Smart Home Rebates

As smart home technology becomes more and more affordable, many people are starting to experience the convenience and utility that a connected home has to offer. Despite the easier access, however, smart technology can still be pretty pricey.

Fortunately, in an effort to get their products in the hands of more consumers, many smart technology companies are offering rebates for adopters of this new technology. While you may suffer from a case of analysis paralysis while researching devices like smart thermostats or smart lighting, it’s important to realize that — in many cases — you could be eligible for a rebate.

We’ve listed some information below about rebates for eligible smart home products.

Smart Thermostat Rebates

Ecobee3 Lite

One area of smart technology that’s seen major growth is home thermostats. Many providers of this technology offer rebates to make their products a little more affordable.

Ecobee provides a helpful tool to find applicable rebates. These rebates and incentives are usually funded by federal or local government, or power companies. The incentives reward increased energy efficiency with rewards such as the Southern California Edison rebate.

Nest is another manufacturer that offers a page to find rebates based on your geographic location. Incentives range from cash back for devices connected to an oil or propane heating system, to energy provider-specific reward programs.

As another major player in the smart thermostat scene, it only makes sense that Honeywell provides some great rebates too. These incentives are largely offered via local energy companies. Enter your zip code here to see if you have any available rebates.

Smart Lighting Rebates

Philips Hue Lightstrip vs. Plus

There are a number of smart lighting retailers that offer rebates.

Philips Hue is one of the more popular models. The bulb features an energy star rating, and while the rating itself doesn’t really change much, it unlocks a lot of potential rebates from local utilities. Search for local rebates here.

Sylvania offers a coupon for $1 the purchase of their bulbs. Print the coupon to take advantage of these savings.

Lutron offers rebates from a variety of sources, ranging from local and state utilities to federal stimulus monies. Search for rebates in your area here.

The last of the major players to offer smart lighting rebates is Leviton, with incentives and refunds from both utilities and the government depending on your location. Use their rebate finder to see what offers are available near you.

Smart Cameras Rebates

Arlo Pro Outdoor

While the smart camera scene has been slow to adopt rebates and incentives, there are some manufacturers that are offering cashback on purchases.

One of the main players in the smart camera rebate scene is Arlo, with a rebate program offered by parent company Netgear. Simply ask for rebate offers from the retailer at which you purchased your camera.

Keep an Eye on Amazon

In addition to rebate finders on the sites we’ve listed above, make sure you keep your eyes open for rebate programs on Amazon. Manufacturers, wireless providers, merchants, and more often use mail-in rebates to offer the lowest prices on new items.

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