How to Install Ring Doorbell Wedge For A Perfect Viewing Angle

Get the perfect angle with Ring Doorbell Wedge!

Ring doorbells already come with great security advantages that work hard to ensure your home is protected, with impressive functions such as live-view on-demand, two-way audio, and even motion detection sensors.

However, you can even further maximize your home safety by knowing how to install the doorbell wedge in a specific way that allows you to get the perfect viewing angle thus improving your view and the quality of the motion alerts which you receive.

Additionally, both Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring Pro can be mounted flat or angled, so you can find the best viewing angle that suits you.

When setting up your new Ring Video Doorbell, it’s important that you get a decent view of your property so you can see who comes and goes while also keeping an eye out for any potential intruders. While the Ring doorbell already has a 160-degree field of view, which is quite an impressive viewing angle, by using the wedge included you have the potential ability of adding a 15 extra degrees which may not seem like a whole lot, but can make a big difference when you need to identify the package thief from this morning!

However, why not improve that even further by adding an Adjustable Ring Angle Mount so you can cover even more ground and see anyone approaching your door from afar, as well as improve the quality of the motion detector alerts too!

In this article, we are going to guide you with the different options and tools you can use when setting up your new doorbell.

As well as the individual ways you can set up your doorbell using the wedge included, wedge kit, and even an additional angle mount, so you can get to ensure the optimal view, minimizing any potential blind spots.

Ring Doorbell Wedge, How to Use it?

Ring Doorbell Pro

Ring doorbell already comes with an included angle wedge that you can use to adjust the viewing angle of your smart camera to the left or right by an extra 15-degrees.

To install it, simply screw it into your wall through the holes in the middle after mount your Ring Doorbell to the mount, and you’re done!

However, there are a few different ways you can set it up.

For example, if your house has a siding, you’ll need to take the angle of it into account when mounting your Ring Doorbell. Since there is a chance your Ring Doorbell will face up when set up, making it more likely to catch the passing traffic, rather than the heat of visitors. A good counter option for this would be opting for the Ring Wedge Kit, which allows you to adjust the viewing angle up or down.

Additionally, the included wedge doesn’t really allow you to accurately adjust the angle to the full extent since you can only get a maximum of 15-degrees, which is not that much, especially if you have more ground to cover.

You could also use an upgraded Adjustable Mount, as it’s fully adjustable and allows you to set your own viewing angle at the exact position that can potentially maximize the view from your front door, they also have a similar type of mount for Ring 2 Doorbell as well.

Not only that but by adding an Adjustable Mount you can also improve the quality of the motion detection alerts, meaning that it can catch a potential lurker within its field of view allowing you to receive alerts that matter!

The Ring Adjustable Mount allows you to set the angle ranging from 30 to 55 degrees which can create a large difference, providing you with a much better viewing angle of your property that gives you a good sight of visitors or even potential intruders.

Lastly, If you decide to omit the Ring wedge altogether, you can still get an acceptable coverage of 160 degrees by relying solely on your Ring doorbell. Yet there is still a chance you could be left with potential blind spots near your door which in turn can affect your home security in the long term.

Ring Doorbell Wedge & 30-55 Degree Ring Angle Mount

Ring Doorbell Wedge

While there are many ways to set up your Ring doorbell with the included wedge, it’s worth to keep in mind that you can considerably improve the view range when including the 30-55 degree Angle Mount.

Let’s take a look at the difference an angle mount can make when setting up your doorbell compared to the Ring Doorbell Wedge.

There are numerous ways in which you could set up your new doorbell for the best angle, like when mounting it to the wall close to your door.

This way you’ll get a considerable range of vision of anyone who approaches the doorbell as it’s normal for someone to glance at it before pressing it, enabling you to get a good view of their face. So you know whether it’s a neighbor saying hello or if it’s that pesky salesman from last week!

However, if your main worry is about potential package thieves, then it might not be the optimal setup since it’s highly unlikely that the thief will look directly at the doorbell, and will usually have their face covered to prevent identification.

Yet, If you decide to include the Ring Doorbell Angle mount that will greatly increase your view by up to 55 degrees! As it’s positioned slightly further away from your door, which then could give you a better chance of catching the face of a potential intruder who’s approaching your home.

The two best angle mounts to use for both Ring models would be the Ring Pro Angle Adjustable Mount 30-55 Degrees and Ring 2 / Ring Angle Adjustable Mount 30-55 Degrees.

Another example of this would be when installing your Ring Door in a corner located between the door frame and wall, for which you can either use the 15 degrees provided Ring Doorbell Wedge, or the 30 – 55 degrees Ring Doorbell Angle Mount.

With the 15-degree wedge you can still get a decent view of anyone who’s approaching the door, additionally, it also covers the entire front of the door so you can clearly see if your package has been delivered.

However, the downside of the Ring wedge is that there may be a part of the feed that is viewing the wall when it could be facing something more important, and could even lead to you not being able to clearly see a potential intruder.

So if you want to maximize that even more, the 30-55 degree Ring Doorbell Angle Mount will provide you with a far better view.

Ring Doorbell Field of view- 160° Ring Doorbell + Wedge (included) 15° 30-55° Ring Doorbell Angle Mount + Wedge
May have potential Blind Spot close to the door Blind Spot Minimalized No Blind Spots

Adjusting the Mount to View Up & Down With the Wedge Kit

Ring Doorbell Wedge-1

It’s actually pretty easy to change the perpendicular viewing of the Ring 2, Ring Pro and Ring Doorbell. All you need is a wedge kit such as the KIMILAR 3 PCS Adjustable, or Wedge Kit for Ring Video Doorbell. Both of these let you either adjust the angle lower or higher, which may help to see the steps that descend from the porch to the street.

Here are some situations in which you may wish to angle your Ring Video Doorbell down in order to improve the viewing angle:

  • The door is up a flight of stairs
  • Your current doorbell is mounted higher than 3 feet
  • You are mounting on a siding

While facing it up, it can provide a better coverage of the whole front yard and can be useful if your kids tend to play outside the home.

However, if you want to increase the side angle, you should also take a look at the Ring Corner Kit which can come in handy if your door is perpendicular to the sidewalk or street, and gives you a 45° better viewing angle.

How to Install Ring Doorbell Wedge For A Perfect Viewing Angle: Summary

Ring Doorbell 2

Adjusting your Ring Doorbell’s viewing angle can greatly affect how much of your property you can see, as well as the quality of the alerts that you’ll receive on your smart device. It’s also important to take into account the design of your home, if you have a siding or if there are potential blind spots which can obstruct your doorbell’s field of view.

As we already discussed, there are multiple ways in which you can set up the Ring Wedge wedge kit or Mounting Angle to better suit your needs.

So whether you decide to only use the Ring on its own with its 160-degree view, or the wedge with its 15-degree view, or even the 55-degree mounting angle, you are not stuck for options when setting up your new doorbell.

However, for the most optimal viewing angle and no blind spots, we recommend using the Ring Wedge already included as well as the mounting angle to get the best field of vision you can for a safer home.

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