Best Smart Lock And Doorbell Combo

Enhance your home security with a smart lock and doorbell combo!

Pairing up your lock and doorbell together will not only add an extra layer of security for your home but will allow you to easily view who and when had unlocked or locked the door through a single app!

Additionally, features such as live-view on demand, motion detection, and 2-way audio make it easy to monitor the front door from wherever you are in the world.

Today we’ll be looking at the best smart lock and doorbell combo to include in your home, as well as their unique features, such as Nest Hello’s pre-recorded message function.

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Google Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Hello

Protect your home with, Google Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Hello combo!

The Nest x Yale lock is simple to operate with its Easy Lock feature, meaning that you only have to tap the lock or even use voice commands with Google Assistant. It also comes with a digit keypad allowing you to set unique pin codes that you can after share with your family and friends!

While Nest Hello Video Doorbell provides an impressive 4:3 HD video showing your whole porch, from top to bottom! Not only that, but you can also expect to receive alerts whenever someone approaches your door so you always know who is coming and going.

Both work together by notifying you whenever anyone has locked or unlocked your door, so you can then after checking who’s at home by looking back on the motion detection footage.

Key Features: Google Nest x Yale Lock

  • Auto-Lock – Forgot to lock your door? No worries! Nest will lock automatically whenever it senses you’re away, so you can rest assured that your front door won’t be open.
  • Keyless Deadbolt – No more picked locks! Nest is both secure and tamper-proof with its keyless pad. You’ll only need your app or unique pin code to unlock your door which you can also share with your whole family.

    Pretty handy for those of you who tend to frequently misplace your keys.

  • Remote Access – Lock and unlock your door remotely through the Nest app so you can let in your guests whenever you’re running late.

    You will also be alerted when anyone locks or unlocks your door as well, so you know when someone is at home.

  • Nest Secure Alarm System – Your Nest x Yale door lock will work well together with the Nest Secure system. Whenever your door is unlocked it will disarm automatically eliminating the need to put in any keycodes and is a handy option for when a guest or housekeeping arrives when you aren’t home.

Key Features: Nest Hello

Nest Hello

  • Nest Aware – With Nest Aware you can take advantage of the 24/7 Recording technology, custom motion zones, facial recognition, and more!

    All the useful features to make your home even more protected.

    The Nest Ware is broken down into 3 plans, which depend on the amount of video history each offers. The 30-day plan comes to $30 monthly, while 10-days are $10, and 5-days are $5 per month.

    However, with the free plan, you can still expect Nest to take screenshots of your front porch whenever motion is detected, which will then remain in the cloud for up to 3 hours.

  • Person, Motion & Sound Alerts – Be aware whenever a guest or a potential package thief is around your home. With the person and motion detections, you’ll receive alerts straight to your iOS or Android device whenever any activity is detected.
  • Pre-Recorded Responses – Direct your delivery man on where to leave your package, or tell the salesperson that you aren’t interested, with the pre-recorded message function.

    This allows you to always have a response ready for whenever your hands are full.

  • Live View on Demand & 2-Way Audio – See anyone or anything with Nest Hello’s 1600 x 1200 HD resolution. Paired with its 160-degree wide-angle view it will also ensure that you won’t miss a thing with this handy doorbell.

    Additionally, you can also use the two-way audio technology in order to seamlessly communicate with any who is outside the door.

    What’s more, Nest Hello integrates with both Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands for hands-free control of both your doorbell, as well the lock.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Another impressive smart combination is the Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt.

This effective combination allows you to answer notifications from anywhere, as well as let in your guests by providing them with a unique passcode, all done through the Ring app! So now you won’t ever have to worry about lost or misplaced keys again.

You’ll also be able to view via Ring’s live view feature who is unlocking your door, and whether there might be a lurker hanging around your home.

Key Features: Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

  • Fast Set Up – With Schlage’s in-built WiFi, you can have your smart lock up and ready in no time! As it will connect directly to your home’s network eliminating any need for additional hubs and adapters.

    The smart lock also comes with a low battery indicator, so you can replace the battery as soon as possible.

  • Smart Control – Use both your smartphone and Ring app when you connect Schlage Encode local with Key by Amazon app. This allows you to lock and unlock your door straight from your Ring Doorbell’s Live View, and use the Ring app to verify your guests identify.

    You can also manage and create up to 100 unique pin codes for your family and friends for temporary or even permanent home access. This is especially handy for business or Airbnb owners.

  • Built-in Alarm – Schlage’s in-built alarm system can sense potential security breaches on your lock by emitting a loud alarm signal as well as notifying you via the app. So you’ll always know if someone is messing with your lock.

Key Features: Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Doorbell 2

  • Live-View on Demand – Ring Video Doorbell 2 comes with a clear 1080p HD video resolution, allowing you to view live footage both day and night with its 160-degree wide-angle view.
  • Motion Detection – Catch the potential package thief in the act with the motion detection feature. This will notify you via Ring app through your iOS or Android device whenever someone is lurking around your home or unlocking the door.
  • Two-Way Audio – Communicate with the postman and direct him on where to leave your parcel with the two-way audio technology. This allows you both to see and hear what’s going on outside your home.

    Additionally, if you wish to use a two-way talk with your Schlage lock, you can do so when you pair it up with an Alexa enabled device.

  • Ring Protect – While Ring doesn’t have free local storage available, you can still store all your motions and footage in the cloud by opting for a Ring subscription plan.

    You can opt to do so by choosing a Protect Basic or Protect Plus plan which includes a 60-day video history. With the exception of Protect Plus also providing you with free Ring Alarm monitoring, and discounts on future Ring purchases.

    The Basic plan comes to $3 monthly, while Protect Plus amounts to $10 per month.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect with Doorbell Cam Pro

August Smart Lock Pro Connect with Doorbell Cam Pro

Let your guests and family members into your home remotely with August Smart Lock Pro+ Connect & Doorbell Cam Pro.

This handy combination will notify you whenever someone is either lurking around your home using your doorbell’s motion detection technology or whenever anyone unlocks the door with Smart Lock’s sensors, offering great smart home security from wherever you are both day and night.

All you need to do is pair up your smartphone with the August app, and you’re free to track the comings and goings from absolutely anywhere in the world.

Key Features: August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

August Smart Lock Pro - Extra - 01

  • App Control – Use the August app and your iOS or Android smart device to grant easy access to your family and guests, as well as track who’s coming and going from anywhere.

    Additionally, Smart Lock automatically unlocks the door whenever you arrive home, as well as locks when you leave so you don’t have to worry about accidentally forgetting to lock up.

  • Easy Set Up – Your new Smart Lock Pro + Connect easily attaches to your already existing deadbolt on the inside of your door, so you can still use your original keys should you wish.

    You can also include the August Keypad if you like the idea of setting unique pin codes for you, and your family.

  • Auto-Unlock – Your Smart Lock Pro uses special technology that unlocks the door as you approach so you don’t have to fumble around for your keys anymore. This comes in especially handy when your hands are full of groceries, or when you have misplaced your keys again.
  • Z Wave Plus – Z Wave is one of the leading smart home technologies that’s found around the world today. Its wireless technology will not interfere with your network signal and operates well even when on low power.

    With Z Wave Plus The devices are generally “smarter”, easier to install, and a bigger improvement over the last generation Z-Wave.

Check out more on this article about Z-Wave vs. Z-Wave Plus — What’s the Difference?

Key Features: August Doorbell Cam Pro

August Doorbell Cam Pro

  • Motion Detection – know who at what is outside your home at all times with the motion detection technology.

    The Doorbell Cam Pro will capture the moments leading up to the motion alerts, allowing you to easily identify your guests, or the postman arriving in front of your door.

    Additionally, the adjustable motion sensitivity for your smart doorbell will ensure that you’ll only receive alerts that matter.

  • HD Live-View & Two-Way Audio – Welcome your guests or direct your delivery man on where to leave your parcel with the HD live-view on-demand feature. All you need is your smartphone and August app to check in on the live feed outside your door.

    You can even enjoy full-color video footage even at night too! So you won’t have to worry about the stray cat rummaging through your rubbish in the middle of the night anymore.

    Additionally, with two-way audio technology, you can seamlessly communicate with anyone outside the door via the app, without having to open the door.

  • August Video Recording – You can also take advantage of the August video recording technology by opting for a subscription service.

    With video recording, you will get both securities, as well as peace of mind by having the ability to replay any video or motion-captured at your door, at any time.

    The Premium Plan costing $2.99 per month, includes 15-day storage and video playback.

    While Premium Plus offers impressive 30-day storage to take advantage of, and that costs $4.99 per month.

SimpliSafe Smart Lock and SimpliSafe Pro Video Doorbell

Pair up your SimpliSafe Smart Lock & SimpliSafe Smart Home Video Doorbell for exceptional and reliable home security.

Through the Simplisafe app, you are able to access the live view on-demand technology so you can easily let your guests and family members in by unlocking the door remotely.

Additionally, you will receive alerts straight to your smart device whenever it senses anyone trespassing on your property.

You’ll also need a SimpliSafe hub in order to use your smart lock and doorbell, as well as to integrate with your SimpliSafe alarm system.

Key Features: SimpliSafe Smart Lock

  • Automatically Locks your Door – Feel safe whenever you leave your home with the automatic door locking function. So you won’t have to worry about forgetting to lock up when in a rush.
  • Get Alerted – With SimpliSafe smart lock you’ll receive direct alerts whenever anyone unlocks or unlocks your door. After which you can use SimpliSafe smart doorbell’s live view to see who’s coming home, or who is leaving for an extra sense of security.
  • No More Keys – A great option for those of you who tend to either frequently lose, or misplace your keys! You can both lock and unlock the door using the Pin pad as well as create a unique password for your family and friends too. If you wish, you can also still use your original key if you prefer the more old fashioned approach.

    Additionally, you can also integrate your system with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in order to use simple voice commands for hands-free control.

    With the pin pad, you can also prevent potential break-ins.

    If someone enters the pin wrong 5 times the lock will send you an alert, and after 15 attempts, your door will be automatically locked for 30 minutes.

Key Features: SimpliSafe Pro Video Doorbell

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell

  • Live-View Feed – See your kids make their way up the driveway, or the postman pull up, with the live-view on-demand feature.

    You can seamlessly view the front porch in 1080p HD resolution both night and day, with an impressive 162° horizontal field of view. Allowing you to see remotely who’s locking and unlocking your door.

    Also, you can take advantage of the zoom function when you need to identify someone or even take a closer look at a license plate.

  • Two-Way Audio – Tell the package thief to beat it, or accept a delivery using just your voice with the two-way audio technology.

    All you need is the Simplisafe app and an iOS or Android smartphone to take advantage of this feature.

  • Motion Detection – Receive direct notifications whenever any motion is detected with your doorbell’s field of view.

    This way you can check in to make sure it’s just a family member, as opposed to a potential intruder.

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Best Smart Lock And Doorbell Combo — Our Thoughts

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

In the end, when it comes down to choosing between the best smart lock doorbell combo, there are plenty of good options out there.

Essentially most combos allow you to view through the live feed whenever anyone is trying to get access to your home, which is the most attractive feature since smart locks don’t come with their own camera function.

However, we feel that the best combo would have to be Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt.

It comes with efficient features such as setting unique pin codes, live view on-demand, great field of view, auto-lock and even integration with Ring Alarm system, making it a safe option for most households.

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