Neato D4 vs. D5 Connected

Home cleaning has never been easier, with the introduction of smart robot vacuums. These amazing robots will work hard to ensure that your floors are dirt, dust, and hair-free, while still offering some unique features, that a tradition vacuum definitely wouldn’t have.

Such as voice control, now you can tell your robot to clean your floors without even having to lift a finger! As well as scheduling, you can set your Neato to have your floors done in the morning before everyone wakes up, or in the evening before the house if full again.

All that, while still offering high-quality filters that capture up to 99% of dust and allergens, making sure that you’re not breathing that stuff in.

So let’s take a look at both vs. Neato D5, to see which would be more suitable for your space.

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Neato D4 vs. D5 Connected — Things in Common

Neato D4 coverage

  • LaserSmart Mapping & Navigation – Never miss a spot again, with your robot’s LasterSmart mapping and navigation. This technology allows your robot to scan and map your entire home, creating its own floor plan to follow. It also moves in straight lines, rather than in random patterns, providing your floors with a much better clean. Its unique lasers also allow it to see in the dark, so you can even have it working late into the night if you wish.

  • Remote Control – How amazing would it be to tell your robot to clean your floors from absolutely anywhere? Well, with the remote control function you can! Simply schedule your robot to have your floors cleaned before you get home via Neato app on your smartphone or Apple Watch, and it’s done. This function is especially useful if you have some visitors coming over while you’re away, so it can quickly vacuum your floors leaving them nice and clean.

  • Recharge & Resume – I really like this feature, as it makes your Neato almost completely self- sufficient. You don’t have to worry if it runs out of battery mid-clean, as it will go back to its charging base, fill up and continue on with its work. Also, the Quick Charge function will allow your robot to boost up just enough power needed to finish its task, so you don’t have to wait around for it to finish charging up to 100%.

  • Voice Control – Voice control is such a fun and easy function to use around your home. All you have to do is simply tell your Neato to turn on or off without having to press any buttons. If you’re having a movie night with friends, and have some accidental popcorn spillage, it doesn’t have to interrupt your movie time. Simply tell your Neato to power on, and it will take care of it for you.

  • Eco/Turbo Mode – Both Neato D4 and D5 have two handy modes. Eco and Turbo Mode.

    Eco Mode is really great for saving the amount of energy being used during its cleaning. It uses a gentle suction power, and a slightly longer time span when cleaning your home. Still providing you with a thorough clean in the end. This type of feature is best used while you’re away.

    Turbo Mode is a little louder and more aggressive form of cleaning. This will focus on cleaning your floors and carpets on a deeper level. Tackling all that dirt, dust and hair. This is especially useful on carpets, as more power is required.

  • Virtual No-go Areas via App – We all have certain areas in our home that we’d prefer left undisturbed. With Neato, you can! Whether it be an area where you keep your kids latest Lego creation or where you have your pet water bowls, by creating virtual ‘No-Go’ lines on your Neato app, your robot won’t access the areas marked.

    You can also use Boundary markers for that too. These black strips can be stuck onto the floor, and your robot won’t go past them.

  • ‘D’ Shaped Design – Neato Robot’s signature ‘D’ shaped design allows it to get into those tighter spaces, where a traditional or ‘rounded’ style robot could not. Making it very efficient for maneuvering around furniture and getting closer to those walls and edges. Making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Neato D4 vs. D5 Connected— Differences

Neato D5 pet

  • Difference #1: Side Brush – Neato D5 robot’s side brush allows it to effectively get into those edges and corners too. Especially if you have pets at home, that can shed a lot of hair, and bring dirt in from the outside. This useful brush will be able to go over the edges, so you don’t have to. Unfortunately, Neato D4 doesn’t have a side brush.

  • Difference #2: Run-Time – Run time is important, depending on the space you have, and how quickly you’d like to have it cleaned. Neato D5 pulls ahead with its run time of 90 minutes, compared to the 75 minutes of Neato D4. Making Neato D5 more suited for bigger spaces, so it can get the cleaning done in one go.

  • Difference #3: Find Me – It can happen. Your Neato runs into some trouble and you’re unable to locate it. Yet with its unique “Find Me” feature you won’t have to worry about that anymore. This technology is available to Neato D5 and will save you time looking for it, in case it goes missing somewhere. It works through the Neato app. All you have to do is find the robot icon on the dashboard, click it, and then your robot will start beeping for 5 seconds continuously until you find it.

  • Difference #4: Price Tag – Neato D4 does come at a lower price range that Neato D5. Even if it doesn’t have all the features of D5, it still provides a good clean for your floors, at a lower price.

  • Difference #5: Filter – A high-quality filter is essential when it comes to your smart vacuum. Neato D5 supports an ultra-performance filter, which can trap up to 99% specks of dust and allergens as tiny as 10 microns! While Neato D4 robot’s high-performance filter also captures up to 99% of dust particles and allergens as minuscule as 0.3 microns.

    Making the Neato D5 filter, a little more powerful for your home, especially if anyone suffers from dust allergies.

  • Difference #6: Virtual Walls – For those of you who’d rather not use the app, you can also use boundary strips that can be easily placed on your floor to stop your Neato from getting into certain spots. While Neato D4 is compatible with boundary markers, it doesn’t come with any, requiring you to purchase it, if needed. While Neato D5 has 2M of Boundary markers included.

Neato D4 vs. D5 Connected — Comparison Chart

Neato D5
LaserSmart Mapping & Navigation Yes Yes
Battery Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion
Filter Type High Performance Ultra Performance
Brush type Combo brush Combo brush
Remote control Yes Yes
Side brush No Yes
Zone cleaning No No
WiFi Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Apple Watch support Yes Yes
Recharge & Resume Yes Yes
No-Go lines Yes Yes
Eco/Turbo Mode Yes Yes
Run Time Up to 75 mins. Up to 90 mins.
Cleaning Summary Yes Yes
Coverage Maps Yes Yes
‘D’ shaped design Yes Yes
Voice Control Alexa & Google Assistant Alexa & Google Assistant
Find Me No Yes
Full Dust Bin indicator Yes Yes
Cleaning path 10.86 inch N/A
Height 3.9 inches 3.9 inches
Weight 7.37 lbs. 7.5 lbs.
LaserSmart ™ Technology Yes Yes
Virtual No-go Areas via App Yes Yes
Virtual Walls Not Included; Optional Boundary Markers (2M)
Quick Charge Yes Yes

Neato D4 vs. D5 Connected — Accessories

Neato Botvac D Series Ultra Performance Filter

Let’s check out some of the accessories you can include with your new Neato!

Make sure to keep up with the maintenance of your Neato with the Neato Brush Kit. This handy kit included all the essentials needed for making sure that everything is okay, as well as any replacement parts needed. Including a Neato comb, which is especially useful for getting rid of those clumps of hair, that can get accumulated in your robot.

It’s also useful to keep a set of Ultra Performance Filters handy, as you never know when they need to be replaced, and you want to make sure that your filters are always in tip-top condition.

Neato D4 vs. D5 Connected — Our Thoughts

Neato D5 sofa

Both of the Neato robots mentioned today have some pretty great cleaning abilities. Yet when it comes down to the price, takes the lead. It offers similar features such as Neato D5. Including LaserSmart technology, voice control, scheduling, and even remote control.

Yet it falls short in terms of run time, quality of the filter, and the side brushes addition. All which Neato D5 excels at.

Which if you’re dealing with allergies, and have a large amount of space to be covered, would make Neato D5 the best choice for you and your home.

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