Ring Floodlight Cam vs. Nest IQ Outdoor

Scare away the package thief with a smart security camera!

Ring and Nest are two huge names in the smart technology scene, so when it comes to their smart cameras you can expect advanced technology and impressive features for your home.

Additionally, Ring Floodlight Cam and Nest IQ Outdoor both provide some of the best video monitoring around, with Nest’s familiar face detection, and Ring’s advanced 1800 Lumen floodlights.

Not only that but with both models, you can also expect standard features such as live-view on-demand, two-way audio, night vision and more, for optimal smart home security.

So without further ado, let’s check out how both smart cameras can benefit your home!

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Ring Floodlight Cam vs. Nest IQ Outdoor — Things in Common

Live-View on Demand – Keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world via live-view on-demand feature. So you can check in on your loved ones, or see what time your package was delivered in clear 1080p HD quality, even from the office.

Additionally, both models also feature H.264 video compression, which allows your recordings to maintain high quality without jamming up your network.

Night Vision – You won’t have to worry about grainy or hard to see footage during the night, as both Ring Floodlight Cam and Nest IQ Outdoor offer an enhanced night vision technology, that will allow you to keep an eye on any odd noises or bumps even during the later hours.

Smart Home Integration – Integrating your smart camera with assistants such as Amazon Alexa, can be an efficient and fun experience. All you need is an Echo Show or Echo Spot device, and your Ring Floodlight Cam, as well as Nest IQ, can easily be operated by using simple voice commands such as “Alexa, show me the living room” from anywhere inside your home.

Both smart cameras also integrate with IFTTT and Stringify allowing you to connect your smart devices together by creating a series of commands called applets with IFTTT, and having full control over any smart device in your home via Stringify app.

Two-Way Talk – Two-way audio technology allows you to effectively communicate with anyone via the app on your smartphone. So whether it’s to direct your postman on where to leave your new package or say hi to your loved ones, both smart cameras have you covered.

Ring Floodlight Cam vs. Nest IQ Outdoor — Differences

ring floodlight

Difference #1: Motion Detection & Activity Zones – Both Ring and Nest have motion detection sensors that will alert you of any activity detected outside or inside your home.

However, there are some differences between the two which we will take a look at now.

The Ring features an advanced motion detection feature that uses PIR sensors to trigger the lights when activity happens. While also allowing you to adjust the sensitivity of specific areas within the camera’s field of view. This ensures you that you aren’t receiving unnecessary alerts, i.e passing cars, as well as to better protect the areas you’re worried about.

You’ll also have the added benefit of person detection, which will help your camera to distinguish between a person or an unrelated object for better alerts.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the motion zone setting, free of charge that will allow you to keep an eye on higher risk areas, such as the front porch, or garage.

While Nest Cam IQ can detect a person from up to 50 ft away, and send you to alert with a photo straight to your smart device. Additionally, the person alerts feature is available without a subscription, while familiar face alerts do require a Nest Aware subscription.

The Nest also includes a 12x digital zoom function which will enable close up tracking view that automatically zooms in on and follows the person detected within its view.

Also, while Nest does have the motion zone setting function, you’ll need to be subscribed to Nest Aware in order to take advantage of that.

Difference #2: Floodlight – The main feature that separates Ring from Nest, is Ring’s 1800 lumen floodlights.

Which are controlled by PIR sensors and will activate whenever any activity is detected. This is especially useful during the night which can be a great way to enhance your night vision as well as scare off any potential intruders.

While Nest does have an LED ring around its interface, it’s more decorative than anything.

Difference #3: Subscription Plan & Cloud Storage – Being able to save your videos to a platform that you can check back on later is a pretty important tool to have.

Both Ring Floodlight Cam and Nest IQ Outdoor come with their own subscription plans that bring numerous benefits for your home security.

The Ring plan is called Ring Protect and it comes with two options, Basic and Plus, The Basic plan covers a single device and includes video recording and sharing for up to 60 days, and that comes to $3 per month.

While Ring Protect Plus comes with all the same benefits, as well as covering all the devices in your home, and even includes 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular back up if you’re using the Ring Alarm System, which amounts to $10 monthly.

With Nest IQ you can expect a 3-hour snapshot history free of charge, however, if you want even more storage you’ll have to opt for the “Nest Aware” plan.

This plan is broken into 3 parts, all named after the amount of video history it offers. So a 5-day plan comes to $5 per month, 10-day/$10, and 30-day/$30 per month, all plans also come with an option for a discounted annual subscription options.

Additionally, with Nest Aware, you can expect to take advantage of features such as Cloud Activity zones, and even 24/7 continuous video recording which is a very useful function that adds an extra sense of security for your home.

However, if you prefer the idea of having a more extensive local storage, or even if you don’t like the idea of opting for a subscription plan, you could take a look at eufy Security Cam, which comes with an impressive 16GB of local storage and no additional monthly fees.

Difference #4: Google Assistant – Nest IQ Outdoor is also compatible with Google assistant for those of you who prefer using Google hub, unfortunately, Ring Floodlight Cam is not Google compatible.

Difference #5: Siren – Ring Floodlight also comes with an in-built siren which will sound a loud 110 dB alarm that will scare off potential intruders, while also alerting you at the same time.

While Nest will provide alerts whenever there’s any motion detection, it’s not quite the same as a loud alarm which is loud enough to wake you in the middle of the night.

Difference #6: Operating Temperature – Both cameras can be used both indoors as well as outdoors for optimal home protection.

However, Nest IQ boasts an IP66 rating, which protects it from extreme rain conditions. Also, it works in a wider range of temperatures from –40° to 113°F.

While Ring is also pretty durable in most weather conditions, it’s operating temperature ranges from –22°F to 120°F, making Nest IQ slightly more powerful.

Difference #7: Field of View – The more your smart camera can see, the bigger the chance of it alerting you of a potential package thief! Ring has the advantage here with its 140° horizontal field view vs. Nest’s 130° diagonal.

Difference #8: Network – Both Ring Floodlight and Nest IQ support a 2.4GHz network connection. However, Nest takes it further by also supporting a 5GHz WiFi frequency which in turn places significantly less strain on your network when compared to Ring.

Ring Floodlight Cam vs. Nest IQ Outdoor — Comparison Chart

 Nest Cam IQ OutdoorRing Floodlight Cam
Resolution1080p HD +
an 8-megapixel
(4K) image sensor
1080p HD
Digital zoom12xYes
Motion DetectionWith Nest AwareYes
Custom Motion ZonesWith Nest AwareYes
Operating Temperature–40° to 113°F–22°F to 120°F 
Person AlertsYesYes
Google AssistantYesNo
Two-Way AudioYesYes
Local StorageNoNo
Power OptionsACHardwired 110-240 VAC
Field of View130° Diagonal140° Horizontal
Network2.4GHz & 5GHz2.4GHz only
SirenNoRemote-activated siren
Night VisionYesYes + two 3000 Kelvin
Dimensions5 in. x 3.7 in. x 3.7 in.11 in. x 8.25 in. x 7 in.

Ring Floodlight Cam vs. Nest IQ Outdoor — Accessories

Nest Cam Outdoor IQ

In terms of accessories for Ring, it’s not a bad idea to take a look at the Ring Chime Pro which acts both as a WiFi extender, and an indoor chime for all of Ring’s cameras and doorbells.

While for Nest IQ, you can check out its Wall Mount for a more seamless installation or Colorful Silicone Skins to camouflage your Nest Cam IQ and make them blend seamlessly with the tone of your home.

Ring Floodlight Cam vs. Nest IQ Outdoor — Our Thoughts

ring floodlight

In the end, when it comes to choosing between Ring and Nest, it really depends on the type of features you want for your home.

For those of you who like the idea of 24/7 CVR technology, then Nest IQ Outdoor is the one for you, however, if you prefer a more enhanced night vision, Ring Floodlight Cam is the way to go.

Ring also has the advantage of including more features such as activity zones and advanced motion detection abilities without an expensive subscription plan, making it the more affordable model of the two.

For more information about floodlight cameras, check out our detailed comparison:

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