Best Smart Locks For Ring

Smart locks are a great way to make sure that you and your family have easy access to your home while keeping intruders out.

By providing many unique passcodes, while also having the power to lock and unlock the door remotely, you won’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your keys again! Additionally, with a Ring Video Doorbell, you can easily view through the Ring app who is coming and going for better home protection.

The first three smart locks we will cover all integrate with the Ring Alarm Security system, which offers seamless and reliable home protection without breaking the bank.

It works by having your system disarm when you arrive home as soon as you unlock the door, and then activate when you leave again, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to set up your system before leaving for work.

So let’s get right to it and check out the best smart lock for you!

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Kwikset SmartCode 888 Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt

Kwikset SmartCode 888 Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt

With Kwikset SmartCode 888 you won’t have to worry about losing your keys again! Via the Ring app, you can easily lock, unlock, check the live feed, and more when you pair it up with a Ring doorbell!

Create up to 30 unique passcodes to give to your friends and family secure access to your home, and when you have misplaced your keys, the 5-button keypad allows you to use the one-touch locking system for a truly keyless experience.

It also connects with the Ring Alarm Security, a complete home alarm system with a starter kit that has everything you need to get started to protect your home. It allows you link your lock to Ring Alarm, in order to simultaneously lock up, as well as arm the Ring Alarm in away mode, or unlock and disarm when at home.

Key Features:

  • Alexa – With Kwikset SmartCode 888 you can connect your Ring Alarm Security Kit together with Alexa.

    So when using a smart speaker such as Echo Show 5 you can execute simple voice commands such as, “Alexa, lock the front door”, or check the status of your door, for a truly hands-free experience.

  • Ring App – Forgot to lock the door behind you? By using the Ring app you can seamlessly lock and unlock your door remotely, as well as view the history and status of the events, all done through Ring.

    Additionally, when you pair up your smart lock with a , you can take advantage of the live view on-demand feature which allows you to see who, and when was at your door. As well as the motion detection technology, so you’ll receive alerts whenever something is detected within the camera’s field of view.

  • Personalized User Codes – Create up to 30 unique pin codes that you can after share with your family, friends, and services for easy access into your home. Perfect for business, and Airbnb owners.

    This secure and efficient way eliminates the need for many key copies that can easily be lost and misplaced.

    Even though the traditional lock still remains if you still prefer to use it.

  • Z-Wave – Kwikset SmartCode 888 uses a Z-Wave connection which is primarily used in smart home networks.

    This allows smart devices to connect, as well as exchange control commands with each other.

    The main benefit of this type of wireless communication is that it helps alleviate power issues while bringing lower-cost connectivity to home automation, offering a better alternative to WiFi and Bluetooth connections.


Yale Real Living Assure Lock SL With Z-Wave Plus

Yale Real Living Assure Lock SL With Z Wave Plus

Another smart lock to take note of is the Yale Real Living Assure Lock. It allows you to manage and monitor keyless access to your home, all through the Ring app.

As well as check the status of the door, lock it or unlock it remotely, or create and share individual access codes.

Pair up your smart lock with Ring Alarm security system, so you can lock up and arm your home simultaneously with Ring Alarm, as well as disarm and unlock at the same time too, creating an efficient way to join your home security together.

It also features Z-Wave Plus with its significantly improved range and 50% higher battery life.

Key Features:

  • Keyless Access – Use Yale’s sleek touchscreen keypad to enter your home for efficient keyless access, that’s ideal for those of you who tend to misplace or lose your keys frequently.

    It also eliminates the possibility of tampered locks, or forced break-ins, thus making your home feel safer.

    Additionally, the 9V battery terminal offers a source of backup power, so you don’t have to worry about being without a lock when the batteries are dead.

  • Voice Contro – Like the idea of voice control? Use Alexa, as well as Echo Show or Echo Spot to unlock or lock the door using just your voice, never having to worry about lost keys again.
  • Z Wave Plus – Use Z-Wave to link your Yale Real Living smart lock with the Ring Alarm system Security Kit that will also easily integrate with all your Ring devices too.

    Z-Wave Plus also provides up to 50% more bandwidth than Z Wave, for a wider range of connectivity.

    You can also read more about Z Wave in this article: Z-Wave vs. Z-Wave Plus — What’s the Difference?

  • App Control – Use the Ring app to grant access to your family members or guests remotely, and even check the status of your door.

    And when paired up with a Ring video doorbell, you can also use the live view on-demand feature to see who is entering and leaving your home from wherever you are in the world.

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, Z-Wave Plus Enabled

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, Z-Wave Plus Enabled 2

Protect your home with the sturdy and reliable Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt.

Use the Ring app to lock and unlock the door, and grant secure access to your friends and family members from wherever you are in the world. Eliminating the worry about misplaced or lost keys.

Additionally, you can also use Alexa voice commands in order to unlock and lock the door, a handy solution for when your hands are full of groceries.

It’s also worth mentioning that it does require a Ring Alarm in order to function with Ring, which has many security benefits to your home.

Key Features:

  • Ring Alarm Security System – The Ring Alarm Security Kit includes all the tools necessary such as a keypad, base station, motion sensor, and a contact sensor that can be used on windows and doors to keep your home safe.

    You can link your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt to your Ring Alarm to lock and arm the Alarm when in away mode all at the same time, as well as disarm when in-home mode.

    This eliminates the need to constantly having to remember to set up your system every time you leave, providing a truly smart and efficient Ring Alarm System.

  • Keyless Entry – With Schlage Connect smart lock you can grant up to 30 different user codes to share with your guests, family members, and other home services for when you’re away.

    The smart lock still provides a lock for your key if you prefer to have two options available to choose from.

  • Grade 1 Certified – The Schlage smart lock is grade 1 certified, which is the highest residential rating out there. Giving your front door the protection with a keyless deadbolt that provides the highest level of security for your home.
  • Ring App & Alexa – Use your Ring app to see who is leaving and entering your home, as well as create personalized pin codes for your guests.

    Additionally, you can even integrate your smart lock with Alexa-enabled devices to take advantage of the voice command feature. So you can lock, unlock and check the status of your door without even lifting a finger!

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Create up to 100 guest codes with Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt.

This smart lock will work seamlessly with your Ring doorbell creating a truly smart pair. You can easily answer notifications from anywhere, and let your family members in all through the Ring app.

This WiFi entry lock is a great choice for Key by Amazon users. All you need to do is download the Key by Amazon app to integrate the Schlage smart lock within minutes. The pair up together with the Ring app, to seamlessly lock and unlock your door straight from the live view feed of your Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Key Features:

  • 100 Codes – Grant up to 100 access codes for your visitors, family members and even the dog walker with Schlage Encode. Each guest account can be assigned an access schedule, which is ideal for business owners, as well as Airbnb hosts for efficient keyless entry.
  • Key by Amazon – After installing the Key by Amazon app and Schlage Home app, you can then pair up with Ring Video doorbell, as well as Amazon Alexa for hands-free control of your door.

    Through the Ring app, you can then use your doorbell’s live feed to who is locking or unlocking the door, or whether your package has safely made it to the porch. As well as receive notifications whenever there is a motion detected outside your home.

    The Key by Amazon app also allows you to create a single master code that extends admin privileges within the app.

  • Grade 1 Certified – You can also rest assured that your smart lock is durable and reliable since its grade 1 certified for residential properties, adding an extra layer of security for your home.

Best Smart Locks For Ring — Our Thoughts

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt Z Wave Plus Enabled

When it comes to the best ring compatible smart lock, it should be a smart lock that is durable, while providing exceptional security and seamless operation.

While the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt integrates very well with Amazon Key app, allowing you to create many unique access codes, and have remote access over your lock, we feel that Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt is the better choice.

This grade 1 smart lock connects with your Ring Alarm System which offers great home security, while also using Z-Wave Plus technology for an improved network connection with its increased bandwidth.

Making it a reliable choice for most households.

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