Neato D5 vs. Roomba 690

Keep your floors immaculate with your very own robot!

Today we’ll compare Neato D5 vs. Roomba 690. Both of which are very trusted brands when it comes to keeping your floors clean.

And not only that but these types of robots also offer some cool additional features too, such as voice control, scheduling and more! So you can let your robot know when you want your home cleaned, through the Neato or iRobot Home app. Both brands are also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of voice control at home too.

Ultimately, when you are comparing both models, it’s important that you know which features are important to you. If you have a large home, then Neato’s D5 extended run time and larger bin capacity might be a better fit for you.

Yet, Roomba 690 comes at a budget friendlier price and would be more suited for smaller, less heavily carpeted homes.

Let’s take a look at both Neato D5 and Roomba 690, so you can make that choice for yourself. Feel free to skip ahead by using our navigation system.

Neato D5 vs. Roomba 690 — Things in Common

iRobot Roomba 690 - Extra - 01

  • Cleaning Schedules – Use both Neato and iRobot Home app to schedule daily cleanings for your home. This useful tool will allow you to have clean floors in the morning before you wake up, or in the evening when you arrive home from work.

  • Voice Control – How cool would it be to tell your robot to switch on and off from anywhere in your home. Spilled something on the floor? No worries, simply tell your trusted vacuum to switch on, and it will clear it all up for you. You can also tell them to switch on as you’re leaving or coming home, no need to press any buttons. For voice control, you can use both Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Edge/Side Sweeping Brush – We all know how difficult to get into those tight spaces and corners using a traditional vacuum. Well with Neato D5 and Roomba 690 you don’t have to worry. As their unique side/edge sweeping brushes allow them to get deeper into the corners and edges. This is especially perfect for when cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Comes with an App – It’s also worth to note that both Neato D5 and Roomba 690 come with their own app. This is a useful tool when it comes to scheduling, which we already spoke about prior and other features too. Such as notifying you when its bin is full and more. You can also receive useful information and new upgrades that may be coming out soon.

Neato D5 vs. Roomba 690 — Differences

Neato D5 sofa

  • Difference #1: Recharge & Resume – With the recharge and resume feature, you can rest assured that your robot won’t stop in the middle of the kitchen floor when its battery has run out. When needed, the robot will pop back into its base, and resume its task when its charge has completed. This feature is only available to Neato D5 model. While Roomba 690 doesn’t have this kind of technology, it will notify you via the app when it needs to be charged again.

  • Difference #2: Find Me – You don’t have to worry about losing your Neato D5 robot vacuum. With its unique ‘Find Me’ feature, all you have to do is locate the ‘robot’ icon on the dashboard via the app, press it, and then your Neato will start beeping continuously for 5 seconds until you find it. This is especially useful in bigger homes, or if you are renovating, and have a lot of stuff around.

  • Difference #3: Remote Control – Another cool feature that Neato D5 has, is the ability to control it remotely. So that means, you can set your robot to clean your floors while you’re still at work, or even while you’re on a holiday, so that you arrive home to nice and floors. Paired with the recharge and resume feature, you won’t have to worry about your robot not completing its tasks. And while Roomba 690 doesn’t have remote control available, you can still schedule cleanings via the app, so you are still able to have clean floors while away.

  • Difference #4: Quick Charge – Neato D5 pulls ahead once again with its quick charge technology. What this does, instead of having the robot charge up to its maximum capacity before returning, but collecting just enough power needed to complete its task. So you don’t have to wait a long time for your floors to be done. Unfortunately, Roomba 690 doesn’t have this type of feature available.

  • Difference #5: Virtual Wall Barrier – Having a virtual wall barrier ensures that your robot won’t get into any spaces you don’t want it to. With both Neato D5 and Roomba 690 offering their own unique versions.

    Neato D5 offers two different options. You can choose between using physical Boundary markers and virtual ‘no-go’ lines via the app.

    The boundary markers consist of 2M black strips, that can be easily placed on the ground, blocking your robot from entering a specific area. While the virtual lines version allows you to set specific ‘no-go’ zones of where you don’t want your robot in. All done through your smart device, and no physical strips needed.

    While Roomba 690 comes with its own virtual wall barrier. This small, black, rectangular barrier can be placed anywhere in your home, and the robot won’t go anywhere near the restricted area. You can purchase more as needed.

    These tools are great for protecting any fragile objects, or specific spots, like where you keep your pet food bowls and children’s toys.

  • Difference #6: Run Time – The longer run time your robot has, the more space it can cover! And that’s the case with Neato D5. It has a run time of up to 90 minutes, beating Roomba’s 690 run time of 60 minutes. While 60 minutes might seem enough for most people, for larger homes, a Neato D5 might be a better option.

  • Difference #7: Bin Capacity – A bigger bin capacity, means that you won’t have to change it as often. Neato D5 offers up 23.7 oz of capacity, while Roomba 690 offers only 16.2 oz. If you have a smaller space, then 16.2 oz should serve you fine, yet for larger areas, it’s worth looking into Neato D5.

  • Difference #8: Coverage Maps – With Neato D5, you’ll also have the option of viewing the cleaning summary screen. Which shows the robot’s cleaning maps and its cleaning history. You’ll also be able to see the areas vacuumed, as well as any obstacles encountered during the robot’s cleaning.

    This type of information will allow you to understand why certain areas were not cleaned, and why your robot couldn’t access a specific location. This feature is only available to Neato D5.

  • Difference #9: ‘D’ Shaped Design – Neato D5 offers a unique ‘D’ shaped form, which allows it to get into even more corners and small spaces, while also being able to maneuver easier around furniture in your home.

Neato D5 vs. Roomba 690 — Comparison Chart

Neato D5 Roomba 690
App Yes Yes
Recharge & Resume Yes No
Run Time Up to 90 mins. Up to 60 mins.
Virtual Wall Barrier Boundary Markers (2M) Comes w/1
Cleaning Schedules Yes Yes
Coverage maps Yes No
Find Me Yes No
Voice Control Alexa & Google Assistant Alexa & Google Assistant
Clean/schedule by room No No
Height 3.9 inches 3.7 inches
Weight 7.5 lbs. 7.8 lbs.
Edge sweeping/Side sweeping brush Yes Yes
Virtual No-go Areas via App Yes No
Quick Charge Yes No
Remote Control Yes No
Bin Capacity  23.7 oz. 16.2 oz.
‘D’ Shaped Design Yes No

Neato D5 vs. Roomba 690 — Accessories

Neato Botvac D Series Ultra Performance Filter

With all the cool features offered by both models, let’s check out some of the accessories you can get, to further improve your home cleaning.

Neato D5

Block off even more areas, by stocking up on the Neato Boundary Markers. If the virtual ’no-go’ lines aren’t your cup of tea, these strips can be purchased and placed on your floors, in as many locations you like.

Keep up the maintenance by looking into the Neato Brush Kit. This kit provides you with all the tools necessary for keeping your Neato nice and clean. Especially the comb, which helps you to get rid off all the hair and dirt that can get caught in the brushes.

Roomba 690

Keep your Roomba replenished with the iRobot Roomba® 600 Series Replenishment Kit. This handy kit gives you 1 round cleaning tool, 1 spinning side brush, three AeroVac™ Filters as well as a beater and bristle brush too.

Same as with Neato D5, if you wish to block off even more areas in your home, take a look at additional Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barrier, 2-Pack. They are easy to place around your home and very effective in keeping your Roomba out of certain areas.

Neato D5 vs. Roomba 690 — Our Thoughts

Neato D5 pet

Both Neato D5 and Roomba 690 offer exceptional cleaning for your floors, while also providing you with some great features too.

For those of you who are looking for a more budget-friendly option, Roomba 690 does offer a cheaper price tag. Yet it still has useful technology, such as voice control and scheduling available.

Yet Neato D5, with its useful ‘D’ shaped from, comes with extended run time, quick charge technology, coverage maps and more.

Roomba 690 might be best suited for smaller spaces that aren’t heavily carpeted.

However, if you are looking for a robot that can do more, then a Neato D5 would be a good choice for your home.

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