Best Outdoor Smart Plugs

Control the Christmas lights from your couch with a Smart Plug!

Owning a smart plug allows you to turn any of your “dumb” home appliances, into smart ones. Meaning that you don’t necessarily have to buy smart light bulbs to have remote, as well as voice control over it. All you need is a smart plug into which your gadget be connected to, and you can enjoy all the same perks!

Having an outdoor smart plug allows you to have seamless control over your patio lights, sprinklers and other devices without you needing to constantly go outside to switch them on or off, or worry about needing long extension cords.

All you need for most smart plugs is a steady WiFi connection as well as a smart device to install the app on, and you’re ready to go!

Today we’ll be looking at the best outdoor smart plugs for your home, however, if you wish to find the best one for indoor use only, you can read about them here on our take on: Best Smart Plugs For Google Home, as many of the smart plugs mentioned also connect with Alexa, Siri and Cortana devices as well.

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iDevices Outdoor Switch

IDEVICES Outdoor Switch Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Control 2 devices from a single outlet with the iDevices Outdoor Switch!

This smart plug allows you to turn your dumb outdoor devices into smart ones, so you can have control over your Christmas lights without having to go outside in the cold to turn them on and off!

Additionally, via the iDevice’s app, you can seamlessly control your gadgets from anywhere in the world, and it even integrates with Alexa providing you with levels of control over your holiday light displays you never even knew you wanted.

Key Features:

  • Voice Control – Use Siri or Alexa voice commands to switch your porch lights on and off by using simple voice commands such as Siri, switch on the Christmas lights,’’ or ‘’ Alexa, switch off the porch lights’’ for a handy and easy way to operate your lights without even having to leave your home!
  • Access From Anywhere – Control and operate your decorations, lights or other smart gadgets from anywhere in the world by using iDevices Outdoor Switch with your iPhone or Android device.

    This way you can ensure that your porch light is turned on when you’re on the way home.

    You can also use the scheduling function to automatically have your lights greet you when you arrive in the evening, and switch off during daylight.

  • Dual Plug – Because iDevice smart plug comes with dual outlets, you have the ability to control two electronics simultaneously without needing to buy multiple plugs!

    However, the only downside to this is that you do not get individual control of each outlet, turning the power off to a single outlet turns off the power to both.

  • IP44 Weather-Resistant Rating – You won’t have to worry about your iDevice smart plug being outside as it has an IP44 weather rating meaning that while it can withstand most elements such as rain, snow, and sleet, yet it won’t survive total immersion.

Maxcio Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet

Maxcio Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet

Maxcio Smart Plug is both a flexible and budget-friendly option to consider, as it comes with desirable functions such as voice control with Google and Alexa, as well as the ability to create custom schedules and even control it remotely as well.

With its IP44 weather rating, you can rest assured that your smart plug will continue to operate at its optimal level, rain or snow.

Key Features:

  • Hands-Free Control – Maxcio Outdoor WiFi Outlet integrates with both Alexa, as well as Google to allow hands-free control over your Christmas lights or decorations without even having to lift a finger!

    You can easily say “Alexa, switch on the Christmas lights” and enjoy seamless control using just your voice.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Use – This dual-socket plug can be used both indoors as well as outdoors with its IP44 rating and splash-proof design.
  • Set Your Own Schedules – With Maxcio you have the handy ability to create schedules or timers to suit your busy lifestyle!
  • So that means you can arrive at a nicely-lit home with your porch light on, and if you decide to set it up indoors too, you can even have your coffee maker brewing and the heating turned on!

    You can create these routines anytime and anywhere via the Maxcio app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

  • Easy Set-Up – The plug itself is pretty easy to install, simply plug it into a standard socket and complete the network configuration settings. After which you’ll download the app, and you’re ready to go!

Kasa TP-Link Smart Outdoor Plug

Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug

The Kasa TP-Link Smart Plug impresses most with its powerful 300ft WiFi range and durable weather rating of IP64! Meaning that it can withstand even the harshest weather elements as well as total submersion.

Additionally, it also integrates with voice assistants such as Alexa, Google, and Cortana, so you can control your outdoor lights without the need to press any buttons.

Key Features:

  • Remote Control – Operate your landscape or porch lights with the tap of a button from anywhere you are! All you need is a stable 2.4GHz home WiFi and the free Kasia app downloaded on your iOS or Android smart device to take advantage of this useful function.
  • Schedule Your Lights – Create custom scenes or simply set your lights to turn on and off at specific times with the scheduling technology.

    This a great way to ensure that your yard is all lit up as you’re arriving home, or switched off during the day.

    This can even help you to monitor the energy usage from your smart appliances and even save on power costs in the long term.

  • Long WiFi Range – Kasa Smart Plug impresses us with its long WifI range that can travel up to 300ft, without the need for a hub or separate extenders.

    This is great if your router is placed further away, and you won’t have to worry about your smart plug losing its connectivity.

  • Voice Commands – Use Google Assistant, Alexa or Microsoft Cortana to control your devices using just your voice!

    All you need is a smart speaker such as Echo Show or Google Home, and you have the ability to control your Christmas lights without even having to get your smartphone!

Geeni Outdoor Smart Plug

Geeni Outdoor Smart Plug

While the Genni Outdoor Smart Plug is a little simpler option, it’s a good smart plug to consider if you prefer having only one port rather than two.

It also doesn’t state its IP rating, but we are guessing it’s the standard IP44 which prevents it from moderate rain, snow, and sleet. However, when it’s not being used, the sockets should remain capped off with the included weather-resistant cover, to ensure their longevity.

While it’s not as fancy as the other models we discussed, this budget-friendly option is good to consider if you prefer something simple without the bells and whistles of the more advanced smart plugs.

Key Features:

  • Control From Anywhere – Using your Home 2.4GHz compatible network, you have the ability to switch on and off your seasonal lights from anywhere, or even switch on your porch lights as you’re coming home, to save you from having to fumble for your keys in the dark.
  • Control By Voice – Have hands-free control over your Genni Smart Plug from anywhere in your home, as it integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, as well as Microsoft Cortana. So you can switch your sprinklers on without needing to have your smartphone on you.
  • App Control – Via the Geeni app you can easily control your cameras, smart bulbs, surge protectors and more! All you need is a stable 2.4GHz connection as well as an iOS or Android device to have control over all your plugged-in smart devices from a single ap, no hubs or bridges needed.
  • Scheduling & Remote Control – Using the scheduling function you can easily set your Christmas decorations to turn on every day at sunset or have your sprinklers running every afternoon, all done from the Geeni app. Creating your own daily routines can make your life a little easier, and have all your smart gadgets working together.

    Additionally, you can also operate your plugged in smart devices remotely as well so you can arrive at a lit-up home after a long day away, all done with the tap of a button.

Tonbux Outdoor Smart Plug

Tonbux Outdoor Smart Plug

This handy smart comes with individually controlled 3 ports to allow you to connect even more devices!

Making this plug useful to use under a carport or outside the toolshed where you might need to plug in multiple smart devices at a time.

Additionally, you can also operate Tonbux Smart Plug using simple voice commands when integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Home for seamless control over your smart appliances.

Key Features:

  • IP44 Waterproof – Your Tonbux smart plug is safe to be left outdoors with its splash-proof IP44 rating and waterproof button cap design. Meaning it can withstand rainy or snowy conditions, however, it shouldn’t be immersed.
  • Hands-Free Control – Use Alexa or Google Assistant to have the ability to use voice commands over your smart devices. So whether it’s to dim the lights or turn on the sprinklers, all that can be done without the need of a smartphone, allowing you to operate your connected appliances from the comfort of your couch!
  • Personalize Your Routine – Set your own daily schedules to suit you and your routine using smart plugs. Using the free app, you have the ability to turn on the landscape lighting on when you’re returning home in the evening, or the sprinklers on in the morning as you leave for work.

    Either way, you can create as many schedules and routines as you wish to suit you.

  • Control From Anywhere – Since Tonbux is operated via your WiFi home network, this means that you can have control over your plugged-in devices from anywhere around the globe!

Meaning you can switch the porch lights before you even arrive home, and have your coffee brewing while waiting in traffic.

Best Outdoor Smart Plugs — Our Thoughts

Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug-1

Having outdoor smart plugs are a handy way to ensure your devices such as porch lights, sprinkler, patio fountain, irrigation systems and more, can be operated remotely via an app or by even using your voice through Alexa or Google.

However, when it comes to choosing the nest one, it really depends on how many devices you wish to connect. If you there are quite a few, then Tonbux Outdoor Smart Plug with its 3 ports might be the choice for you, or if you prefer something more simple and compact then take a look at Geeni Smart Plug.

Yet we feel that Kasa TP-link with its impressive WiFi range and durable weather rating makes it the superior smart plug on our list.

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