Roborock E25 vs. E35 vs. S50

The Roborock E25, E35, and S50 don’t just vacuum, but mop too!

How great is that now you can leave every aspect of your floor cleaning up to your smart robot.

And not only that, but they also come with a set of their own unique features to further better your home cleaning experience, while still having budget-friendly options too.

Each of the three models has their own differences, which lead to your own unique experience with the robot. While also having similar features between them, such as mapping, a choice of cleaning modes and a carpet boost mode. All designed to keep your floors and carpets extra clean.

So, let’s take a look at all three models, so you can decide for yourself.

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Roborock E25 vs. E35 vs. S50 — Things in Common

  • Recharge & Resume – All three models have the recharge and resume feature available. Meaning that when your smart vacuum runs out of power, it won’t be left stranded in the middle of your living room. Instead, it will zoom back to its base, charge up fully, and pick up from where it had left off.

  • Mapping – Though there are some differences in the mapping technology used between the three Roborock models, it’s functionality remains almost the same.

    While E25 and E35 use a gyroscope technology, S50 uses LDS.

    Both methods allow your robot to map out your home, determining any obstacles in its path, in order to clean efficiently and effectively.

  • Wet Mopping – The good news is that Roborock E25, E35 and S50 all have the wet mopping technology. Which means, that you can have your floors both swept and mopped, all done by one machine! This saves time and money in having to buy another smart robot just for mopping.

  • Washable Filter – All three Roborock models sport a washable HEPA filter. A HEPA filter is designed in a way that traps allergens and micro dust particles, ideal for anyone suffering from allergies.

    Having washable filters means that you save money in the long term by not having to constantly replace them. This way, you can simply take them out yourself every few days, wash them, and they are as good as new! It’s recommended to replace your filters at least once a year though, to ensure optimum quality.

  • WiFi – Through WiFi and MiHome app, you can do some cool things with your smart vacuum.

    Such as scheduling.

    scheduling allows you to set daily cleaning timetables for your smart vacuum. You can set your floors to be cleaned before you get home from work, or during the early hours while everyone is still sleeping.

    Also, when pairing up with Alexa or Google Assistant, you have the power of taking advantage of voice control too! You can simply tell your robot to start cleaning, whenever you like it to, without having to lift a finger.

  • Carpet Boost – Don’t worry if you have many carpets at home, as Roborock E25, E35, and S50 all have the Carpet Boost Mode. Which is specifically designed to help the smart vacuums to get deeper into the fibers, sucking up all that dirt, dust, and hair.

    This type of cleaning is also useful if you have pets at home, as the boost mode will also allow it to pick up even more, without difficulty.

  • Anti-Drop Sensors – Now you can have your smart robot cleaning the upstairs too. As all three models have anti-drop sensors, which prevent them from falling off the stairs and ledges in your home.

  • Cleaning Modes – Having different cleaning modes to choose from, can really enhance your home cleaning. Roborock E25, E35, and S50 have identical cleaning modes which are, Silent, Standard, Max, and Turbo.

    Silent cleaning mode is ideal to use when everyone is sleeping during nighttime or afternoon, as is cleans quietly while also saving on energy costs at the same time.

    While Turbo or Max mode is a more aggressive form of cleaning, ideal for carpets and any other spots that require a deeper clean.

Roborock E25 vs. E35 vs. S50 — Differences

Roborock e25

  • Difference #1: Dustbin Capacity – Dustbin capacity is important in determining how much dirt, dust, and hair your smart robot can hold during its cleaning. While E25 and E35 models can hold up to 640 ml, S50 can only hold 500 ml.

    If you have a larger home, or if you own a few pets, then a larger dustbin capacity would be better suited for your home.

  • Difference #2: Run Time – Run Time determines how much space your smart vacuum can cover, before running out of juice.

    When it comes to E35 vs. S50, both have the same run time of up to 150 minutes. While Roborock E25, only has 100 minutes.

  • Difference #3: Digitally Blocked off Areas – If you have a few locations in your home which you’d like to protect from your robot vacuum, then Roborock S50 may be the optimal choice for you. As it comes with the ability to set your own blocked off areas via the app. Now you can rest assured that your ornamental vases and other fragile objects remain safe.

    While unfortunately, E25 and E35 don’t have such a feature available, however, you can purchase magnetic strips that can be easily placed on your floors.

  • Difference #4: Zone Cleaning – Zone cleaning technology, enables you to set specific areas that you want your smart vacuum to clean. It can be a high traffic zone such as the spot where you keep your outdoor shoes or your pet’s sleeping area. You can set your smart robot to clean the specific zone, as many times as you wish.

    While this feature is available to S50 model, yet sadly not to E25 and E35.

  • Difference #5: Dimensions – In terms of size, both E25 and E35 have the same height of 3.54 inches and weight of 7.72 lbs. While S50 comes slightly larger with a height of 3.78 inches and weight of 7.72 lbs.

    Making it slightly more difficult for Roborock S50 to fit under smaller spaces and furniture.

  • Difference #6: Suction Power – In terms of suction power, E35 and S50 2000 Pa, beat E25 1800 Pa.

    Having a strong suction power is crucial when it comes to tackling the dirt in your home, especially if your floors are mainly carpeted, or you have many furry companions at home. You can never go wrong with stronger suction power.

Roborock E25 vs. E35 vs. S50 — Comparison Chart

Roborock E25 Roborock E35 Roborock S50
Mapping Yes Yes Yes
Mapping Sensor Type Gyroscope Gyroscope LDS
Recharge & Resume Yes Yes Yes
Noise Level 60 dB 60 dB 60 dB
Suction Power 1800Pa 2000Pa 2000Pa
Cleaning Modes silent, standard, turbo, max silent, standard, turbo, max Silent, standard, turbo, max, 
Dustbin Size 640 ml 640 ml 500 ml
Wet Mopping Yes Yes Yes
Washable Filter Yes Yes Yes
Run Time 100 minutes. 150 minutes. 150 minutes.
Scheduling Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes Yes
Alexa & Google Assistant Yes Yes Yes
Digital Blocked Area No No Yes
Virtual Walls No No No
Zone Cleaning No No Yes
Selected Room Cleaning No No No
Carpet Boost Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Drop Sensors Yes Yes Yes
Weight 6.61 lbs 6.61 lbs 7.72 lbs
Height 3.54 inches. 3.54 inches. 3.78 inches.
Width 13.78 inches. 13.78 inches. 13.78 inches.
Color Dark Grey Dark Grey White

Roborock E25 vs. E35 vs. S50— Accessories

Roborock S5

Let’s check out some useful accessories to include with your new smart robot.

As previously mentioned, E35 and E25 don’t come with a digital area blocker feature, but you can purchase magnetic strips, that will prevent your smart vacuum from getting into places it shouldn’t be in.

Also, make sure to stock up on Robotic Vacuum Microfiber Mopping Cloths, to ensure that they can be quickly replaced as needed.

Same goes for filters, be sure to check out the Roborock Washable Filters. While you can take them out to be washed, it’s still a good idea to keep spares for the future. It’s important that they always remain in good shape, as they are responsible for trapping all those pesky allergens that can be found on floors and carpets.

Roborock E25 vs. E35 vs. S50 — Our Thoughts

Roborock S5

Now that we have covered the differences and similarities, it’s up to you to decide which model suits you best.

When it comes to E25 vs. E35, they are almost the same. The only difference being, the suction power and run time, in which case Roborock E35 comes out ahead.

While Roborock S50 comes ahead even more, with its multiple cleaning modes, zone cleaning, and the digital area blocker. Even though it does have a higher price tag, it’s worth spending more for greater cleaning technology.

While E35 comes close to second with its impressive run time and powerful suction, making it a better budget-friendly option.

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