ILIFE A4s vs. V5s Pro vs. V7s Pro

While the biggest name in smart vacuums might be Roomba, these days there is more than one brand offering effective robotic cleaners. The ILIFE A4s, V5s Pro, and V7s Pro are three affordable models with varying benefits and drawbacks. The V7s Pro is a newer model and generally has the most robust collection of features, but the A4s and V5s Pro also have their own perks that make them a viable option for certain buyers.

All three of these ILIFE vacuums do an excellent job of vacuuming your floors, but the V5s Pro and V7s Pro take things a step further with the ability to mop the floors as well. Whether you’re looking for vacuuming, mopping, or both, the ILIFE brand has effective products that can get the job done without breaking the bank.

Can you still get an effective clean without paying a premium for a high-end Roomba? We certainly think so! Read on below for our comparison of these three ILIFE vacuums, or jump directly to the aspects that interest you most using our navigation bar.

ILIFE A4s vs. V5s Pro vs. V7s Pro — Things in Common

  • Remote Control – When you buy a smart vacuum, it’s likely that you’re looking a more convenient way to keep your floors clean — and a large part of that convenience is ease of control. All three of these smart vacuums use a remote control to manage the vacuum’s settings and issue commands within a range of 15 feet.

    While the A4s, V5s Pro, and V7s Pro do not have a fancy app like a lot of the Roomba models, you have easy control over pretty much any relevant setting from the remote control as long as you’re in range. The main downside of not having WiFi capabilities is mainly the fact that you won’t be able to control your vacuum while away from home, but that shouldn’t be a huge issue for the majority of homeowners.

    Long story short, if you’re looking to control your vacuum while you’re at work, out running errands, or on vacation, you’d be better off with a model like the Roomba X or Y. If you’re fine with managing your cleaner while you’re at home, you shouldn’t notice any major disadvantages with the remote.

  • CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning System – Just as Roomba has their own multi-part cleaning system, you’ll have access to the incredible performance and efficiency of the CyclonePower 3-Stage Cleaning system on all three of these models. While each vacuum features the original iteration rather than the 2.0 version that was introduced with the A6, they still have the chops needed to tackle tough dirt and debris.

    The cleaning system uses an advanced spinning side brush in order to pick up dirt and debris in the path of the cleaner and sweep them into the path of the suction. The main cleaning power, however, comes from the high-grade spiral brush system that has the power to extract even the toughest particles before sucking them into the dirt bin.

    All that power runs the risk of kicking up allergens into the air, but the ILIFE vacuums feature Ultra Performance Filters that can filter out very small debris, allergens, and pesky pet hair — avoiding clogs and keeping dirt in the bin rather than floating around the living room.

  • 4 Cleaning Modes – Just because the ILIFE vacuums aren’t WiFi connected doesn’t mean that they aren’t equipped with a whole host of cleaning features. With a simple remote control, you’ll have access to four different cleaning modes: Auto clean, Spot Clean, Edge Clean, and Scheduling.

    Auto clean is the option you’ll want if you’re looking for your vacuum to jump into action right now for a deep clean of the room; simply press the button and let your robot friend do the rest!

    While these robot cleaners are pretty comprehensive in their cleaning by default, the vacuum sometimes has difficulty cleaning along straight edges or in hard-to-reach corners. That’s where Edge clean comes in — prompting your A4s, V5s, or V7s Pro to pay special attention to these neglected areas of the room.

    Most of the day-to-day cleaning of your ILIFE vacuum will be handled by the scheduling feature, which allows you to set your robot to clean up to once a day, 7 days a week. However, what if there’s a particular area that needs some special attention in between cleans? You could start an Auto clean as discussed above, but you also have the option for Spot clean — an efficient and targeted mode that concentrates vacuuming on the small area that needs it most.

  • All-Type Floors – Different floors have different cleaning needs, and the best vacuums are built in a way that allows them to seamlessly transition from carpet, to floor, to tile, and back again — all without missing a beat.

    Regardless of your choice in model, your ILIFE robot is designed specifically with multiple different floor types in mind. If you’re looking for your vacuum to handle the transition from your carpeted living room to the tiled kitchen like a champ, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

  • No Scratches – The last thing you want with products designed to keep your floors clean is for them to cause damage to hardwood or tile in the process. Rest assured that the A4s, V5s Pro, and V7s Pro are all built with soft rubber wheels that keeps the vacuum from scratching your floors while it’s sweeping up dust and debris.

  • Anti-Fall System – A smart vacuum is great at finding its way around a room and cleaning every inch of the floor, but that exploratory nature can also backfire when you throw a flight of stairs into the equation. Like any robot cleaner worth its salt, the ILIFE A4s, V5s Pro, and V7s Pro feature an Anti-Fall system that can detect ledges and move the device away from potential disaster.

    One thing to keep in mind with this Anti-Fall system, however, is that it isn’t flawless by any means. It can sometimes have trouble with carpet that extends onto the stairs, as it just assumes that the carpeting is continuing and can tumble its way down. Dirty sensors or reflective flooring can also cause an issue.

    Essentially, the Anti-Fall system is useful but you should still make sure to keep an eye on your vacuum if it’s cleaning on the second floor.

  • Smooth Navigation – All three of these models are equipped with infrared sensors that help expertly guide the vacuum around the room. It will still bump into furniture from time to time, but all three have a bumper that will soften the blow should there be a collision.

    Simply put, you shouldn’t really have to worry about your ILIFE vacuum causing any sort of furniture damage.

  • Boundary Marking – A lot of smart vacuums in recent years have introduced the idea of boundary marking. This essentially refers to some sort of technology that allows you to block off a specific entryway or space within a room that you’d like your robot cleaner to avoid. ILIFE has included this feature on newer models like the ILIFE A6 and ILIFE X5, but unfortunately neither the A4s, V5s Pro, nor V7s Pro support any type of boundary marking.

  • ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
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  • Self Charge – Having to keep an eye on your vacuum while it cleans your home definitely detracts from the hands-off appeal of these robotic models. It can be really frustrating to set your vacuum up on a cleaning schedule only to come back and find that it has run out of charge in some inconvenient area. Fortunately, all three of these ILIFE models have a self-charge functionality which will automatically direct the robot back to its dock when it senses the battery life getting low — topping off the power and leaving it ready and waiting for the next scheduled clean.

  • Battery – While smart vacuums do an excellent job at providing your home with a thorough clean, they don’t exactly do so super quickly. Whether through imperfect navigation or a slower-than-average pace to maximize cleaning power, there are all sorts of situations in which it will take your robot a decent length of time to comprehensively clean an area. Long runtimes require a strong battery life, and ILIFE does not disappoint with the A4s, V5s Pro, and V7s.

    Like all ILIFE vacuum cleaners, these models feature a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery that is strong enough to support the device through any average cleaning task.

  • Pet Friendly – As far as smart vacuums go, the ILIFE brand offers some of the best when it comes to pet-friendliness. They have the power to suck up all that pesky fur, but are also quiet enough to avoid stressing out your pets.

    As an added perk, these ILIFE vacuums serve as an excellent cat perch as they go about their scheduled cleanings. In addition to being a great way for your furry friend to glide around the room, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to show their dominance!

ILIFE A4s vs. V5s Pro vs. V7s Pro — Differences

ilife a4s modes

  • Difference #1: Vacuuming & Mopping – There are some fundamental differences between the three models when it comes to what they are designed for and how effective they are at the task.

    When comparing the ilife A4s vs. V5s pro or V7s pro, perhaps the most notable difference is that the A4s is designed only to vacuum while the more recent models can both vacuum and mop.

    So if all you’re looking for is an excellent vacuum, opting for the A4s might be able to save you a bit of cash while still maintaining most of the excellent features that come standard on the V series vacuums.

    Breaking down the differences between the cleaning of the ILIFE V5s pro vs. V7s pro is a little bit more complicated. Essentially, the V7s has a larger mop cloth and a larger capacity in its water tank, which makes it easier for it to cover a big area.

    The V5s Pro has a 54 square inch mop cloth and a 0.3-Liter tank which allows for an 80-minute wet mopping of a space of up to 1940 square feet.

    The V7s Pro has slight upgrades all around, with a 77.5 square inch mop cloth, a 0.45-Liter tank, and the ability to cover up to 2100 square feet.

    Long story short, the A4s only vacuums, and the V7s Pro is essentially a slightly upgraded version of the V5s from a mopping perspective.

  • Difference #2: i-Dropping Technology – Another difference when comparing the ILIFE A4s vs. V7s Pro and V5s Pro is the fact that the latter two feature i-Dropping technology.

    i-Dropping technology is essentially a mopping perk that saves a significant amount of water during the cleaning process. The robotic cleaner will only sprinkle the floor when it is moving along its path, and will stop the flow of water immediately when the vacuum ceases movement.

    The efficient use of water means you’ll have to refill the tank less often, and the immediate halt of liquid when the ILIFE isn’t actually cleaning can prevent mechanical overload or floor damage. While your V5s Pro or V7s Pro is mopping, it will continuously release water out of two nozzles in order to dampen the mop cloth — but it will stop as soon as the wheels stop.

    The A4s does not feature i-Dropping tech, but that’s to be expected considering that it is solely a robotic vacuum and does not have the ability to mop.

  • ILIFE V7s Pro vacuuming & mopping robot
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  • Difference #3: Maintenance Cost – Sometimes more efficient features come at a price, and that appears to be the case when it comes to the maintenance cost of the ILIFE V7s Pro vs. V5s Pro.

    With the V5s Pro and A4s, ILIFE opted for side brushes and a single high-performance filter that does a great job of keeping allergens and other debris inside of the dirt bin instead of out in the air. These filters are washable, and should be good for the life of the device.

    The V7s Pro, on the other hand, features 2 dual HEPA filters which are much more efficient when compared to the single high-performance filter in the earlier models. However, it does have a disadvantage in that they need to be replaced every 3-6 months depending on your usage. ILIFE provides an extra filter in the packaging for your first replacement, but it will be an ongoing expense you’ll have to keep in mind if you plan to use your vacuum for years to come.

    With the V5s Pro and V7s Pro, you’ll also have to worry about replacing the mop cloth from time to time. The company didn’t give specific guidelines as to when you need to swap it out, but after a while you’ll start to notice it being a little less effective. If your ILIFE mop is no longer giving you that pristine clean, it might be time to look into a replacement.

    The A4s is probably the least expensive to maintain, since there is no mop cloth and the filter is washable. The V5s has a mop cloth to worry about, and the V7s has both the cloth and HEPA filters, so it gets progressively more expensive to maintain your vacuum as you move towards the more premium models.

  • Difference #4: Suction Power – It may be starting to seem like the V5s Pro and V7s Pro have a significant edge over the standalone vacuum of the A4s, but the differences in suction power may surprise you.

    In terms of suction power, the ILIFE A4s is rated at 1000Pa. You can consider this vacuum a deep carpet cleaning specialist, and it’s perfect for pet fur. That extra power is just what you need to help the deep cleaning bristle brush do its work and extract stubborn dirt from deep within your carpet.

    The V5s Pro and V7s Pro both have lower suction powers, and this makes them a suboptimal choice for cleaning carpet. They also will struggle with looking after pets, because the mop cloth can pick up gritty substances like cat litter and scratch hardwood floors.

    With that said, they still manage to do a great job of cleaning all floor types despite lacking the deep suction of the A4s. The V5s Pro has a variable suction ranging from 550-850Pa depending on whether you’re in regular or “Max Mode,” while the V7s Pro is a little weaker still with a range of 400-600Pa.

    To sum it all up, the A4s is the best in terms of pure suction power, which makes it a superior choice for those who have a lot of carpets to clean. The V5s Pro and V7s Pro still do a good job, but we don’t recommend them for homeowners with cats unless you can manage to block it off from areas with litter on the floor.

  • Difference #5: Mini Room Mode – The ILIFE A4s is all about vacuuming efficiently, and one of the advantages that this model has over the V5s Pro and V7s Pro is Mini-Room mode.

    For owners of small homes, Mini-Room mode will be a godsend. In the most simple terms, this extra cleaning mode will shorten the run time in order to clean a small room.

    In order to understand exactly how it works, let’s go over how the vacuum would clean normally. In regular operation, when you press the clean button, it will start the default cleaning mode of the robot. The ILIFE vacuum will go through its regular cleaning pattern until it detects the battery is at 20%, at which point it will shut off the motor in order to navigate back to the home base.

    This is an excellent design normally, as it ensures that you’ll get the most bang for your buck out of a single charge. However, in small rooms, your robot can end up vacuuming back and forth for almost two hours. This leads to a very thorough clean, but it’s probably not necessary to clean that much in a small area. Mini-Room mode will send the robot back to the dock sooner, which allows you to get a good clean without major overkill. It should take about 40 minutes for an average Mini-Room mode run.

  • Difference #6: Side Brushes – When smart vacuums first came onto the market, they would leave a trail of dirt in their path due to suboptimal cleaning mechanisms. ILIFE was one of the earlier brands to come up with a solution for that issue — employing side brushes to sweep the sides of the cleaner and ensuring that no dirt is left behind as the robot moves throughout the room.

    The ILIFE A4s and V5s Pro feature two side brushes — one on each side. The V7s Pro, for one reason or another, only features a single side brush.

  • Difference #7: Dirt Bin Capacity & Detection – Unfortunately, it’s not possible to leave your smart vacuum alone completely if you want your floors left clean on a regular basis. Every couple of runs, you’ll have to take the time to empty the dirt bin to ensure the ILIFE has enough room for its next pass. There are some differences in the capacity of the bin in each model, which can have an impact on how often you’ll need to empty it.

    The V5s Pro has a 0.3-Liter capacity while the V7s Pro has a 0.5 Liter capacity. The ILIFE A4s is somewhere in the middle with a 0.45-Liter capacity.

    In addition to having the largest dirt bin, the V7s Pro has another advantage in its support for dirt bin detection. With most ILIFE models, there is no indication or alert if you forget to replace the dust bin or put it back incorrectly. This isn’t a huge issue if you’re careful about operating and maintaining the vacuum properly, but even the most careful among us are forgetful from time to time. The V7s Pro is equipped with a Dirt Bin Detection feature that will alert you if the bin is missing or situated poorly. Considering that you can cause significant damage to the internal equipment of the vacuum if it sucks in debris with no place for it to go, having that extra safeguard is a definite advantage that shouldn’t be discounted.

    We wish it was standard on all models, but at this point the V7s Pro is the only vacuum out of the three that gives access to the detection feature. It’s pretty clear that the V7s Pro is the winner both in capacity and utility, with the A4s and V5s falling in line behind.

  • Difference #8: Cleaning Area – Different vacuums are best suited for different floor sizes, and you’re going to want to make sure that the model you decide on is capable of handling your specific needs. If you have a big house, you’ll need a vacuum with a large cleaning area like the LIFE A4s with a 180 — 200 square meter range or the V7s Pro with a 150 — 200 square meter range. Smaller homes may get by just fine with the V5s Pro’s coverage of 90 — 150 square meters.

    However, the LIFE A4s is in a unique position in that it’s the best model for both large and small homes — at least from a cleaning area perspective. It has a large range, but it also comes equipped with the Mini-Room mode that makes it perfect for tidying up small spaces.

  • Difference #9: Design – When discussing design, there’s one main metric that you’ll want to keep in mind: the height. Robot vacuums need to sit low to the floor so that they can easily navigate under furniture and avoid bumping into obstacles, and the A4s, V5s Pro, and V7s Pro are all pretty compact.

    The V7s Pro is the tallest out of the three cleaners, coming in at 3.15 inches versus the 3 inches of A4s and V5s Pro. This won’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things, so we wouldn’t let this disparity influence your decision one way or the other.

    One extra perk that the ILIFE A4s offers with its design is an LCD display, as this allows you to easily check on the status at a glance rather than having to hazard a guess.

Sale ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, over 100mins Run time, Self-charging, Slim, Quiet, Ideal for Hard Floors to Medium Carpets
Sale ILIFE V5s Pro, 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop, Slim, Automatic Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Daily Schedule, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet.
ILIFE V7s Pro vacuuming & mopping robot

ILIFE A4s vs. V5s Pro vs. V7s Pro — Comparison Chart

Noise 55dB 55dB 60dB
Suction 1000Pa 550 – 850Pa 400 – 600Pa
Cleaning Area 180 — 200 sq.m. 90 — 150 sq.m. 150 — 200 sq.m.
Run Time 120 — 140 mins. 110 — 120 mins. 120 — 150 mins.
Design 3-inches 3-inches 3.15-inches
Anti-Fall System Yes Yes Yes
Battery (Li-Ion battery) 2600 mAh 2600 mAh 2600 mAh
Wet mopping No Yes Yes
Sweeping Yes Yes Yes
Vacuuming Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Walls No No No
4 Cleaning Modes Yes Yes Yes
Mini Room Mode Yes No No
Auto Clean Mode Yes Yes Yes
Spot Clean Mode Yes Yes Yes
Edge Clean Mode Yes Yes Yes
Scheduling Mode Yes Yes Yes
Dust Bin 0.45-Liter 0.3-Liter 0.5-Liter
Dirt Bin Detection No No Yes
Water Tank Capacity No 0.3-Liter 0.45-Liter
Side-Brushes 2 2 1

ILIFE A4s vs. V5s Pro vs. V7s Pro — Accessories

ILIFE V7S pro mop cloth

As far as accessories go, the main products you’re looking for with these ILIFE vacuums are those intended for maintenance. You likely won’t need to swap out parts for quite some time, but regular use will take its toll on even the most capable robot cleaner so you’ll need to do some maintenance eventually. It’s best to have the materials on hand so you aren’t frustrated when you finally need them!

For the A4s, we recommend the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Kits for an all-in one package of the various components you’ll need to keep your robot running its best.

Also worth mentioning is the BettaWell 2-Pack Replacement Filter Net should your filter need a refresh, and a replacement battery if you happen to find that your battery isn’t holding its full charge.

The V5s Pro has similar accessories, with its own respective Replacement Kit and Replacement Battery. You might also be interested in HEPA filters if you’d like to boost the filtering capability, although they are not washable.

Last but not least, the V7s Pro will benefit from a Replacement Mop Cloth Kit, as well as a combo pack of a Replacement Main Brush, Side Brush, and HEPA Filters.

ILIFE A4s vs. V5s Pro vs. V7s Pro — Our Thoughts

ilife a4s remote tag

Ultimately, it’s difficult to really give a clear option as to which of these three vacuums is the “best,” because they all have their own benefits to offer.

The ILIFE brand cleaners in general are great and affordable options when it comes to smart vacuuming and mopping. They lack some of the WiFi features standard with more expensive brands like iRobot, ECOVAS, Dyson, or Neato, but they still manage to do a great job without breaking the bank.

You won’t regret your purchase regardless of which of the three vacuums you decide to buy, but we’ll give our recommendations based on what these devices bring to the table.

If your primary concern is vacuuming, the A4s is the clear choice. It has significantly more suction, a useful Mini-Room mode, and even a nifty LCD screen. It’s also our top pick for those with a ton of carpets or pets, as its greater power and lack of a mop element makes it better equipped to handle those situations.

If you want the mopping features, however, the choice gets a little bit more complicated. The V7s Pro is the superior model on a number of different fronts, but it’s also significantly more expensive since it’s a newer offering from the ILIFE brand. Honestly, the difference between V5s Pro and V7s Pro isn’t that much, so the advantage could really go either way. We’d recommend the former for those on a budget and the latter for homeowners who want access to features like dirt bin detection, a larger coverage area, and superior filtration.

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