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Take your smart doorbell with you wherever you go!

Battery operated smart doorbells are a great solution for those of you who are moving around a lot, as well as being quite easy to set up with no fuss required! However, if you decide to down the line opt for hardwired option, models such as the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and , offer both solutions.

Regardless, they still provide impressive smart home security with features such as two-way audio, live-view on demand, motion detection, and more.

So let’s get right to it and find the best battery smart doorbell for you!

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GEREE Video Doorbell

The battery-powered is a durable, as well as an efficient choice for any household.

It’s easy to set up and allows you to remotely view the comings and goings of your home, while also coming with the standard features such as two-way audio, night vision, and not to mention its free 16GB built-in memory card!

Key Features:

  • 166° Angle of View – See more with GEREE’s 166° wide-angle view. Through your app, you can see your porch clearly and effortlessly, so you can identify the package thief from last week, or know when your guests are the door.
  • Sharing – You can share the video feed with up to 4 different users. So your spouse or family member can keep an eye out too. However, it’s worth to note that only one user has access to direct intercom.
  • Live-View – Monitor your home through your smartphone with the live view one demand technology. Now you can see your postman arrive, or watch out for your delivery in clear 720p HD view both night and day all on your ToSee app.
  • Motion Detection – With the motion detection technology you will know straight away via notification if someone appeared within your doorbell’s field of view. You can even adjust the sensitivity, from low, medium and high within 11.48ft, so you won’t get alerted by every little thing, especially if you live in a busy neighborhood.
  • Local Storage – The GEREE Smart Doorbell comes with its own 16GB built-in local storage, eliminating the need for a cloud subscription!
  • Easy Installation – This smart doorbell can be either hardwired into your existing wiring as well as battery-operated, so you can choose between the two options!

    The Battery power option is great for those of you who are renting and want something that’s easy and quick to set up.

    While hardwiring your smart doorbell will provide it with a constant flow of power with fewer interruptions.

    Additionally, on a single charge, the batteries should run from up to 6 – 8 months.

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AUNEX Video Wireless Doorbell

The impresses us with it’s PIR advanced motion detection capabilities, always letting us know if someone is lurking around.

Additionally, you can also answer your door from anywhere with AUNEX, as well as chat with your postman using the 2-way audio technology.

This smart doorbell comes with all the great features that will make your home feel more protected.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Motion Detection – Supervise your door from anywhere at any time with the motion detection technology. You’ll receive instant alerts whenever someone presses your doorbell, or if any movement is detected, such as your spouse pulling up or a pesky salesman making his way to your door.
  • Wireless – No cables needed with this smart doorbell. All you need to do is download the UBell app, and then use the 2.4GHz WiFi connection in order to connect to the doorbell.

    It’s best if you place your new doorbell within 15 to 20m close to the router to ensure that the connection remains strong.

    You also have the dual option of using an AC plug, providing your smart doorbell with a continuous source of power.

  • Two-way Audio – Talk to your guests or scare off a potential intruder with the two-way audio feature. This allows you to seamlessly communicate with anyone through the app when using your iOS or Android smart device.
  • Storage – When it comes to storage you have two options to choose from.

    AUNEX has its own storage plan and comes with a 16GB micro SD already included, which you could upgrade to an even larger 32 or 128GB card.

    Or you can also take advantage of the free cloud storage plan where you can store your automatically recorded videos for up to 7 days at no extra cost.

  • Live-View on Demand – See the front of your home clearly with AUNEX’S 720p HD video, both day and with its infrared night vision capabilities.

    You’ll also have a wide 166° angle view, so you can easily see your kids arrive from school or the postman delivering your package.

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EwiseeLive WiFi Video Doorbell

See, hear & talk to your guests with .

This battery-operated smart doorbell is an affordable and efficient addition to any home, with its handy features such as live view, 2way audio, motion detection, and more!

So now you won’t even have to be at home when your postman calls, simply direct him on where to leave your newest package.

Key Features:

  • 2-Way Talk – Use EwiseeLive’s in-built mic in order to effectively communicate with anyone who’s outside the door. You can easily do so via the app through your iOS or Android smart device.

    This can even be used to warn off a potential intruder away from your property!

  • PIR Motion Detection – Get notified whenever someone is approaching your door with the motion detection feature.

    This adds an extra layer of security for your home, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is monitored at all times.

  • Local Storage – Enjoy 16GB of memory storage for your smart doorbell.s Ensuring that all your motion alerts will be saved within your device, without needing to opt for any paid subscription plans.

    You can also upgrade that to 32 or 128GB worth of space should you wish.

  • Low Power – With EwiseeLive you can expect ultra-low consumption mode in regards to its battery power. So you can get the most out of your battery for up to 6 months, with the standby time of about half a year as well.
  • Day & Night View – View clear 720p footage both day and night through your smartphone. You can even do so remotely so you’ll always know what’s going on outside your home wherever you are.

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LesoTE Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell

is both a budget-friendly and simple device that still offers all the great features of a more expensive model.

It’s also easy to set up and comes with features such as 2-way audio, free local storage, live-view on demand, and more!

Key Features:

  • On-Demand Video – Never miss a visitor with LesoTE’s live view on-demand feature. Paired with its 166° wide-angle view, and 720HD resolution, you can expect to view clear footage of your front porch directly from your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • 2 Way Audio – LesoTE Wireless smart doorbell comes with its own in-built noise cancellation microphone, allowing you to seamlessly direct your delivery man on where to place your package, or even to tell the salesperson you’re not interested. All done through the app of your smart device.
  • Free Storage – This smart doorbell offers you free local storage, and comes already equipped with a complimentary 16G TF card. Additionally, you can expand your internal storage up to 32GB to take advantage of even more saved video recordings.
  • Motion Detection Abilities – Know exactly who’s lurking outside your home with LesoTE’s PIR motion detection technology.

    You’ll get alerted via smartphone whenever any movement is caught so you’ll know if, and when you missed a visitor.

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Ring 2

Ring 2

Watch over your home and answer the door from your phone, tablet, or even the PC with Ring Video Doorbell 2.

This smart device easily integrates with Alexa, allowing you to have a hands free control of your home by using helpful voice commands.

Additionally, with Ring you can expect full home protection with features such as adjustable motion detection, two-way talk, and more.

Key Features:

  • 1080HD Video – With Ring 2 you can expect to monitor your home in vibrant 1080p HD clarity. You have the power to check-in at any time, from anywhere using your Ring app and smart device, so you’ll never miss a caller again.

    Ring 2 also comes with a 160° horizontal, 90° vertical field of view, allowing you to see more.

  • Voice Control – Connect your Ring doorbell with select Alexa devices in order to view activity from outside by just using your voice.

    This can come in very handy when your hands are full and don’t require you to press any buttons.

  • Battery Pack – The Ring 2 comes with a quick-release battery pack that allows you to change your doorbell without having to move it, thus making the whole process quick and easy.

    However, it’s worth mentioning that some features such as the live-view on demand won’t function on Ring 2 unless it’s hardwired, which is a big minus for those of you who wish to use the smart doorbell in its full capacity without any wiring.

  • Motion Detection – If you reside in a particularly busy neighbourhood you’re in luck, as Ring 2 comes with adjustable motion detection which means that you can alter the motion sensors to find the perfect setting for your home.
  • Storage – If you wish to view and share your video recordings, you’ll need to opt for a Ring storage plan.

    Which you can do so for as little as $3 per month with Protect Basic. It includes access to every motion, and live view event for up to 60 days.

    While with Protect Plus which costs $10 monthly, it will give you the same access as well as free Ring Alarm monitoring, and a 10% discount on future purchases.

Ring Peephole Cam

Ring Peephole Cam

Adding Ring smart cameras and doorbells are a great way to amp up your home’s security.

is a step up from Ring 2 as it supports live view streaming even when running solely on battery power.

It also comes with an adjustable motion detection technology, Alexa integration, 2-way audio, and more!

Key Features:

  • Knock Detection – During Ring Cam’s installation, the peephole will have to be replaced. However, Ring has made up for it by including the knock detection technology.

    This will send alerts straight to your iOS or Android smart device whenever there is a knock on the door sensed by its built-in impact sensor, so either way, you won’t miss a visitor.

  • Adjustable Motion Detection – The motion detection function notifies you whenever it senses someone on your property by alerting you via the app. This feature is a great addition for home security, as you’ll always know when there might be a potential package thief outside your home, or if it’s just your kids arriving home from school.

    However, it can be a little annoying if you’re getting constant alerts on windy days, or of passing cars.

    This is why Ring Cam comes with adjustable sensors that you can regulate to find a setting that suits you best.

  • Alexa – Use Alexa to notify you whenever someone is at your door, or simply see your live feed without having to press any buttons.

    You can use smart speakers such as Echo Show, or Echo Dot to operate your smart doorbell in a fun and efficient way, that comes in very handy when your hands are full.

  • Live-View on Demand – See your front door from anywhere at any time in clear 1080p HD quality.

    All you need is the Ring app, and your smartphone to take advantage of this tool.

    Additionally Ring also uses 155° horizontal, and 90° vertical field of view, so you can see your front porch without an issue.

  • Storage – Ring comes with two storage plans that you can opt for, Protect Basic and Protect Plus.

    Both Plans come with 60-days worth of storage with which you can easily view and share your videos.

    While the Protect Plus Plan also includes up to 10% off any Ring purchases, as well as complimentary Ring Alarm monitoring.

    Cost-wise, the Basic Plan comes to $3 monthly/ $30 annually, while Protect Plus is $10 per month/ $100 yearly.

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Best Battery Smart Doorbell — Our Thoughts

Ring Peephole Cam extra

Smart battery doorbells are a great way to avoid fussy wiring and are a handy solutions for renters.

However, when it comes to picking the best one there are a few factors to consider.

Three cheaper options such as , , , and are great in terms of free local storage, while still bringing all the standard features without breaking the bank.

Yet they lack more advanced features such as adjustable motion sensors and smart home integration.

So this is where Ring comes in, while Ring 2 comes with some great features it falls short due to the fact you can only use the live view streaming function when hardwired.

So that leaves us with .

It comes with adjustable motion sensors, live-view on demand, 2-way audio, clear 1080p HD footage, and more!

Making it the best choice on our list.

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