Bose Solo 5 vs. Sonos Beam

Make your movie nights extra special with a soundbar!

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your favorite action flicks a little more intense, or a simple speaker that can both stream music as well as seamlessly connect to your entertainment system, a soundbar is a good way to go.

These handy devices not only aid to enhance your viewing experience, but they come with additional cool features such as Apple Airplay 2, enhanced dialogue mode and even hands-free control for some models!

Today, we’ll be looking at Bose Solo 5 as well as Sonos Beam and how they can benefit your movie nights. So if you decide to go for a cheaper option that can still deliver an impressive sound, you’ll like the Bose Solo 5. Or if you like the idea of a built-in voice assistant such as Alexa, then check out the Sonos Beam.

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Otherwise, feel free to skip down to any part you prefer using our navigation system below.

Bose Solo 5 vs. Sonos Beam — Differences

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Difference #1: Audio Quality – Both Bose Solo 5 and Sonos Beam are quite different in terms of their audio capabilities.

For example, Bose Solo 5 is designed with dual speakers that will carry sound across the whole room and paired with its adjustable bass control, will also allow you to create the perfect audio level suited for intense dramas, or your favorite tracks.

Additionally, with its dialogue mode, you’ll be able to clearly hear whenever someone is talking without missing a beat.

While Sonos Beam produces a much more impressive sound with its four full-range woofers, as well as a deep and rich bass using the three passive bass radiators.

You can also expect a wider range of sound via the 5 class-D digital amplifiers and the single tweeter for a higher frequency audio level.

Sonos Beam also features the speech enhancement option, similar to Solo’s dialogue mode.

So, in the end, you can expect a higher range and a more powerful sound output from Sonos Beam that will enhance any movie night.

Difference #2: Built-In Alexa & Google Assistant – With Sonos Beam, you can also enjoy having control over your soundbar as well as connected home appliances using just your voice!

Since it features a built-in Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, you don’t even need to have an Alexa-enabled device such as Echo or Echo Dot in order to take advantage of this feature.

Additionally, since Beam also includes a five far-field microphone array, meaning it can hear and execute your voice commands over loud music with minimal yelling required!

Having a voice assistant is a great way to enjoy your music or favorite shows without having to leave the couch, and even allows you to set the right mood with lights, thermostats and more to create the perfect mood for your movie night.

Lastly, Sonos Beam also includes a privacy option that lets you switch off the mic whenever you wish.

Difference #3: Apple Airplay 2 – For iOS device users out there, you’ll be glad to know that Sonos Beam is also compatible with Apple Airplay 2.

This handy app allows you to seamlessly cast any song, audiobook, or track directly from your smart device to your soundbar for a quick and easy pairing that requires minimal hassle.

Unfortunately, Bose Solo 5 isn’t compatible with Apple Airplay 2.

Difference #4: App Control – While Bose Solo 5 doesn’t offer any app control, Sonos Beam does come with a Sonos app that includes the option to stream playlists from popular platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora and more.

Additionally, via the Sonos app, you can also operate your soundbar by switching it on/off as well as pausing or skipping tracks.

Lastly, via the app, you can even adjust the bass and treble to suit your listening experience.

Difference #5: Bluetooth & WiFi – Bose Solo 5 uses a Bluetooth connection in order to pair with your smart device and enjoy music streaming.

While Sonos Beam only uses Bluetooth for the initial setup after which you’ll have to switch over to your home WiFi network.

Because Sonos Beam uses a WiFi connection, this allows you far more flexibility in terms of voice control features, software updates as well as music streaming and app control.

Difference #6: Build your own Sound System – You can also build up your own Sonos ecosystem in order to create a 5:1 surround sound with Sonos Beam!

Simply add one or more Sonos Speakers for an incredible audio output that will amp up any movie or party with high-quality sound.

You can also choose to combine the Beam with the pulsing power of a Sonos Subwoofer, enabling you to unlock epic sound with rich bass for your TV, games and even streaming music.

While Bose Solo 5, is meant to be used alone and isn’t compatible with any other speakers.

Difference #7: Connects to TV – Since both soundbars are designed to connect directly into your TV or gaming unit, both come with different ways of doing so.

Bose Solo 5 includes an optical cable that will directly plug into your entertainment unit with minimal hassle, or you can also use the 3.5mm input jack.

While Sonos Beam uses the HDMI Arc option, which enables you to single remote for all of your connected device’s most common functions.

Difference #9: Size & Design – In terms of measurements there isn’t a huge difference with the exception of Sonos Beam being a little wider with its dimensions of 25.6″ x 2.7″ x 3.9″ compared to Solo’s 3.4″ x 21.5″x 2.8″.

Bose Solo is also a little lower in height and is quite sleek and easy to stow away below the TV, or can be mounted above as well.

It also comes in a single black color option, while Sonos Beam offers a choice between Black or White.

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Bose Solo 5 vs. Sonos Beam — Comparison Chart

  Bose Solo 5 Sonos Beam
Dialogue Mode Yes Yes, Speech
Built-In Alexa & Google Assistant N/A Yes
Five Far-Field Microphone Array N/A Yes
Apple Airplay 2 N/A Yes
App Control N/A Yes
Mute for Privacy N/A Yes
Bluetooth Yes Only for
the setup process
WiFi N/A Yes
Connects to TV Yes Yes
Remote Control Yes, Included Available
Audio Input Optical cable, AUX HDMI ARC
Adjustable Bass Control Yes Yes, Adjustable
Bass & Treble
Speaker Type Soundbar Soundbar
Can be extended to a 5.1
surround sound system
N/A Yes
Audio Quality 2 Cone Speakers 4 full-range woofers
with a single tweeter,
3 passive bass
radiators, & 5
class-D digital
Dimensions 3.4″ x 21.5″x 2.8″ 25.6″ x 2.7″ x 3.9″
Finish Black White & Black

Bose Solo 5 vs. Sonos Beam — Things in Common

Sonos Beam Sound Bar-extra

Remote Control – While Sonos doesn’t actually come with its own physical remote, using the HDMI Arc connection method you have the freedom to use your own TV remote in order to operate your soundbar without needing a smart device.

While Bose Solo 5 already comes with a universal remote included.

Bose Solo 5 vs. Sonos Beam — Accessories

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar-extra

Let’s check out some of the accessories that both models can offer!

You can easily mount your Bose Solo 5 soundbar at its optimal height for an improved listening experience using the Bose WB-120 Wall-Mount Kit!

This single bracket is easily installed, and will surely add a modern touch to any room’s decor.

Similarly, you also have the SANUS soundbar mount to mount your Sonos Beam for even more versatility.

While for Sonos Beam you can check out the Sonos speakers and the subwoofer in order to create the ideal 3:1 or 5:1 immersive audio experience.

Bose Solo 5 vs. Sonos Beam — Our Thoughts

Sonos Beam Sound Bar-extra-2

In the end, it’s quite clear that Sonos Beam delivers a more powerful audio experience, as well as greater flexibility with the app and hands-free control addition.

With Sonos Beam, you not only get a soundbar that connects with your TV, but you also get a smart speaker that can be partnered up with many of the popular streaming services and is even compatible with a wide range of other Sonos speakers for an advanced sound system right in your home.

While Bose Solo 5 isn’t as fancy as Sonos, it’s still a decent budget-friendly option to consider, especially if all you want is a simple speaker to hook up with your TV.

It still allows you to stream music via Bluetooth and is also pretty easy to set up.

So in the end, if you want a more advanced soundbar and have extra to spend, then we definitely recommend the Sonos Beam.

Otherwise, Bose Solo 5 is still a good option to consider especially if all you want is a simple soundbar to make your movie nights a little more special.

Sale Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black

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