Skybell 2.0 vs. Skybell HD

Skybell offers smart doorbells that add increased security and convenience to your home. One of the main benefits of these devices is access to on-demand video footage that adds peace of mind and confidence when it comes time to answer the door.

Skybell 2.0 vs. Skybell HD — Things in Common

Skybell 2.0

Like many models on the market, the Skybell 2.0 and the Skybell HD offer additional security and convenience features that extend beyond simple video monitoring.

While both the 2.0 and HD models are available for purchase, the truth is that only the Skybell HD is currently supported. So if you’re looking to pickup one of these two devices as your new doorbell, we recommend getting the Skybell HD. Or check out our smart doorbell comparisons to find the right model for you.

SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Version 2.0 Classic (SILVER)
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However, if you’re looking to upgrade your Skybell 2.0 to the newer HD model, take a look a some of the main differences below to see if the new model is worth the cost.

Skybell 2.0 vs. Skybell HD — Differences

  • Difference #1: Camera/Video – The two devices differ significantly in their camera and video resolution and capabilities.

    The Skybell 2.0 uses VGA technology for recording, and is only capable of a 640 x 480 resolution with a 120 degree viewing angle. The Skybell HD improves upon these capabilities with HD 1080p resolution and a 180 degree field of view.

    With a clearer, sharper image, you’ll have a much better view of the entryway of your home. The added field of view also covers more ground, ensuring you’ll never miss any relevant action.

  • Difference #2: On-demand video – Both the Skybell 2.0 and the Skybell HD offer on-demand video. However, the Skybell HD improves upon its predecessor with enhanced tuning. This feature allows for a faster, more reliable video connection.

    Having that added reliability when it counts gives the Skybell HD a big advantage, as it makes the device significantly more responsive — a big boon for both security and convenience.

  • Difference #3: Motion sensor – Once again, the Skybell HD offers improvements over the Skybell 2.0.

    While both devices feature motion sensors, the 2.0 model offers passive infrared detection at 90 degrees with a five foot range, which offers significantly less capability when compared to the HD model’s 180 degree infrared field of view with a 15 foot range.

    Video recording starts upon the detection of motion, and increased sensor capability can make all the difference when it comes to securing and retaining an accurate picture of your front door.

  • Difference #4: Motion sensor adjustment – The Skybell HD offers three modes for motion sensor sensitivity: low, medium, and high. This capability allows you to avoid unnecessary activation of video footage, or fine tune your camera to ensure you’ll always be alerted upon any sort of activity.

    Unfortunately, the Skybell 2.0 offers no motion sensor adjustment.

  • Difference #5: Night vision – While both models offer night vision, there are some key differences in the way each camera functions. The 2.0 model uses infrared technology for reliable night vision, while the HD uses an LED for illumination to allow full color footage regardless of lighting conditions. While infrared technology offers an advantage in that recording is less detectable, the Skybell HD offers clearer images with full color, leading to footage that’s easier to view.

    The difference here is the 2.0 is less noticeable when recording at night, while the HD gives you color recordings at night — The choice is yours.

  • Difference #6: LED control – As mentioned above, the Skybell HD uses an LED for full-color night vision capability. This light comes with customizable brightness and color, allowing control over illumination in a color that works best for your home.

    The Skybell 2.0 offers no additional LED features.

  • Difference #7: Audio adjustment – With the Skybell HD, you can adjust both the volume of the Skybell’s speaker, as well as the loudness of the door chime. This customization makes speaking with your visitors a convenient and enjoyable experience, and you’ll never miss a visitor with a doorbell you can hear, each and every time.

    The Skybell 2.0 model offers no such audio capabilities.

  • Difference #8: Bluetooth low energy – Bluetooth low energy capability allows your smart device to transmit and receive information using bluetooth rather than Wifi. Bluetooth technology in the Skybell HD uses a lot less power. Additionally, this connection offers increased integration with other devices such as the Nest Cam, Nest Protect, and Kevo Lock.

    The Skybell 2.0 does not offer support for Bluetooth low energy technology.

  • Difference #9: Smart home integration – Unfortunately, the Skybell 2.0 doesn’t offer any additional smart home integration. But the company improved in this area with the Skybell HD, which offers support for additional connections.

    As mentioned above, bluetooth low energy technology makes setting up device integration a breeze. Use the connection menu available in settings to connect your device to products from Nest, Kevo, and more.

Skybell 2.0 vs. Skybell HD — Comparison Table

Skybell 2.0 Skybell HD
Video Quality 480p 1080p HD
Field-of-view 120° 180°
On-demand video Yes Yes
Motion sensor PIR detection at 90° PIR detection at 180°
Motion sensor length Up to 5’ Up to 15’
Motion sensor adjustment No Adjustable sensitivity
Low, medium, high
Night vision Infrared illumination LED illumination
Night vision recordings Black & white Full color
LED control No LED color is selectable
3 LED brightness selections
Audio adjustment No Speaker & chime volume adjustable
Bluetooth low energy No Yes
Smart home integration No Nest, Honeywell, Kwikset,
Amazon Echo,
iControl, Moni,

Skybell 2.0 vs. Skybell HD — Our Thoughts

Skybell HD

As mentioned at the start of the article, the Skybell HD improves upon the Skybell 2.0 in almost every way. It’s clear that this model has the upper hand, and we strongly feel that the additional functionality is more than worth the additional expense. If you’re in the market for a new smart doorbell, the Skybell HD is a reliable choice. If you’re looking to upgrade from the 2.0, you’ll be sure to enjoy the expanded features and functionality that the HD model has to offer.

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While the Skybell HD is a great device, it’s far from the only smart doorbell option available. Take a look at our comprehensive smart doorbell comparisons and reviews for a wider look at what the market has to offer.

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