Kwikset Kevo vs. Schlage Sense

Traditional locks are outdated. Searching for the keys in your pockets or bag, choosing the right one, dropping them when your hands are full of groceries, trying to fit the right key into the slot but realizing it’s upside down: these are things that happen with traditional locks and keys.

Smart locks, on the other hand, can give you access your home in one simple step — just touch the lock (Kwikset Kevo) or ask Siri (Schlage Sense) to unlock the door for you. It’s that simple!

So, today we’ll compare the Kwikset Kevo vs. Schlage Sense to find the differences between the two and to help you choose the better smart lock for your home.

About Kwikset and Schlage Locks

The Kwikset and Schlage smart locks use the latest technology to make your day simpler. Both companies are always improving upon their tech to offer you the best and latest smart lock solutions for your home.

Besides the Kevo lock, Kwikset also offers the Premis Lock (HomeKit-enabled) and the Kevo Convert (lighter version of the Kevo lock). Check out our comparison Kwikset Premis vs. Kevo Lock vs. Kevo Convert to learn more about the Kwikset smart locks.

Schlage also offers a great line of smart locks that include the Schlage Connect and the Connected Keypad. So, if you have a Wink or SmartThings hub and already like Schlage’s reliability, we’d recommend checking those two locks out.

For this comparison we’ll take a look at the Kwikset Kevo vs. Schlage Sense. And before we get into the differences, let’s see what the two locks have in common.

Kwikset Kevo vs. Schlage Sense — Things in Common

Schlage sense vs schlage connect

Both the Kwikset Kevo and Schlage Sense offer convenience at your fingertips. You can use an app to control the smart locks, share access with your family and friends, and check the locks status. Also, with the Kwikset Kevo and Schlage Sense you’ll never miss a visitor. The locks keep track of who is coming or going.

The installation process of both locks might be a little tricky since you’ll need to change the whole lock. The good thing is that if you have an old deadbolt, it’s a perfect time to get a new, smart one. You’ll need to replace both the exterior and interior of your standard lock, so you’ll need to make sure you choose the right finish to match your existing design.

If changing the whole lock seems like a little bit too much for you, we’d recommend ordering the Deadbolt Installation Service on Amazon, or even check out smart locks that require you to replace only the exterior part of the lock (like August Smart Locks).

The Kwikset Kevo and Schlage Sense use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. The Bluetooth connection allows you to unlock the Kwikset Kevo or the Schlage Sense via app. Each lock has their own app to offer simple control and monitoring.

Besides app control, the Kwikset Kevo also features Touch-to-Open technology — just tap the exterior part of the Kevo lock to unlock the door. It’s that simple. The Kevo lock is smart enough to know if you and your phone are inside or outside your home. So, if you’re inside, the Kevo lock won’t open when touched.

The Schlage Sense has a different approach: you can enter with an access code instead of fumbling for keys.

And it looks like we’ve already stumbled into the differences between the Kwikset Kevo vs. Schlage Sense. So, let’s move to the next section.

Kwikset Kevo vs. Schlage Sense — Differences

  • Difference #1: Technology – The Kwikset Kevo utilizes Bluetooth technology only, whereas the Schlage Sense supports both Bluetooth and HomeKit. This is a huge advantage if you use HomeKit for your home; for the Schlage Sense, you can just say “Hey Siri, open the door,” for a hands-free unlock.

  • Difference #2: Remote Control – Both locks offer remote control only within their Bluetooth range. But, there’s a way to control both of the locks remotely.

    The Kwikset Kevo offers remote control via the Kevo Plus — it’s a combination of a service and gateway. You can order the service from the Kevo app, and Kwikset will send you the Kevo gateway for free. Or, you can get the gateway as part of the Kwikset starter kit.

    The Schlage Sense has two options for remote control: via Apple HomeKit or Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter. The first option (via HomeKit) is pretty easy and doesn’t require any additional purchases if you already have a HomeKit setup in your home. Just connect Schlage Sense smart lock straight to your Apple hub (Apple TV or iPad). Make sure the hub is plugged in and stays within 40 feet of your Schlage Sense lock for a reliable and uninterrupted connection.

    The second option is via the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter: the adapter plugs into an outlet and creates a secure connection between the Schlage Sense lock and your Wi-Fi network. Once everything is paired, you’ll be able to access your Schlage Sense smart lock from anywhere you are. All you need is an Internet connection, wherever you may be, to do it.

    Why would you need remote control for a smart lock? Well, let’s say you need to let someone in while you’re away or would like to check on the lock’s status — these are prime of examples when remote control comes in handy. With a remote connection, you’ll also get instant notifications whenever the lock is used.

  • Difference #3: Security – The Schlage Sense is a way more secure lock than the Kwikset Kevo. And here is why: the Schlage Sense is a Grade 1 lock (graded as the most secure by ANSI), whereas the Kwikset Kevo is a Grade 2 (which is second best). Even though the Kwikset Kevo features SmartKey Security™ which protects against advanced break-in techniques, it’s still just a Grade 2 lock.

    The Schlage Sense also comes with alarm sensors which can sense potential attacks and issue alerts. The Kwikset Kevo doesn’t have any built-in sensors or alarm, which makes it the less secure option of the two.

  • Difference #4: Shared Access – The Kwikset Kevo allows you to create a maximum of 25 eKeys to share with your family, friends, or any other visitors. There are five types of eKeys that offer different access options: owner, admin, anytime, scheduled, and guest.

    With the Schlage Sense smart lock, you can create up to 30 PIN codes with either a scheduled or all-day access. Plus, you can also create virtual keys to share access to your home. You can read more about them here.

  • Difference #5: Keypad – The Kwikset Kevo looks like a standard lock on the outside, whereas the Schlage Sense comes with a built-in, touchscreen keypad. The keypad gives a little bit more flexibility for guests without smartphones. Just put in a PIN code to get access — no smartphone needed.

Sale Kwikset - Kevo 99250-202 Kevo 2nd Gen Bluetooth Touch-to-Open Smart Keyless Entry Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock Featuring SmartKey Security, Satin Nickel
Sale SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel (BE479 CEN 619)

Kwikset Kevo vs. Schlage Sense — Comparison Chart

Kwikset Kevo Lock Schlage Sense
Technology Bluetooth Bluetooth
Apple HomeKit
Remote Control via Kevo Plus via Apple Home Hub
or WiFi Adapter
Installation Exterior + interior Exterior + interior
Built-in Alarm No Yes
Shared Access 25 eKeys max. 30 codes max.
Lock Grade Grade 2 Grade 1
Keypad No Yes
Keypad Type N/A Touchscreen

Kwikset and Schlage Locks Accessories

Kevo Key Fob for Kevo Smart Lock

Besides the Kevo Plus, Kwikset also offers Kevo Key Fobs for the Kevo lock. The fobs provide the same Touch-to-Open experience, except no smartphone is needed. Just tap the Kevo lock with a Kevo fob to unlock the door.

One Kevo lock can have a total of 25 eKeys/Kevo Fobs connected to it. In the event you’d like to remove a Kevo Fob from the Kevo Lock, you’d need to reset the lock and pretty much reissue all pre-existing eKeys. The process is not easy, but hopefully Kwikset will update it soon to make it a bit simpler.

Kwikset Kevo (1st or 2nd Gen) Key FOB Accessory,Black,99260-001
663 Reviews

Schlage offers the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter for remote control of your Schlage Sense Smart Lock. Besides the adapter, Schlage offers a wide range of accessories like levers, handles, and knobs to accompany the Schlage Sense Smart Lock. The accessories come in different finishes and styles, so you can find the perfect fit to match your home’s decor.

Kwikset Kevo vs. Schlage Sense — Our Thoughts

Schlage sense smart lock

If you’re looking for added security, simple integration, and flexible access options, the Schlage Sense is probably the the lock to go with. The lock is certified Grade 1, comes with a built-in alarm, supports HomeKit and has a keypad with a 30-code memory capacity for visitors without smartphones. And, if you already have a HomeKit setup, you can control it remotely at no additional cost.

SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel (BE479 CEN 619)
2,077 Reviews

The Kwikset Kevo, on the other hand, is a Grade 2 lock with Bluetooth only, and 25 eKeys to share. You’ll need to buy the Kevo Plus and Kevo Key Fobs separately for remote access and shared access with guests without smartphones. Plus, Kwikset Kevo’s Amazon reviews leave much to be desired.

So, when choosing between the Kwikset Kevo vs. Schlage Sense — we’d recommend getting the Schlage Sense. And we’d venture to say that, arguably, it’s the most secure and reliable smart lock.

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