Must-Have Smart Tech For Pets

Keep your furry friend safe with a pet camera!

We all wonder what our pets are up to when we aren’t there, and luckily smart home tech for pets provides an easy solution for that.

There are just so many types to choose from, you have pet trackers like Whistle Go, which monitor your pets every move with GPS tracking. Then you have Petcube Play 2, which allows you to have a fun game of chase with your furry friend when you’re missing him. Not to mention Petcube Bites 2 remote treat dispensing function. Including all the other fun features, such as two-way audio, motion detection, night vision, and more. All of which you and your pet will love.

So let’s get right to it, and see which pet cam suits you best!

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Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Pet Camera with Feeder

Keep an eye on your furry friend at all times with a Furbo Dog Camera! This smart home device will closely monitor your pet’s activities with features such as barking and motion sensors so you know what your companion is up to.

Additionally, you can even speak with your pets, throw them yummy treats, and more! So let’s check out what Furbo has to offer.

Key Features:

Treat Tossing – Reward your pet for good behavior with the treat tossing feature! You can do it at home, or even remotely.

You can fill the dispenser with up to 100 delicious treats and play a fun game of catch, even from the office. It’s also a great tool to use if your pet is acting up, or has separation anxiety, as a way of distraction.

Adjustable Barking Alert – Keep your pets safe with the barking sensor. As it will alert you via iOS or Android smart device when your barking more than usual, and you can even adjust the sensitivity setting in order to receive alerts that matter.

This useful technology has saved 100s of dogs from gas leaks, intruders and fires.

It’s worth noting that smart alerts used to be free, however, with the new Furbo subscription plan, Furbo has moved smart alerts to premium features.

Full HD Camera – Have a vibrant view of both your pet and its environment with Furbo’s 1080p HD camera, paired with a 160° wide-angle view and 4x zoom will provide you with a clear image both night and day.

Furbo Dog Nanny – If you decide to go for the Furbo Dog Nanny Plan, you will be able to take advantage of numerous cool features such as 24- hour event-based cloud storage, and real-time smart alerts.

The smart alerts include dog activity alerts, which will notify you when your dog is being overly active, such as showing anxiety symptoms or even when he is destroying your pillow!

Person alerts will inform you if there is someone in your home, which could be very useful in case there is an intruder.

Lastly, you have the selfie alert, this will take an adorable pic of your pup when he is facing the camera, after which you have the option of sharing it on your social media platform.

Two-Way Talk – Say hello to your furry friend while you’re on the road with the two-way communication technology.

This allows you to comfort your pets from wherever you are.

Alexa – Now you can include Alexa too! With the aid of a smart speaker such as the Echo Show or Echo Spot, you can use voice commands in order to carry out some functions. Such as dispensing a treat for your pup, or even ordering some more from Amazon when you’re running low.

Petcube Bites 2

Petcube Bites 2

Treat your pet remotely with Petcube Bites 2! This handy smart pet camera will take care of your pet while you are on the road, or even when you need some peace at home.

It comes with a myriad of features, such as two-way audio, treat dispenser, HD video quality, and more for you and your pet to enjoy.

Key Features:

Remote Treat Dispenser – Show your pet some love with the remote treat dispenser technology. All you need to do is press a button on your Petcube app, and it will fling a delicious treat Angry Birds style for your pet to enjoy.

This is a great bonding feature for you and your pet, and can also be used to keep them calm too.

You can fill it with both cat, or dog treats as it supports a wide range of crunchy, dry treats with its interchangeable inserts.

High-Quality Sound – Enjoy a clear two-way audio feature with Petcube Bites 4-microphone array system.

Using your phone, you can seamlessly offer words of comfort to your pet, or even warn them off the couch from wherever you are!

Built-In Alexa – Enjoy using voice commands with Petcube Bites in-built Alexa feature. It eliminates the need of any smart speakers such as Echo Show or Echo Spot, and allows you to execute simple commands such as “Alexa, feed my pet”, or, “Alexa, order more treats for my pet”.

Making your life easy and a little fun too.

Petcube Care – Do more for your pet, with Petcube care. You can choose from 3 plans, The Basic, which is free, Optimal and Premium. With the Optimal Plan, you can take advantage of 3 days of video history, 30-second video clips, 10 video downloads, and more. All that comes to $3.99 monthly, or $47.88 per year.

While the Premium Plan comes with 90 days of video history, unlimited video downloads, unlimited cameras covered, plus all the features from the Optimal Plan. That amounts to $8.25 per month or $99.00 annually.

The main feature that makes it stand out from Petcube Bites 1, are the smart alerts that will be included in both paid plans.

This advanced technology will distinguish between different sounds, such as barking or meowing, as well as differentiate between people and pets, so you know if there is someone or in your home.

Video Quality – Enjoy a clear view of your furry friend both day and night, with Petcube Bite’s 1080p HD video, and 180° wide-angle full-room view.

Petcube Play 2

Petcube Play

Have a fun game of chase with your pet with Petcube Play 2!

This useful smart pet device comes with a smooth and precise built-in laser that you can operate via your app, and watch your pet chase it all around the room!

Additionally, it also comes with an extended room view, exceptional sound quality and more for you both to enjoy.

Key Features:

Built-In Laser – Play remotely with your pet with the aid of Petcube Play’s controlled laser toy. It’s safe for both humans and pets, and you can easily bond with your companion from miles away.

You can also set it to autoplay for when you’re busy, or even allow your family and friends to join in on the fun too!

We know that separation anxiety can be tough for both pets and owners too, so hopefully, the laser feature will allow you to bond with your pet and comfort them at the same time.

180º Full-Room View – Easily follow your pet around the room with the 180º full-room view. Not only that, but with Petcube Play’s 2 1080p HD vision, and 4x digital zoom, you will also be able to view your pet in vibrant quality both day and night too!

Two-Way Sound – Talk to your pets with Petcube Play’s 4-microphone array, and enjoy the clear sound with its significantly improved speaker bar. This gives you the power to offer your beloved companion words of comfort when you’re away or even tell them to get off your chair!

Built-In Alexa – With Petcube Play 2, there is no need for a separate Alexa device. So that means, you can operate your smart dog camera without the need of any smart speakers, how great is that?

Petcube Care – As with Petcube Bites 2, Petcube Play 2 also comes with the optional Petcube care subscription.

So that means you can take advantage of fantastic features such as smart alerts, and 24-hour event-based cloud storage.

You have the option of choosing between 3 plans, Basic Plan is free and comes with the already mentioned features such as two-way audio, live streaming, in-built laser, Alexa and up to 4 hours of free cloud storage.

While the Optimal Plan which comes at $3.99 per month gives you 3 days of cloud storage. As well as other features such as smart alerts, and up to 10 video downloads.

While the Premium Plan which costs $8.25 per month, comes with 90 cloud storage, unlimited downloads, and more.

The best addition, however, are the smart alerts.

As this impressive technology will inform you whether there is an intruder in your home if your dog is overly active, and even takes a cute selfie of your pup when he’s facing the camera.

PetChatz HD

PetChatz extra

Treat your pets to some aromatherapy with PetChatz!

This unique smart dog camera releases pet safe scents that will calm your furry friend with its aromatherapy features.

Not only that, but PetChatz also offers both sound and motion detection, and even streaming straight to DOGTV.

So, whether you are in your office, traveling, or just feel like saying hello, PetChatz HD allows you to seamlessly connect with your pet.

Key Features:

Two-Way Video – You can check in on your pet at any time, night or day with the two-way audio technology. This unique feature allows you to both view your pet in full-color LCD clarity, and have your pet see you too! So you can exchange smiles, and even ease your pet’s separation anxiety. Additionally, with Pawcall, your pet can ring you when they want a treat or a fun game.

Never Miss a Moment – You’ll receive alerts straight to your smart device when any activity or motion is detected. So you’ll know when your pet is ready to play, or even know if something is wrong.

It even detects barking too, so you know if something is up, even if it only turns out to be the local postman.

Free Smart Video Recording – Now you can view your videos whenever you wish with the free smart video recording feature, so you’ll always know what your furry friend was up to while you were away.

Treat Dispenser – Toss your pets some yummy treats whenever they are acting up, feeling restless or even as a reward for good behavior, with the remote treat dispenser. This feature will allow you to bond with your companion from wherever you are, and a great way to check-in on him too.

App Control – Luckily Petchatz, is compatible with both iOS, Android and even your web browser. So you can view your pet from a wide range of devices at the click of a button.

Dogtek Eyenimal

Dogtek Eyenimal-extra

Ever wonder what your pet was up to while you weren’t home? Well, you can with Dogtek Eyenimal!

This small cam attaches easily to your pet’s collar, once in place, all you need to do is press a button for it to start recording.

This Nanocam is suitable for both small dogs as well as cats, and with the motion detection technology, it will track your pet’s movements when they’re on the go.

Key Features:

Recording – Eyenimal offers free recordings of up to 2 – 3.5 hours with its 4GB flash memory, of both sound and video. So you will know what your furry friend got up to while you were away at the office. It’s also water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry if the cam gets a little wet.

Motion Detection – The motion detecting feature will only record your pet while it’s on the go and will stop when it’s sleeping or simply being still, so can expect to only receive alerts that matter.

Built-In Microphone – With Eyenimal’s built-in microphone technology, you won’t just see what your cat was up to, but you can hear it too! So you really won’t miss a thing with this useful cam.

Night Vision – See your pet at night time too! With the night vision feature, you won’t just be limited to only daytime footage. So whether you’re traveling abroad or staying at a friend’s house, you’ll still be able to know how your furry friend got on.

Whistle Go Tracker

Whistle Go extra

Know where your pet is at all times with the budget-friendly Whistle Go’s GPS tracker!

We all know that our pets love to come and go as they please, especially if you live in the countryside or the suburbs. So it’s not a bad idea to be able to easily check in on your furry friend, and see where they have wandered off to, for your peace of mind.

The Whistle device easily attaches to your pet’s collar and monitors their activity, rest and location all through the app.

Key Features:

AT&T & Google maps – Know where your cat or dog is at all times, powered by At&T & Google maps, you’ll have reliable and nationwide tracking features available, right from your phone! You also have the power to view of all the places your pet has been in the past 24 hours, to get an idea of where they usually like to wander off to.

All you need in order to access this handy feature is a WiFi connection, as well as a subscription plan which will allow you to use the AT&T & Google maps services.

So you won’t waste time in finding your pet if they decided to go on a little adventure.

Waterproof – No worries if they decided to go for a swim too! As the Whistle tracker is waterproof can handle being in water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

Battery-Life – You don’t even have to worry during your vacation, as Whistle Tracker sports a long battery life of up to 7 days! Of course, it may vary depending on your pet’s activity levels, but you’ll still get a good few days out of it.

Must-Have Smart Tech For Pets — Our Thoughts

Petcube Bites

When it comes down to choosing the best smart tech for pets, you have quite a few options to choose from.

If you wish for something simple, that will show you what your furry friend had been up to while you were at work, then both Dogtek Eyenimal & Whistle Go are great ways to go. They provide an efficient way of tracking your animal and monitoring its activity levels, so you will be able to get a deeper insight into your loyal companion’s life.

However, for more homebound pets, a smart dog camera with a treat dispenser sounds pretty good too!

You have the cool ability to not only reward your pet with a yummy treat, but also speak to them, see them, and even have a fun game of chase with Petcube Play’s in-built laser.

In the end, we feel that the best product for a happy pet would have to either be Petcube Play, or Petcube Bites 2. They provide impressive 180-degrees field of view abilities, clear two-way sound, vibrant video quality, and up to 4 hours of free cloud storage, all of which put together, makes it a truly great smart home tech for pets.

As you’re essentially choosing between a product with a fun built-in laser toy or a device that dispenses delicious treats. It’s worth to note that Pawbo does offer both features.

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