Petcube 2 vs. Furbo

Today, we’ll take a look at the all-new Petcube 2 vs. Furbo. With Amazon Alexa built-in and 5GHz support, the Petcube Bites 2 allows you to set alarms, control other smart home devices, and check for the weather while also being able to keep an eye on your pet 24/7 in HD quality.

The Furbo, on the other hand, has a sophisticated AI that learns from your dog’s behavior, can send you your pet’s selfies, and summarizes your pet’s best moments from one day in 60-second video clips.

And that’s just the beginning! Let’s take an in-depth look at both the similarities and differences between the two, so you can better decide which is the right choice for you and your furry family member.

Petcube 2 vs. Furbo — Differences

Petcube Bites 2

Difference #1: Amazon Alexa – This is perhaps the major difference between the Petcube Bites 2 vs. Furbo. Unlike the original Petcube Bites 2017, the new Petcube Bites 2 has Alexa built-in which makes it the first smart pet camera that also doubles as a smart speaker. And if you worry about privacy, just press a button in the Petcube app to deactivate Alexa voice assistant. It’s that simple.

Otherwise, with Petcube’s Alexa you’ll have access to over 80,000 Alexa skills. Control other smart home devices, check the weather, listen to the news, play music (although it’s better to use an actual speaker like Sonos for this task), set alarms, and more. You can also ask Alexa to play with your pet, fling treats, or even order more pet supplies from Amazon.

It’s also worth noting that Petcube doesn’t support ESP (Echo Spatial Perception). ESP helps Alexa recognize which Alexa-enabled device is the closest to you and activate it instead of having all Alexa devices answering your query simultaneously. So, in other words, if you already have a different Alexa enabled device like Amazon Echo or ecobee4, then it’ll be hard to use Petcube’s Alexa. You’ll need to keep your Petcube in a separate room or deactivate its Alexa feature until the ESP is added.

Furbo, on the other hand, doesn’t have Alex built-in. However, if you already have Echo or Echo Dot, you’ll be able to use some Alexa skills on your Furbo. Ask Alexa to dispense a treat for your dog without needing to open an app. The Furbo also supports commands like “dispense a treat in 1 hour,” that make automating pet care an easy and rewarding experience.

Difference #2: Wireless Frequencies – Furbo supports only 2.4GHz whereas the new Petcube Bites 2 supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It’s great to have an option to choose between frequencies since each of them has its own advantages.

For example, 2.4GHz is perfect for farther distances, however, it may perform at slower speeds. And that’s because the 2GHz channel is usually overcrowded with your existing devices. The 5GHz, on the other hand, excels at a shorter distance providing faster data rates. So, after all, if you’re looking for a more reliable and stable internet connection with your smart pet camera, the Petcube Bites 2 with its 5GHz is the way to go. Just make sure your router supports the 5GHz.

Difference #3: Smart Dog Alerts – Even though both cameras offer smart dog alerts, they still differ in a few ways. With Furbo, you’ll get alerts when the camera detects dog-related activities, such as when your pet is running around, playing, or jumping on the furniture. Additionally, the camera will snap a photo when your dog is facing the camera, sending you cute pictures of your furry friend when you’re away from home.

One of the coolest parts of the Smart Dog Alerts is that the AI continues to learn more about your dog. Over time, the alerts will get more and more accurate, eventually keeping you in the loop for pretty much any activity. The camera can also send an alert when a human comes into view — whether that’s the dog walker or a potential intruder.

With the new Petcube Bites 2 you’ll get alerts that actually matter. The camera is also powered by AI-technology, so it can easily recognize barking and meowing among other sounds and even tell the difference between pets and people. With this type of accuracy and precision from Petcube you’ll be able to recognize potentially dangerous events. So, overall, the Smart Dog Alerts add convenience, fun, and security when you leave your dog at home.

Difference #4: Monthly fees – Both Petcube and Furbo don’t really function well on their own and need a subscription if you want to have at least some video history.

Petcube offers three tiers of Petcube Care plans that allow you to upgrade your service with features like additional cloud storage and discounts on products from a number of pet companies.

You can choose between Petcube Basic, Optimal, and Premium.

With the Basic one you’ll get live video streaming on demand and 1-year warranty. All of it for free. It used to offer 4 hours of video history (10-second video clips), but it’s no longer an option. And if you want to get cloud storage and other perks you need to consider either Optimal or Premium packages.

With the Optimal package, you get 3-day of video history (30-second clips), smart alerts, smart filters, and 10 video downloads for just $5.99 per month or $47.88 annually.

And the Premium package offers everything from the Optimal plan with better cloud storage of up to 90 days, as well as 2-year warranty and unlimited video downloads. It’s worth noting that you can also have an unlimited number of Petcube cameras covered. So if you plan to get both Petcube Bites and Play, it’s definitely worth considering. The Premium plan comes at $14.99 monthly or $99.00 annually.

Furbo’s subscription plan is called Furbo Dog Nanny. With the new subscription, you’ll get the 24 hours event-based cloud recording, smart alert, and doggie diary (Furbo will create a 60-seconds video of your dog’s best moments from each day). All of it comes at $6.99 / month or $69 / year. Although, they do also offer a promotion: you can enjoy the Furbo Dog Nanny for the first 3 months, for 99 cents (US and Canada). However, after the first three months, you’ll need to pay monthly or annually if you want to keep 24-hour video history, smart alerts, and doggie diary.

Difference #5: Designed for – The Petcube has products that work for both dogs and cats. While treat dispensers may seem tailored towards dogs that are more inclined to play fetch, there’s no doubt that cats enjoy an occasional treat just as much. All you have to do is make sure your treats are small enough to be dispensed, and you’re ready to play!

Furbo, on the other hand, has designed the Furbo Dog Camera strictly for dogs. At least, that’s how they promote it.

Difference #6: Overall Look– The two devices do differ in terms of design, with the Petcube Bites 2 being a little bit bulkier than the Furbo. With dimensions of 5.7 x 3 x 10.6 inches, the Bites is definitely more substantial when compared to the 5.91x 4.72x 8.86 inches of the Furbo. However, the difference isn’t really significant enough to make a major difference in your purchasing decision.

Sale [New 2020] Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser & Alexa Built-in, for Dogs and Cats. 1080p HD Video, 160° Full-Room View, 2-Way Audio, Sound/Motion Alerts, Night Vision, Pet Monitor
Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

Petcube 2 vs. Furbo — Comparison Chart

Petcube Bites 2Furbo
Video Resolution1080p HD1080p HD
Field-of-view160° ultra wide-angle lens160°
Zoom4x zoom4x zoom
Video streamingOne-wayOne-way
Has SoundTwo-wayTwo-way
Night VisionYesYes
Wi-Fi2.4GHz & 5GHz802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)N/AYes
Built-in Laser ToyNoNo
Treat DispenserYesYes
Sound AlertsYesYes
Motion AlertsYesYes
Smart Dog Alertsw/ Subscriptionw/ Subscription
Free Cloud RecordingNo, Subscription RequiredNo, Subscription Required
Triggered Video RecordingsSubscription RequiredSubscription Required
Monthly feesOptionalOptional
Works with Amazon AlexaAlexa Built-InYes
Designed forDogs/CatsDogs
Dimensions5.7 x 3 x 10.6 inches(14.4 x 7.6 x 26.9 cm)5.91 x 4.72 x 8.86 inches(15 x 12 x 22.5cm)
ColorMatte SilverWhite

Petcube 2 vs. Furbo — Things in Common

Petcube Bites 2

Video Quality – The primary goal of the Petcube and Furbo is to keep an eye on your pet and interact with them. However, that can be difficult if the video feed is of a low quality. Both of these pet cameras transmit a video feed in full 1080p HD, allowing you to stay connected with visuals that are almost as good as if you were there yourself.

Field-of-view – A high definition video feed is definitely a major plus, but a clear picture is pretty useless if you can’t actually get your dog in the frame. Pets aren’t always interested in interacting with your camera, and having an adequate field-of-view is an important part of keeping an eye on your pet even when you aren’t giving treats or otherwise playing. Both Furbo and Petcube have a 160-degree field of view which is definitely more than enough to cover the play area.

Two-Way Audio – Part of interacting with your pet is to both listen and speak. Keeping your dog company with a simple video feed could be difficult, so the two-way audio included on both the Petcube and Furbo is a major plus.

Night Vision – Just because it’s dark out doesn’t mean that you can’t keep an eye on your pets. With full night vision, both of these smart pet cameras allow you to check in anytime, 24/7, day or night.

Zoom – Both the Petcube and the Furbo include the ability to 4x zoom in on the action. This gives you a front seat view of your pet’s activity even if they’re quite a distance away, and is a convenient part of both smart cameras.

Treat Dispenser – The Petcube and Furbo both offer products that allow you to dispense treats to keep your pet content while away from home.

The Furbo holds over 100 pieces of any rounded treats, giving you the flexibility to choose the treats that your pet likes the best. With the ability to fling the treats across the room, you can play fetch with your dog from anywhere that you can get online. As long as the treats are smaller than the treat dispensing opening on the Furbo, you can load the camera with pretty much anything you’d prefer. However, the company does recommend round shaped treats that are around 0.4 inches in diameter.

The Petcube also holds around 100 treats and allows your pet to fetch treats from varying distances all the way up to 6 feet. Just open the lid and fill it with treats — easy as that! It’s easy to clean up any mess as well, with the detachable treat container dishwasher safe. Alternatively, it’s pretty easy to wash by hand as well.

Sound & Motion Alerts – Checking in frequently with your pet may be tempting, but oftentimes you won’t get much of a reaction. Whether your pet is in another room or taking a nap, it’s not always time for play. With sound and motion alerts, the Petcube and Furbo let you know when there is any sort of commotion at home. This allows you to both monitor your pet’s comfort and safety as well as to know when it’s time to fling a few treats for a game of fetch!

Real-time Barking Alerts – Sound and motion alerts may be adequate for the majority of users, but both Petcude Bites 2 and Furbo go above and beyond with real-time barking alerts. While it’s possible that your dog may just be barking at a passerby, it can also mean that something’s wrong at home.

Knowing when your dog is in distress is a major plus that the smart pet cameras have when compared to other smart home cameras. This feature gives owners peace of mind when away from home with the knowledge that you’ll be the first to know when your dog starts to make a commotion.

Petcube 2 vs. Furbo — Accessories


Since both the Petcube and Furbo are designed to give your dog treats, it only makes sense to stock up on some tasty snacks that will fit perfectly within your new pet tech.

For the Petcube Bites 2, consider purchasing the Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats, or maybe the Wellness Petite Treats Small Breed Grain Free Dog Treats.

If you decide to purchase the Furbo, consider , or the Crazy Dog Train-Me! Training Reward Dog Treats.

Keep in mind, too, that these dispensers will also likely work with your dog’s favorite treats as well — just make sure that they are small enough to fit through the dispensing slot.

Petcube 2 vs. Furbo — Our Thoughts

Petcube Bites 2

When deciding between the Petcube and Furbo, it goes without saying that Petcube Bites 2 has a few features that really stick out like 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi support and Amazon Alexa assistant already built-in.

When it comes to Furbo, it does offer some cool features like dog-selfies and doggie diary, but they come at additional cost. Although, everything besides live streaming and motion detection comes at additional cost for both cameras.

Keep in mind that Petcube Bites 2 is also slightly more expensive than Furbo as the original purchase. So if you don’t want Alexa support or you already have an Amazon Alexa enabled device like Amazon Echo or Sonos One, then you can skip on Petcube altogether and get Furbo. Especially with Petcube’s lack of ESP.

However, if it’s your first Alexa enabled device and you want to ease pressure on your 2.4GHz network, then Petcube Bites 2 is the way to go.

Sale [New 2020] Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser & Alexa Built-in, for Dogs and Cats. 1080p HD Video, 160° Full-Room View, 2-Way Audio, Sound/Motion Alerts, Night Vision, Pet Monitor
Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

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