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While August might not have the huge lineup of products that some of their competitors bring to the table, there’s some truth to the saying that quality is more important than quantity — and quality is an area where the brand excels. With the release of each successive generation, August has introduced new features, better performance, and smarter control to their products.

Want to get straight to the point? Jump on down to our August locks comparison chart (August Lock Gen 2 vs. Gen 3 vs. Pro). However, if you’re looking to learn more about August Smart Locks, what makes the brand special, and whether or not they’re worth the investment, read on below!

What is the August Gen Line?

August has released three generations of smart locks; however, the first generation has since been discontinued, leaving you with one Gen 2 and two Gen 3 locks (Smart Lock Pro and Gen 3 lock) to choose from.

There’s no denying that the August Smart Lock Pro is the brand’s top performer, with unique advantages such as support for Apple HomeKit, Z-Wave Plus and an August Connect WiFi bridge included with your purchase of a starter kit. Any of the features that August has included with their smart locks will be available with the Smart Lock Pro, while you’ll have to make some compromises if you opt to go with the regular Gen 2 or Gen 3 locks.

When comparing the August Smart Lock Gen 2 vs. Gen 3, you’re essentially choosing between the brand’s Door Sense technology that will let you know whether your door is open or closed, and support for Apple HomeKit. The Door Sense technology is available only on Gen 3, while the Apple HomeKit support only on Gen 2. If you’re not a user of Apple HomeKit, Gen 3 is clearly the better choice between the two. For those who have built their smart home around the Apple smart home ecosystem, however, the lack of HomeKit support is probably a dealbreaker.

August Smart Lock (HomeKit Enabled / Dark Gray)
August Smart Lock - Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone - Dark Gray
Sale august Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen) + Connect Hub - Zwave, Home Kit & Alexa Compatible - Gray

What Makes August Locks Special?

While there are a number of brands that offer some sort of smart lock, one of the coolest features that August locks bring to the table is support for AirBnB and HomeAway. When you want to grant guests temporary access to your home, you can give them a limited-time code and revoke it after their stay concludes, making it the perfect solution for owners of vacation rental properties.

The DoorSense technology available on the Gen 3 and Smart Lock Pro is also a useful perk, giving you the peace of mind that your door is actually locked when you leave your home. With other brands, you may lock your smart lock but accidentally leave the door ajar, making the security effectively useless. DoorSense uses a magnet to give you extra reassurance that your front door is securely closed.

A Geofencing feature allows August models to both lock or unlock automatically as you’re coming and going, making juggling physical keys a thing of the past. Also, you’ll find that the locks are compatible with most single-cylinder deadbolts, making the installation process much quicker and easier. Check all the compatible deadlocks here.

What is August Connect?

August Connect WiFi Bridge

August Connect is a utility available with both the August Smart Lock Pro and the August Smart Lock Gen 3, although with the latter model you’ll have to purchase it separately. This small dongle plugs into a standard outlet and gives you the ability to arm and disarm your smart lock from your phone, whether you’re at home or hundreds of miles away. It’s an excellent feature to have on hand for letting in family and friends when you can’t physically get to the door, and removes the inconvenience of providing friends with their own specific access.

One thing to keep in mind is that the August Doorbell Cam Pro actually works as a bridge for the same purpose. In general, the Doorbell Cam Pro isn’t as good on its own as some of the cameras from competitors. However, when combined with an August Smart Lock, it certainly becomes worth the investment. Check out our comparison of the August Doorbell Cam vs. Pro — What’s the Difference? in order to learn more about the brand’s smart doorbells.

What is August Smart Lock Door Sense Technology?

August Smart Lock DoorSense Sensor

DoorSense is the latest addition to August Home’s lineup and gives you information on whether your door is open or closed, giving you reassurance that your door is actually locked when you think it is.

You can check the status of your August DoorSense feature using the app or any voice assistant, and can also set your smart lock to auto-lock instantly as soon as the door is securely closed.

DoorSense functions using magnetic fields that help determine the state of your door. This is important to realize, as altering the field around the door in any way could potentially negatively impact the accuracy of the technology. Things like removing the front faceplate or moving another magnet close by should be handled with care in order to ensure you’re still getting accurate readings.

Is August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled?

If you’re looking to use Apple HomeKit with your August Smart Lock, you’ll need to purchase the Smart Lock Pro or Smart Lock Gen 2. For some reason, the Smart Lock Gen 3 is notably lacking this feature.

With the Pro or Gen 2, you’ll be able to link your smart lock to the rest of your HomeKit-enabled smart home, allowing you to operate the technology in combination with other accessories such as smart lights and appliances. HomeKit also makes it easier to create different automation instructions for your smart lock, such as the ability to automatically lock or unlock when you arrive at or leave your home.

HomeKit also gives you the capability to receive requests made by the Smart Lock Pro and Gen 2 lock on your Apple Watch as well as your iPhone, allowing you to easily approve or decline access without having to pull out your phone. It’s a nifty feature that you’ll be sure to take advantage of if you’re looking for a lock that will require permission before it unlocks the door.

What About August Smart Lock Battery Life?

August Smart Lock Installation Review

As long as the August Smart Lock is installed correctly on a door that is easy to open or close and your deadbolt isn’t “sticky,” you should see around a 3-month battery life on the second generation and 6 month battery life for both of the 3rd generation models.

When your smart lock starts to run low on battery, you’ll see a red flashing light on the lock itself as well as a notification from your August app. These two warnings combined should give you a good amount of advanced notice to replace the batteries when they’re running low. Plus, since the smart lock functions using four standard AA batteries, replacing the power source is inexpensive and very easy! Just keep a pack of AA’s on hand and you should be good to go for the foreseeable future.

Can August Smart Lock be Hacked?

While the August Smart Lock is generally a great way to secure your home, any IoT device that connects to the internet has some inherent vulnerability.

With more and more connected devices in the home, collectively considered the “Internet of Things” (IoT), homeowners do have to consider the possibility of their home devices being hacked.

The August Smart Lock allows users to replace their house key with their smartphone, so it’s imperative that the software on the lock stays up to date. August assures users that they will quickly patch any vulnerabilities in order to keep your home safe and secure, but there’s a non-zero possibility that a hacker could gain entry into your home.

In general, we think the risk is low enough that investing in a smart lock will still be a significant net gain. However, the risks are definitely worth mentioning even if it’s unlikely the vulnerability would ever come into play. Check out this paper to learn more about the Security Analysis of the August Smart Locks.

August Smart Lock for AirBnB and HomeAway?

August Smart Lock Pro - Extra - 01

The August smart lock is perfect for AirBnB and HomeAway rentals. No need to worry about distribution of physical keys or hiding them in lock boxes. The automated check-in/out process provided by August is pretty impressive! Once a guest books your property, they’ll automatically receive an email with an access code valid for their rental dates. It’s as simple as that.

Plus, digital keys are perfect for remote property management. With just a few clicks share access with housekeepers, plumbers, or handymen. You can even schedule specific days and times for them to come. And just like you share access, you can revoke it at anytime.

What is August Access?

Similar to Amazon Key Service, August Access is a new feature for your smart lock. With August Access you can provide access to service providers, food delivery and many other services.

August Access is best used with August smart lock and Doorbell Cam for an extra layer of security. The service is absolutely free to use and there are quite a few companies supporting it like Postmates, Handy, Sears, Shyp, ApartmentList,, Doorman, Envoy, Pillow, BloomNation, Alfred, Wagwalking and Fetch. From repairs, shipping, cleaning to pet care, grocery, and food delivery —.you can enjoy better service experience with real-time notifications.

Even though it sounds great, we’d be a little cautious using any type of these services. Setting up a few Arlo cameras around/in the house will definitely make August Access feel way safer than it already is.

August Locks— Comparison Chart

August Smart Lock Gen 2 August Smart Lock Gen 3 August Smart Lock Pro
Compatible Standards Bluetooth
Apple HomeKit
Bluetooth Bluetooth
Apple HomeKit
Z-Wave Plus
Remote Control via August Connect Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control via August Doorbell Cam Pro Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control via Apple HomeKit Yes No Yes
Remote Control via Z-Wave Hub No No Yes
Works with Amazon Alexa Only via August Connect
or Doorbell Cam Pro
Only via August Connect
or Doorbell Cam Pro
Only via August Connect
or Doorbell Cam Pro
Works with Google Assistant Only via August Connect
or Doorbell Cam Pro
Only via August Connect
or Doorbell Cam Pro
Only via August Connect
or Doorbell Cam Pro
August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge included No No Available with
or without
DoorSense™ Technology No Yes Yes
Use your phone as your key Yes Yes Yes
Auto-Unlock your door as you approach Yes Yes Yes
Auto-Lock your door when you leave Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions 3.39” x 3.39” x 2.22” 4.8” x 2.6” x 1.6” 3.39” x 3.39” x 2.22”
Device Weight 13.9 oz. (395 g) 13.9 oz. (395 g) 13.9 oz. (395 g)
Warranty 1-year limited warranty 1-year limited warranty 1-year limited warranty
August Smart Lock (HomeKit Enabled / Dark Gray)
August Smart Lock - Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone - Dark Gray
Sale august Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen) + Connect Hub - Zwave, Home Kit & Alexa Compatible - Gray

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