch. If you find yourself in a situation where it’s not convenient to talk, simply reply with a pre-recorded message and carry on with your day.

  • DIY Solution – Some smart products have a complicated installation process that can be difficult to sort through for those of us who aren’t exactly handy. Fortunately, the Arlo doorbell is designed to be easy to install and completely replace traditional push-button doorbells.

    The ability to mount wire-free cameras anywhere on your front porch also makes it easy for Arlo Doorbell users to keep an eye on their front door with a more comprehensive view rather than a traditional smart doorbell that has a camera built in. The lack of a built-in camera can be viewed as a negative, of course, but for those who are interested in flexibility and security when it comes to installation, it’s difficult to beat the Arlo bell.

    The Arlo Audio Doorbell also runs off of two standard AA batteries, which should last up to a year with regular use. The fact that it uses standard batteries also means that you won’t have to deal with any complicated wiring for power. You will need to hook your bell up to your existing chimes, but the bell comes with support for existing digital and mechanical setups so you won’t have to do anything too complicated while getting everything set up.

    While the setup process is definitely a little more involved than something like changing a light bulb, it should be easily achievable for most homeowners with a little time and the included directions. When compared to some other smart doorbells on the market, this is definitely a major advantage.

  • Weather-Resistant – Having your doorbell on the front door is super convenient for keeping an eye on your entryway, but it also leaves the technology exposed to the elements. Fortunately, the Arlo doorbell is built with a weather-resistant exterior. Weather snow, rain, and heat with no issues at all and keep your bell running for years to come.
  • Arlo Chime – While it’s possible to use your Arlo doorbell with your existing chimes, the Arlo Chime accessory is the perfect complement to your smart entry experience. Just plug it into any standard power outlet and allow your new chimes to work in tandem with the Audio Doorbell and Arlo wire-free cameras in order to give you instant audio notifications to any room where it’s plugged in — even if you don’t happen to have your phone handy. There are options for volume control and a number of different melodies that can be easily adjusted through the free Arlo App. You won’t have to worry about missing anyone at your door either, as the Arlo Chime can produce an audible alert that is as loud as an 80+ decibel siren.
  • Silent Mode – There’s little worse than putting you kid down for a nap only to have them woken up by a loud chime. Fortunately, the Arlo Doorbell supports silent mode — allowing you some peace and quiet when you don’t want to be disturbed. You’ll still receive notice of any activity at your front door, but you won’t have to worry about the audible chimes disturbing you or your family.

Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime — Our Thoughts

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One disadvantage that the Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime has when compared to the competition is the fact that there is no camera included. If you already have the Arlo Wire-Free smart cameras facing your front porch, however, you won’t have to worry about that due to the seamless integration between the two products. But if you’re starting fresh with smart products for your entry way, you’ll have to keep in mind the extra expense associated with grabbing those extra camera if you want the full experience.

Not having a camera actually adds some advantages, however, allowing the bell to run on two batteries rather than having to hook into a power supply. This combined with the chime accessory make it one of the best bells on the market for DIY installation. The connection between your bell and your smartphone is probably instant as well due to the fact that it doesn’t have to transmit video, which means you’ll get quicker notifications of any activity.

The Arlo Doorbell also integrates well with other products, such as the all new Orbi Voice Kit. This kit includes both the Orbi Router and Orbi Voice, which work together to bring you whole home WiFi with a built-in smart speaker capability. The Tri-band Mesh WiFi is designed for a high-performance connection throughout your home and can even extend your existing signal to eliminate buffering and dead zones. The router and voice satellite can deliver up to 3Gbps high-performance coverage for home up to 4500 sq ft, and built-in Amazon Alexa functionality adds hands-free voice control for greater convenience and entertainment. Play your favorite music, get the news, check the weather, and control your smart home — all from your new Router.

We definitely feel that the Arlo Doorbell is a competitive product — especially when you pair it with other Arlo products such as the cameras. The Orbi Voice Kit is also worth looking into as a WiFi replacement and to ensure that your doorbell has a strong connection. We recommend checking both out!

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