Bose Solo 5 vs. SoundTouch 20

Both Bose Solo 5 and SoundTouch 20 are quite different from each other in terms of capabilities.

While SoundTouch 20 is designed to provide you with an impressive audio experience from any room in your home, as well as the option for hands-free control with Alexa, Bose Solo 5 has been created to help you enhance your movie nights to the max.

Additionally, there are a few differences such as app control, WiFi connectivity, and compatibility with other speakers as well.

So in the end, you’re choosing between a soundbar and a wireless smart speaker.

Regardless of which model you decide to go for, you can expect crisp frequencies and rich bass capabilities from both speakers that will help you to achieve the sound you desire.

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Bose Solo 5 vs. SoundTouch 20 — Differences

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar-extra

Difference #1: Audio Quality – It’s evident that the audio quality of Bose Solo 5 compared to SoundTouch 20 would be quite different since they are each designed for a different purpose.

With SoundTouch 20, you can expect a more powerful sound that packs quite a punch with its proprietary acoustic design.

Making SoundTouch 20 ideal for parties, game nights or even solo listening from anywhere within your home.

While Bose Solo 5, was created in order to bring a little more life to your movie nights. With technology such as dialogue mode, you will enjoy crisp and clear audio when the characters are talking for a truly immersive experience so you won’t miss a thing.

What’s more, Bose Solo 5 also includes an adjustable bass option on its remote, so you can create a dynamic sound that will match any action scene, or even amplify your favorite song!

Difference #2: WiFi – You also have the option of connecting to your SoundTouch 20 speaker via WiFi, which in turn enables you to take advantage of even more streaming partners and app control features which we will take a look at after.

While Bose Solo 5 only supports a Bluetooth connection.

Difference #3: Alexa – Additionally, with SoundTouch 20 you also have the handy option of having hands-free control over your smart speaker!

Keep in mind that in order to do so, you’ll need to pair your SoundTouch 20 speaker with an Alexa-enabled device such as Echo, Echo Dot, or even Echo Show 8 which includes a screen.

After this, you can enjoy choosing playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, and more using just your voice.

In the end, having a helpful assistant like Alexa gives you the power to set the perfect mood suited for a romantic evening, or an intense movie marathon without even having to leave your couch or press any buttons.

Difference #4: App Control – Since SoundTouch 20 smart speaker is compatible with the SoundTouch app, you can expect to take advantage of numerous features including the ability to stream different music in various rooms, efficiently set your favorite track as a preset, control volume and bass levels, play, skip or pause audio, and enjoy being able to seamlessly browse internet radio stations via TuneIn, as well as your stored music libraries and streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Q Play, iHeartRadio, and SiriusXM.

So as you can see, having the SoundTouch app installed on your iOS or Android device is a handy way to stay connected to your speaker, as well as have access to countless music streaming services.

Difference #5: Display – SoundTouch 20 also includes an OLED screen display which will show you in basic black and white what track is playing as well as the time.

While it’s not as pretty as Bose Home Speakers 500 sleek LCD display, it still comes in pretty useful when you need to identify the song that’s currently playing.

Unfortunately, Bose Solo 5 doesn’t come with any type of screen included.

Difference #6: Button Presets – You can also set your favorite playlist, podcast, radio station and many more to a preset using the 6 on-device buttons on Soundtouch 20.

This allows you to have quick access to your party playlist, or the current audiobook without needing to search for it and will have you listening in no time!

Difference #7: Size & Design – Both Bose Solo 5 and Soundtouch 20 are very different in terms of their design.

Bose Solo 5 features a very slim, sleek shape that makes it ideal for mounting up above the TV or below, without taking up too much space.

While SoundTouch 20 is still compact for a smart speaker it is definitely higher than Bose Solo with measurements of 4.1″ x 12.4″ x 7.4″, compared to Solo’s 3.4″ x 21.5″x 2.8.

In terms of color options, you can choose between a White or Black finish, while Bose Solo 5 comes in a single Black color option.

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Bose Solo 5 vs. SoundTouch 20 — Comparison Chart

  Bose Solo 5 SoundTouch 20
Dialogue Mode Yes N/A
Bluetooth Yes Yes
WiFi No Yes
Connects to TV  Yes Yes, via 3.5mm
audio-in jack
Remote Control Yes, Included Yes, Included
Adjustable Bass Control Yes No
Speaker Type Soundbar Wireless Speaker
App Control N/A Yes,
SoundTouch app
Group Speakers Together N/A Yes
Display N/A OLED Display
Compatible with Alexa N/A Yes
6 Preset Buttons N/A Yes
Ethernet Connection Available N/A Yes
Dimensions 3.4″ x 21.5″x 2.8″ 4.1″ x 12.4″ x 7.4″
Finish Black White & Black

Bose Solo 5 vs. SoundTouch 20 — Things in Common


Bluetooth – Both Bose Solo 5 and SoundTouch 20 support a Bluetooth connection, which will allow you to seamlessly stream music from your smart device, directly to the speaker and soundbar for a fun and easy listening experience.

Connect to TV – You are also able to connect both smart speakers to your TV but in different ways. As Bose Solo 5 is specifically designed to be paired with your TV, it comes with multiple options for doing so. For example, you can choose to do so using it’s optical & coaxial audio input, or via the 3.5mm AUX jack. Either way, setting up your Bose Solo 5 with your TV is a simple and quick process to get you set up, and enjoy your movies and favorite shows in a whole new and immersive way. Additionally, SoundTouch 20 also includes a 3.5mm audio input that allows you to connect any device such as the TV or radio to enjoy powerful audio from.

Remote – Additionally, both devices also come with a physical remote included, so you can easily switch between tracks, as well as pause, and turn on and off as you please without needing to have your smart device on you.

Bose Solo 5 vs. SoundTouch 20 — Accessories

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar-extra-1

Now that we have gone over both devices, let’s check out some of the accessories that they offer.

Using the Bose WB-120 Wall-Mount Kit, you can easily set up your soundbar at the height and angle that suits you, and fits in well with your entertainment unit.

Additionally, since you have the ability to pair up SoundTouch 20 with another speaker such as SoundTouch 30, or even the same one you can enjoy powerful and soul-shaking stereo bass that will make any party turn into a full dance fest.

This can also be the first step to building a SoundTouch ecosystem for a truly unforgettable audio experience.

And lastly, you can also check out this SoundXtra floor stand for SoundTouch 20. This will help you to place your smart speaker at its optimal listening height, while also neatly hiding the power cable.

Bose Solo 5 vs. SoundTouch 20 — Our Thoughts

Bose-SoundTouch-20-extraBoth Bose Solo 5 and SoundTouch 20 are impressive speakers in their own way.

SoundTouch 20 is a great addition for those of you who want to enjoy your favorite tracks streamed directly from your smart device, or even set up your favorite playlists in a quick and efficient way.

You also have the opportunity to use Alexa voice commands if you have an Alexa device already in your home, and SoundTouch 20 also features the SoundTouch app which gives you access to many other features, such as the opportunity to take advantage of popular streaming platforms.

While with Bose Solo 5 you have the power to enjoy movies in a whole new way, featuring its crisp dialogue mode and powerful sound output.

While it’s not as developed as Bose Soundbar 700 in terms of audio capabilities and features included, it’s still a cheaper option to consider, especially if all you want is to enhance your TV’s sound capabilities.

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