Sonos Move vs. Bose Revolve Plus

Turn the music up with a smart speaker!

Now you can easily bring your smart speaker along with you on your next outdoor adventure with Sonos Move and Bose Revolve Plus.

These speakers are not only portable, but they are compatible with voice assistants such as Google and Alexa, allowing you to have hands free control over your listening experience!

Not only that, but they also include an impressive audio quality and a rich bass that will accent any track being played.

Today we’ll look at Sonos Move vs. Bose Revolve Plus, and what both smart speakers can bring to your home.

So whether you prefer Sono’s in-built Alexa voice assistant and waterproof design, or Bose’s impressive 16 hours run time, both models have something great to offer.

Feel free to skip ahead to any part you prefer using our navigation system below.

Sonos Move vs. Bose Revolve Plus — Differences

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Difference #1: Audio Quality – In terms of sound quality, you can expect a wider range as well as a deep and rich bass with Bose Revolve 360° omnidirectional audio that strives to fill up the whole room with sound.

While Sonos Move can provide a higher frequency range with its single tweeter, and an impressive volume through the dual class-D digital amplifiers, which will make any party come to life.

In the end, both Sonos Move and Bose Revolve Plus have the ability to provide an exceptional and immersive sound quality from such a small device.

Difference #2: WiFi – While Bose Revolve Plus only supports a Bluetooth connection, Sonos only uses Bluetooth for the initial set up process, and then after runs solely on your home WiFi for better connectivity.

Having your smart speaker paired with a WiFi network allows you a wider range of features and benefits, such as easier access to a wide range of streaming platforms.

Difference #3: Speakerphone – With Bose Revolve Plus also comes the option of using the speakerphone feature.

This handy tool lets you easily take calls via the speaker, allowing you to hear the person on the other loudly and clearly with minimal hassle or interruptions.

After this, you are free to resume your listening experience!

Difference #4: Run-Time – Having a decent run time is pretty important for a portable smart speaker, which is why we are impressed with Revolve’s 16 hours run time compared to Sono’s 10 hours.

Of course, that all depends on environmental factors as well as the volume you’re listening to, but there’s also no denying that Revolve Plus comes out ahead in this aspect.

Difference #5: Trueplay – With Sonos Move you can also take advantage of the Trueplay technology.

It’s a type of software that’s available to iOS users, and lets you tune your Sonos speaker according to the room it’s in, allowing you to enjoy high-quality and immersive sound regardless of the room size or decor.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available to Sonos Move.

Difference #6: Weatherproof – It’s true that both Sonos Move and Bose Revolve Plus are designed to be able to handle most weather conditions and water splashes.

However, Sonos Move takes it further with its IP rating of 56, allowing it to be completely submerged in water for up to 30 mins!

While Bose Revolve can handle the odd splash and spray, it shouldn’t be immersed in water for too long.

Difference #7: Built-In Alexa & Google Assistant – While Bose Revolve Plus is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri voice commands, Sonos Move actually comes with Alexa and Google Assistant already built-in! So you don’t have to splurge out for an enabled device such as Echo Dot or Google Home.

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to taking advantage of these trusty assistants, for example, you can easily turn off your smart lights, thermostat, and more to create the right mood when listening to your chill-out playlist, or when settling in for a cozy movie night.

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Difference #8: Charging Base – Both smart speakers are compatible with a plug-in charging base that allows you to easily set your speaker to charge on, while still having the freedom to enjoy an uninterrupted listening experience.

However, Sonos Move already comes with an indoor charging base, and is compatible with a portable one too, so you can enjoy your tunes while you’re out on your next adventure!

While Bose Revolve Plus is compatible with an indoor charging cradle but doesn’t have a portable one available, unfortunately.

Difference #9: Size & Design – When it comes to size, Sonos Move does come with larger dimensions of 5″ x 6.3″ x 9.4″, vs. Revolve’s 4.2″ x 4.2″ x 7.3″.

But apart from that, both speakers feature a modern and sturdy design making them easy to bring from one place to another, especially with Bose’s flexible carrier handle addition.

In terms of color options, we have two choices of Triple Black & Lux Gray with Bose, and a single Black tone available for Sonos Move.

Difference #10: Voice Prompts – You can simplify the setup process even more, with Bose’s voice prompts feature which will guide you through the installation process and have you up and running in no time!

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Sonos Move vs. Bose Revolve Plus — Comparison Chart

  Sonos Move Bose Revolve Plus
Weatherproof Yes, IP56 Yes, IPX4
Shockproof Yes Yes
Voice Prompts N/A Yes
Run Time Up to 10 Hours Up to 16 hours.
App Control Yes Yes
Handle for carrying N/A Yes
Apple Airplay 2 Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
3.5 mm Auxiliary Input N/A Yes
Speakerphone N/A Yes
WiFi Yes N/A
Trueplay Yes N/A
Alexa & Google Assistant Yes, Built-In Google Assistant
Siri Voice Commands Limited Yes
Far-Field Microphone Array Yes Yes
Compatible with a
Portable Charging Base
Yes N/A
Audio 2 Class-D digital amplifiers,
Responsive audio chime,
1 downward-firing tweeter,
& 1 mid-woofer
Dual Passive Radiators,
1 transducer,
1 Omnidirectional
acoustic deflector,
& 360° sound
Mute for Privacy Yes N/A
Capacitive Touch Controls Yes Button Control
Stereo Mode When Paired up Yes with Bose SimpleSync™
Dimensions 5″ x 6.3″ x 9.4″ 4.2″ x 4.2″ x 7.3″
Finish Black with Black grille Triple Black & Lux Gray

Sonos Move vs. Bose Revolve Plus — Things in Common

Sonos Move-extra

App Control –Using Sonos and Bose Music app, you have the ability to stream your favorite playlists, audiobooks, podcasts and more from various popular sources such as Spotify, Deezer, and Pandora.

Additionally, you also have the freedom to personalize your settings, as well as the ability to pair up your devices.

Apple Airplay 2 – For the iOS users out there, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily cast any track or audio directly from your smart device to your speaker!

So that means you and your friends can easily share their favorite song without needing to go through the pairing process for an uninterrupted flow of music.

Can Be Paired Up – Additionally, you can also enjoy a truly immersive stereo quality audio from both smart speakers when they are paired up with another same model.

Via the app, you can access the party or stereo mode for a powerful sound that will liven up any party both indoors or out!

Sonos Move vs. Bose Revolve Plus — Accessories

Bose SoundLink Revolve-extra-3

Now that we have gone over both devices, let’s check out some of the accessories that they can offer!

If you want to keep your Bose Revolve Plus extra safe, you can check out the LTGEM Case for Bose SoundLink which will keep your speaker snug and protected for long travels.

Similarly, you can also get the Khanka Hard Travel Case for your Sonos Move, to protect it as well.

Sonos Move vs. Bose Revolve Plus — Our Thoughts

Sonos Move-extra-1

In the end, when it comes to choosing between Sonos Move and Bose Revolve Plus, there are a few things to consider.

For example, if you want to own a smart speaker that also comes with an in-built Alexa or Google eliminating the need for an extra device such as the Echo, then Sonos Move is the choice for you.

Not only does it feature an impressive sound quality output, and compatibility with Trueplay, but it can also withstand being completely submerged in water for a period of time, making it an ideal accompaniment to your next pool party!

While Bose Revolve Plus is a good option for those of you who aren’t so keen on voice assistants or are just happy using the compatible Siri and Google.

Although it doesn’t support a WiFi connection, this Bluetooth smart speaker still comes with impressive sound abilities, sleek design, and a flexible carrier handle for your convenience.

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