Best Smart Plugs For Google Home

Having a smart plug that integrates with your Google Home allows you to enjoy having a hands free control over all your plugged-in smart devices, for truly smart home experience.

If you’re wondering what a smart plug is, it’s a plug that is operated via an app that allows you to turn on and off any devices plugged into a standard wall socket.

You can easily use it with your lamp, TV, coffee machine and more!

Additionally, you also have the power to operate your plugged-in gadgets remotely, as well as create custom schedules and even monitor the energy usage.

Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the best smart plugs for Google Home, and hopefully, you’ll find the right one for you!

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Gosund WiFi Smart Plug

Gosund Mini Wifi Outlet

Operate your smart device from anywhere with the .

It not only integrates with your Google Home but Alexa and IFTTT too, for full smart home experience.

No hub required, this smart plug only needs a stable WiFi 2.4GHz connection and your smartphone to be operated from anywhere in the world.

Key Features:

  • Remote Control – Turn your devices on and off from wherever you are in the world with the aid of the Gosund app and your compatible iOS or Android smart device.

    You have the ability to operate up to 50 devices, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to switch off the lights or the TV.

  • Google Assistant – For those of you who love the idea of hands-free control over your devices, and own a Google Home, Gosund is a good choice as it seamlessly integrates with your Google Assistant, allowing you to turn on the coffee maker in the morning without having to press any buttons for a quick start to your day.
  • Scheduling – Via the Gosund app you have the ability to create daily schedules and timers to automatically power on or off your electronics at anytime you wish.

    So that means you can schedule your porch light to turn on as you’re arriving home and have the heater turned on for a cozy environment after a long day at work.

    Additionally, the scheduling feature also prevents devices from being left on longer than necessary, thus helping you save on power costs in the long term.

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Samsung SmartThings WiFi Smart Plug

Samsung SmartThings Smart Plug Outlet

The Samsung SmartThings WiFi Plug may be one of the more effective and affordable smart plugs on the market today. It’s very flexible when it comes to features such as voice control, IFTTT, scheduling, and will also integrate with other smart devices if you pair it with a SmartThings Hub.

With Samsung smart plug you have the handy ability to control your lights, electronics and many other devices from your smart device using your SmartThings Outlet and the SmartThings app.

Key Features:

  • Home Control – Control your lights, cameras, door locks and more with the aid of SmartThings smart plug, both at home and remotely too!

    Additionally, you can also receive alerts whenever any unexpected activities occur, and set your devices to switch on and off when triggered by movement, temperature change or even moisture for a sense of security when you’re away.

  • Scheduling – With Samsung SmartThings plug you can also create automated schedules like Good Morning, Goodbye and Goodnight!

    For example, as you’re waking up in the morning, your lights will automatically switch on, as well as the boiler for your shower and the coffee machine will automatically start brewing your coffee for a productive start to your day.

    While in the evenings when you’re on the way home from the office, your AC will turn on and your home will be nicely lit and maybe have your favorite tune playing too!

  • Google Home – Turn your TV just as you’re heading off to bed by using just your voice! If you have a Google Home set up, you can take advantage of using Google Assistant for a fun and efficient way to control your smart home.
  • SmartThing Hub – In order to operate your new SmartThings plug, you’ll need to own a SmartThings Hub or compatible device with SmartThings Hub functionality.

    There are numerous benefits to having a hub in your home, the main one being the ability to have all your smart devices talking to each other to create daily routines and set custom ambiance in your home.

    You can read more here on our take of SmartThings vs. Hubitat Elevation — Differences Explained.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Wemo Mini Smart Plug-1

Turn your dumb appliances into smart ones with Wemo Mini Smart Plug!

This small but mighty plug allows you to control your plugged-in devices from anywhere in the world while also helping you to keep a closer eye on your energy usage, allowing you to save more in the future.

Wemo also seamlessly integrates with your Google Home as well as Alexa and Apple HomeKit for a truly smart experience.

Key Features:

  • Control From Anywhere – Simply plug in your Wemo smart plug, download the free app and you have the ability to control your lights and other devices from your smartphone both at home and away.

    This gives you the power to rest assured that you did, in fact, turn the lights on, as well as the security cameras when you left for work this morning.

  • Create Schedules – Never arrive at a dark and cold home again with Wemo mini plug! With the scheduling technology, you can set your heater to turn on before you arrive, as well as the lights.

    You can even sync your lamps to sunrise and sunset for a well lit and cozy atmosphere at all times.

  • Away Mode – By setting your plugged-in lights to ‘’Away Mode’’ will cause them to be switched on at off at random times giving the impression that someone is home while you’re away.

    Helping to keep your home safe from potential intruders.

  • Voice Control – Control your lights or other device using just your voice with Google Assistant! All you need is a Google Home and a smart device to take advantage of this handy feature.

ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2

ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2

This flexible dual-outlet smart plug can be controlled with an iOS or Android mobile app and works well with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri’s voice commands for hands-free control over your smart devices.

The ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 WiFi operated smart plug can also be operated from absolutely anywhere, both home and away so you can rest assured that your lights are turned off as well as any other power-consuming devices while you’re out.

Key Features:

  • Hands-Free Control – Use Google assistant to switch your lights on or off, as well as the TV, thermostat, camera and any other plugged-in smart device for an efficient and entertaining way to control your home and impress your guests.

    It’s also pretty handy to just have to say “Google, turn off the living room light” as you’re enjoying a movie night with your loved ones, without even having to lift a finger.

  • Control Energy Usage – Keep your devices from consuming excess power by using the energy characteristics for automation with things like dimming the lights when the TV is on, amongst many other commands, allowing you to save a little extra when it comes to the energy bill.
  • USB Port – ConnectSense smart plug also includes a 2.4 amp USB charging port for quick charging of tablets and smartphones, a small but handy addition.
  • Remote Control & Scheduling – Create custom schedules to switch on and off your plugged-in devices automatically. You can also create handy routines to suit your busy life such as by having your coffee brewing before you get out of bed, or arriving at a nice and warm and lit-up home after being stuck in traffic.

    Additionally, by having the power to operate your smart gadgets remotely, you can ensure that nothing is left on accidentally.

Geeni SPOT Smart Outlet Plug

Geeni SPOT Smart Outlet Plug

The last one on our list is the Geeni SPOT Smart Outlet Plug.

This plug doesn’t require a plug and easily integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Microsoft Cortana allowing you to have hands-free control over your plugged-in smart devices.

The initial set up is pretty easy, all you need is a stable 2.4GHz WiFi connection, the Geeni app installed on your iOS or Android device and you’re ready to operate your devices both at home and remotely all done from your smartphone!

Key Features:

  • Remote Control – Have control over your smart devices from around the globe with the remote control feature.

    Geeni connects to your home WiFi network and easily allows you to turn on the heating before you arrive home from your Christmas shopping, or helps you to make sure that you didn’t forget to turn off the porch lights this morning.

  • Schedule Your Devices – Turn on your lights or start the humidifier before you even arrive home with the scheduling function.

    This allows you to set up efficient routines to suit your busy life, and create whatever ambiance you wish with your plugged-in smart devices.

  • Google Home – With the aid of your Google Home you can seamlessly operate your smart devices using just your voice!

    By executing simple voice commands such as “Google, turn off my lights,” or “Google, turn off the TV” is a handy way to operate smart devices when your hands are full, or even impress your guests too.

Best Smart Plugs For Google Home — Our Thoughts

Samsung SmartThings Smart Plug Outlet-1

All the plugs we have mentioned on our list today are pretty handy in their own way.

Some like the Wemo Mini are compact and handy to place around your home, while others such as the ConnectSense Dual Plug allow you to plug in multiple smart devices in, with a single smart plug.

However, when it comes to the best smart plug that works well with your Google Home, we feel that SmartThings Smart Plug is the way to go.

With its affordable price tag and great smart home integration, it’s worth having in your home.

Unless of course, you don’t like the idea of having to get an additional hub or prefer something simpler, then Wemo Mini would be our second-best choice.

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