eufy Robovac 11 vs. ILIFE A6

Do you need a top of the line smart vacuum in order to keep your floors clean? The truth is, there are a number of mid-range models that offer an adequate clean for a more affordable price, and the eufy Robovac 11 and ILIFE A6 are too less expensive options that still offer a competitive clean. These vacuums do fall behind more premium models in terms of convenience and cleaning power, but in terms of capabilities they are roughly equal with pros and cons to each device.

Ultimately, when comparing the eufy Robovac 11 vs. ILIFE A6, you’re going to have to decide which features are most important to you. Are you looking for more convenience? Better filtration? Easier transitions between multiple floor types? Unfortunately. In this case there isn’t exactly an easy answer for which vacuum is best. You’ll have to make some concessions in either case in order to get the features that are most important to you.

Below we go into detail on the similarities and differences between these two smart vacuums. Read on for a complete overview, or use the navigation bar in order to jump to the sections that are most important to you.

eufy Robovac 11 vs. ILIFE A6 — Things in Common

  • Remote Control – Both models come with a remote control that you can use to guide your vacuum around the room, select cleaning modes, and even program a cleaning schedule that works best for you. All you’ll have to do when you get things set up is regularly empty the bin and come to your vacuum’s rescue if it happens to get stuck or tangled, and adjusting settings is as easy as pointing the remote in its general direction and pressing a few buttons.

    The remote control is a significant advantage over models like the Roomba 650 that require you to control the settings on the device itself, but the functionality does fall behind more premium models that offer app and voice control.

  • Self Charging – Both the Robovac 11 and ILIFE A6 are intelligent enough to recognize when they are running low on battery and navigate back to their hub for self charging. However, they lack the recharge and resume feature you’d see on more expensive models, meaning that the vacuum will stay charging itself until the next scheduled cleaning rather than picking up where it left off.

    One thing to keep in mind with both models, however, is that they lack any sort of intelligent mapping software. This means that sometimes your vacuum might take inefficient paths when trying to get back to its base, and you might end up with a dead vacuum from time to time if it can’t reach the hub in time. This isn’t a major issue and doesn’t happen super often, but it’s worth your consideration in case you end up with a dead vacuum that you’re having trouble finding.

  • Avoids Stairs – The Robovac 11 and ILIFE A6 both feature sensors that allow the vacuums to detect cliffs. This means that you’ll be able to comfortably set your robot to cleaning the upper levels without having to worry about it taking a tumble down a flight of stairs!

  • Suction Power – In terms of suction power, the Robovac 11 and ILIFE A6 are some of the most powerful vacuums on the market. With a power of 1000 pascals, you should have any issues with sucking out trapped dirt on any floor type. While there are some models with a “Max” mode that can exceed 1000 Pascals, you generally won’t find vacuums that are significantly more powerful.

  • Turbo Mode – Speaking of “Max” mode, both the Robovac 11 and ILIFE A6 have that feature too! Turbo mode is great for an extra boost of power, which is especially useful to have on hand when cleaning carpets.

  • Spot & Edge Cleaning – In addition to the automatic cleaning that make smart vacuums so great, both of these models have support for extra modes like Spot and Edge cleaning as well.

    Spot cleaning is a godsend if you have a specific area that needs a more thorough clean. All you have to do is plop your robot cleaner down in the dirty area and activate spot cleaning mode for a comprehensive clean of a concentrated location.

    Edge cleaning is great for cleaning along walls and in hard-to-reach corners, and is a great option to have when you want to get those finishing touches for a completely cleaned room.

  • Side-Brushes – Last but not least, the Robovac 11 and ILIFE A6 both feature two side brushes. These brushes are an integral part of the cleaning system, and function by sweeping debris into the path of suction for a comprehensive clean.

    Early smart vacuums used to leave a path of debris in their wake as they were cleaning, but the addition of side brushes largely made this problem a non-issue. The fact that these models both have two brushes give them a significant advantage over single brush models in terms of trapping debris in suction and picking up all the dust and dirt in its path rather than leaving some behind.

eufy Robovac 11 vs. ILIFE A6 — Differences

ILIFE A6 wall barriers

  • Difference #1: Run Time – One area in which the ILIFE A6 has a significant advantage over the Robovac 11 is in runtime. Considering that these vacuums don’t have the ability to recharge and resume like some of the more premium models, it’s important that the robots have a battery that’s large enough for them to clean your floors in one go.

    Thus, the ILIFE A6’s 160 minute battery life is significantly more capable than the Robovac 11’s 100 minute capabilities. For smaller homes, the Robovac may suit your needs just fine. As soon as you have a bunch of rooms to cover, however, the ILIFE’s bigger battery will make things significantly more convenient.

  • Difference #2: Filters – When it comes to filtration, both vacuums have roughly the same capabilities, but they go about filtration in a different way.

    The ILIFE has the superior filter with a HEPA ultra performance filter that can capture twice the small particles as competitors. With such capable filtration, even small allergens as small as 0.3 microns in size will be stopped in their tracks before they get kicked up into the air.

    The Robovac, on the other hand, uses a triple-filter system — using a single HEPA filter and two more standard filters as a backup. While the HEPA filter isn’t as capable as the one in the ILIFE A6, it makes up for that disparity with the addition of the two extra filters.

    So, you won’t see a significant difference between the filtration of each model. There are still some differences, but neither has a significant advantage over the other.

  • Difference #3: Virtual Walls – One of the biggest drawbacks of the Robovac 11 is the fact that it doesn’t have any sort of virtual wall support. While a lot of the convenience of having a smart vacuum is being able to give it free rein of your home for a thorough clean, there are bound to be areas that you’d like to block your little robot friend from accessing. While the ILIFE A6 comes with a that can tell the A6 not to enter a specific room, you’ll be left relying on physical barriers like doors and other obstacles in order to block the Robovac from entry.

  • Difference #4: Noise – One major benefit that the Robovac 11 has going for it is that it’s significantly quieter than the competition. In most cases, we recommend setting your vacuum schedule to run while you’re away from home so you don’t get distracted by the noise, but the Robovac is actually quiet enough to run while you’re watching TV or having a conversation at just 60dB.

    The ILIFE A6, on the other hand, is significantly louder at 65dB. That 5 dB difference is enough to make the vacuum pretty distracting.

    If you plan to run your vacuum while you’re at work or running errands, it shouldn’t be a significant problem. If you find yourself at home most of the day, however, the Robovac 11 may be significantly less obnoxious.

  • Difference #5: Wheels – In addition to being able to block off areas that you’d like your smart vacuum to avoid, the ILIFE A6 comes with robust wheels that are spring loaded in order to make it easier to navigate over obstacles. While the Robovac 11 might get stuck on cords or other obstacles littering the floor, the A6 can generally glide over small roadblocks with ease, which especially comes in handy when cleaning deep pile carpets.

  • Difference #6: Low-Profile Design – Last but not least, there are some differences in design between the two models.

    The ILIFE A6 has a lower profile design with a height of 2.8 inches and a weigh of just 4.9 pounds. This is a bit smaller than the Robovac’s 3.1 inch height and 6.7 pound weight, but you shouldn’t notice much of a difference in most situations.

    However, one design feature that does make a difference is in how the bin is implemented. The ILIFE bin is slightly larger, but the opening clips make it a little bit difficult to collect debris from the bin. The Robot 11 might have slightly smaller dust bin, but it’s significantly easier to empty with a wide opening that allows debris to fall out easily.

    So despite being slightly larger, we actually feel that the Robovac has the edge due to the much better design of the dustbin.

eufy Robovac 11 vs. ILIFE A6 — Comparison Chart

eufy Robovac 11 ILIFE A6
Remote Control IR control IR control
Self Charging Yes Yes
Avoids Stairs Yes Yes
Suction 1000Pa 1000Pa
Turbo Mode Yes Yes
Run Time Up to 100 min Up to 160 min
Noise 60dB 65dB
Filters HEPA
(High Performance Filter)
Ultra Performance
Spot Cleaning Yes Yes
Edge Cleaning Yes Yes
Mini Room Cleaning No Yes
Virtual Walls No Comes w/
Dual Mode ElectroWall Barrier
Side-Brushes 2 2
Voice Control No No
Avoids Stairs Yes Yes
Cleaning Schedules Yes Yes
Design 3.1-inches 2.8-inches
Weight 6.7 Lbs. 4.9 Lbs.

eufy Robovac 11 vs. ILIFE A6 — Accessories

eufy RoboVac Replacement parts

The majority of the accessories for the Robovac 11 and ILIFE A6 are focused around ongoing maintenance. When you use your vacuum for daily cleanings, it’s bound to take a toll over time. Make sure you have accessories on hand to easily address any issues and get your vacuum back on track for that signature, thorough clean.

For the Robovac 11, the main accessories you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping are the comprehensive Replacement Parts as well as the Replacement Filter set for when your filters start to go.

The ILIFE A6 also has some equipment you might want to have on hand, such as the Replacement Vacuum Filter Side Brush Kit, Replacement High Efficiency Filter And Sponge Filter Kit and a Replacement Side Brush.

Your vacuum should clean just fine for quite some time, but having this extra equipment on hand should make maintenance a breeze when it’s time to swap out parts.

eufy Robovac 11 vs. ILIFE A6 — Our Thoughts

ILIFE A6 sensors

Ultimately, when comparing the ILIFE A6 vs. eufy Robovac 11, it’s difficult to make a clear decision one way or another. At the end of the day, it’s really going to come down to what you value most in a smart vacuum.

Let’s break down what each vacuum has going for it as well as where they fall short.

First, it’s important to realize that while these vacuums offer excellent cleaning for an affordable price, they are missing some key features that make smart vacuums more convenient. The lack of a recharge and resume feature like you’d see in higher-end models like the or is definitely a bit of a disappointment, but even more inconvenient is the lack of voice control or app support. Since neither device support a WiFi connection, you’ll be missing out on some of the convenience that more premium vacuums have to offer.

With that said, there are a number of things that these vacuums have going for them as well.

The ILIFE A6 is the superior choice if you have a number of different floor types to clean and small obstacles to climb over. The better wheels really do make a significant difference, and you’ll likely have to come to the robot’s rescue far less than you would with the Robovac 11. The Electric Wall barrier is also a significant point in the ILIFE’ favor, as it allows you to easily block off access to certain areas without relying on doors or other physical obstacles.

The primary way in which the Robovac 11 pulls ahead is through the easier emptying of the dustbin and the slightly superior air filtration. In terms of cleaning, the two models are quite similar, but it’s a little bit more convenient to maintain the Robovac on a day-to-day basis.

Ultimately, if we had to give a verdict we’d lean slightly in favor of the ILIFE A6. However, there really isn’t much of a difference in quality between the two models in the grand scheme of things, so whichever model looks best after reading the comparison is probably the right choice for you.

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