Best Lightstrips to Sync With Music

Create your own light show at home!

Lights that sync with music might be the most fun addition that you can have at your home. Besides other smart lights like LIFX and Philips Hue which you can control remotely and with voice control, there are “less smart” lights out there that might not offer all the smart features as those top 2, but can definitely set up the right mood by syncing with music and creating some stunning light effects, while also costing a little less. In this article, we have discussed various lightstrips to sync with music and the different pros and cons of each product.

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MINGER DreamColor WiFi LED Strip Lights


Ignite your party with music & colors – Now you can bring your party at home by syncing the lights with your favorite tunes! Minger DreamColor Lighstrips change colors and speed automatically with rhythm and melody. Lights that sync with music are a fantastic feature to entertain your guests with or to relax and enjoy some calming songs with a light show to match, after a long day.

Easy setup – Minger DreamColor Lighstrip comes with an all-in-one kit. And you don’t need any other tools in order to install it! That’s a very time-saving feature. The Lightstrips can be easily stuck onto a dry surface and arranged as you wish. So now you can have stunning colors and ambient lights, under your TV, cabinets and more.

Goove Home App – You have the ability to schedule your lights as you please via timer function through the Goove Home app. Meaning, you can have the lights turn on in the morning when you need that extra push to get out of bed, or off when you’re cozy in bed before sleep.

Voice control – Take charge of your lights, with the cool voice control feature! Minger DreamColor Lighstrips work with both Alexa and Google Home. You can now tell your lights to turn off/on or dim from anywhere in the house. Imagine you’re lying on the couch, waiting for your movie to start and all you need to do to create the perfect atmosphere is say, ‘’Alexa, dim the lights’’.


Non-extendable & no cutting – That’s one of the biggest disadvantages. Unlike other lightstrips on the market, you can’t cut or extend the Minger lightstrip. The lightstrips come in 16.4 and 32.8 feet, so make sure to pick the right size and fit it in without cutting.

Elfeland WiFi LED Strip Lights


Enjoy music in a new way – Did you know that you can also sync up your lights to your favorite songs? With Elfeland LED Lightstrips you have the power to enjoy music in a brand new way. Experience the ambient tones with a glass of wine and slow Jazz playing in the back. Or have a vibrant party that will get everyone on their feet!

Choose your own scenes – Choose the setting you want, with the ability to create whatever scene you wish. You can create a festive light show for birthday parties and disco nights. While for a quiet night in of reading or a romantic dinner, you can create a softer and more ambient tone.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors – You can also bring your party outside too! Or even have an intimate dinner with family and friends in an ambient outdoor setting. As the Elfeland LED Lighstrips can withstand most weather conditions.

Flexible installation options – If the strip is too long, you can always just cut the strip every 3 LEDs along the marks.

Voice Control – You can use your voice to control the lights via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Just say, “Alexa, turn on the lights!”, it’s that simple.


RGB only – If you care about your white tones, then, unfortunately, the Elfeland LED Lightstrips have created their white light through a combination of RGB (red/green/blue) Meaning that due to it’s EU certification, it’s not able to provide us with true white light.

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Kwanan WiFi LED Strip Lights


Multifunctional – Kwanan LED Lightstrips can be easily synced together with your music. This is an amazing feature that will make any party, dinner date, movie night an exciting and engaging experience. All you’ve to do is to connect to the Magic Home Pro app, create an account, and voila! Not only can you enjoy your tunes with lights, but create your own scenes too. So, now you can already have the perfect lighting set for a family dinner or a gathering with friends.

You also have the ability to set your lights to a timer. Meaning that you can schedule your lights for any occasion. Want to have a bright wake up call? Schedule them to turn on right before your alarm in the morning. Or you want to make sure that everything is turned off after your bedtime? You can set your timer to any time you wish.

Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant – Now you can also use voice control on your lights! Simply tell Alexa or Google to turn your lights off/on, as you please. This is a fantastic tool for when you are just about to leave your house and want to make sure that all the lights are off. This feature can also cut down on electricity costs and energy usage.


Issues with App – There have been some issues brought up about the app or the remote not working effectively or having occasional connection problems. Luckily it’s not too common, and Kwanan also provides a warranty and customer service help.

Rusunde WiFi LED Strip Lights


Easy installation – Rusunde LED Lighstrip comes together with a WiFi controller, mini IR remote, 4 small pin connectors, power adapter, and 5-meter waterproof LED lightstrip. Everything you need to get started, as well as saving time and energy with a complicated set up process. If you do run into any issues, you can contact their friendly support team, who will try to help you out.

Works with Alexa – Enjoy the power of voice control through Alexa! Now you can control your lights from anywhere in the house. You can dim, brighten them as you please. This is a great tool when you want to create a soft ambiance while reading, all you have to do is tell Alexa to dim the lights, and you have achieved the perfect setting. It’s also compatible with Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Waterproof – Now you can bring your party outside too. Rusunde LED Lightstrips are water-resistant, meaning that they can also be set up outside too. You can host intimate dinner parties or late-night barbecues with these colorful lights. Or even if you just simply want to have an outdoor light, that you won’t have to worry about leaving on outside.

Pick your favorite color – With over 16 million different color tones to choose from, you’re bound to find the right setting for any mood. Have a warm glow to match a sunset, or a gentle blue glow to help you feel more energized and motivated to work. If you want to create an even more engaging environment, you can also sync up your music together with the lightstrips, and enjoy your own personal light show, that’s bound to impress your friends and family.


Microsoft Cortana – Unfortunately for those of you who prefer to use Cortana when it comes to voice control, Rusunde doesn’t have this feature available yet. But still provides a lot of other great choices such as Alexa, Google, and IFTTT.

Revogi Smart Color Bluetooth LED Lightstrip


Create your own color theme – With Revogi Smart Color LED Lightstrip, you can pick whatever color tone you want, at any time. Support a particular football team? Why don’t you match the team’s colors while watching the game! You can also have the perfect theme picked out for when having friends over for drinks, or simply relaxing by the fire. You can also have your favorite color sync with your music too. If you prefer to stick to regular white tones, that’s fine too. You can easily dim the lights as you wish, and still, create the perfect setting for you. That way you can enjoy the beats in a more fun way.

Presence control – You can have the Revogi Smart Color Ledstrips turn on and off when you leave and enter a room (based on your smartphone GPS). This is a useful tool to use for those late-night trips to the bathroom or to have them installed around stairways for any midnight trips to the kitchen.

No hub required – You can easily set your Lightstrips up with Revogi Delite app for Android and iOS devices. Such as Apple Watch. This makes the whole installation process quick and, with no additional purchases (hub) necessary.

Anti-burglar mode – Going on a holiday? Well with the Anti-burglar setting, you won’t have to worry as much. Revogi Lighstrips will have your lights turn randomly on and off while you’re away, creating the illusion of you being home.

Cuttable and Extendable – If you have a project and need some precise measurements, Revogi lightstrip will definitely fit in. You can cut it or extend it to fill your place with colorful light — super flexible installation options.


Bluetooth connection only – Revogi Lighstrips do require a Bluetooth connection in order to work. While for some it may seem totally fine, others may find Bluetooth connections to be weaker and unreliable. Plus, with Bluetooth connection only you won’t be able to control the lightstrip when you’re not within its Bluetooth range.

Indoor use – Unfortunately, these Lightstrips are designed for indoor use only, meaning you won’t be able to set up any lights outside.

No voice control – Since these lightstrips aren’t compatible with Alexa, or Google Assistant, the voice control feature isn’t available. But that’s good news for those of you who prefer not to set up any “listening” devices around your home.

Unreliable – The app keeps crashing making this lightstrip pretty much useless. We do not recommend it.

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Nexillumi Bluetooth Light Strip Kit


Set your favorite color – With Nexillumi Lighstrips you can choose from up to 16 million different colors. You can set the perfect mood needed for a quiet evening alone, or a more vibrant party, Having this amazing choice of colors allows you to play with different tones and settings, finding whatever works best for you. You can even use a cooler blue light to get you feeling more energized or a warmer tone to suit a relaxed mood.

Enjoy a disco theme – With the ability to be able to sync the lights up with the music of your choice, you have the power to enjoy music in a new and exciting way. Watch the lights come alive as you pair it up with the current hits.

Corner wires – Having corner wires makes the whole set up process easier. What they do is, they bend at the corners as needed, without any additional connectors or breaking the strips. You can arrange the lightstrips around your TV easily, and create a truly stunning effect. Giving you the ability to create ambient light around your TV, that won’t shine directly into your eyes, allowing you to experience movies and games in a truly immersive way.


Bluetooth – Similarly to Revogi Smart Color LED Lightstrip, Nexillumi Light Strip also requires a Bluetooth connection in order to work. This may be a downside to those of you who prefer using a WiFi connection.

App – While there have been complaints about the HappyLighting app, it may be due to its Bluetooth connectivity.

Best Lightstrips to Sync With Music — Our thoughts

Philips Hue
How about setting a fun mood for your next party?

All the Lighstrips that we have gone through have some excellent features, such as the ability to sync music with them, compatibility, and great color options. All that, without breaking the bank. If a Bluetooth connection doesn’t scare you off, then Nexillumi Light Strip Kit is a good choice to go with.

If you’re looking for something even more advanced than the options we have provided, then Philips Hue or LIFX might be great choices for you. While they are a little on the expensive side, yet with the amazing entertainment features and vibrant color settings, you’re bound to get a great sense of enjoyment out of them. Otherwise, we’d recommend going with Rusunde WiFi LED Strip Lights or .

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