Sonos One Gen 1 vs. Gen 2

Bring your party to life with a Sonos speaker!

Sonos smart speakers are a fun addition to any home with their exceptional audio capabilities, remote app control, music streaming capabilities, and more.

You can enjoy that obscure track from the 80s, or the latest bestseller with the ability to choose from over 50 different streaming partners such as Spotify and Apple Music, as well as listen to countless audiobooks and podcasts!

Today, we’ll be looking at Sonos Gen 2 vs. Gen 1, and how the seemingly two identical models differ from each other.

We can already say now, that there are only a couple of differences that set them apart but both can provide an audio quality that the whole family will enjoy.

So, read on to find out more!

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Differences Between Sonos One Gen 1 & Gen 2

Top view of a Black Sonos One atop a light wooden art desk; around the Sonos One are art supplies consisting of a color palette mixer, various papers with drawings and paintings, paints and brushes, a wooden paintbrush holder in the top right of the photo, and a potted cactus in the upper left of the photo.

Difference #1: Bluetooth LE – There’re just a few differences between Sonos One Gen 1 and Gen 2, and none of them affect the actual audio quality of your smart speaker nor it’s operating performance.One difference which we will mention is the fact that Gen 2 also includes Bluetooth LE, which can be used to temporarily communicate with your smart device, simplifying the first-time setup process. It cannot, however, support any audio streaming or similar functions.

Difference #2: Improved Processor & Memory – Another difference between the two, is Gen’s 2 updated processor and improved memory. While that may sound like the Gen 2 smart speaker is faster or better in some way, that’s not the case. Both smart speakers perform equally well, and the update is mainly useful for any future product experiences that Gen 2 may provide which we wouldn’t be able to experience with Gen 1.

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Feature Comparison Chart

  Sonos One Gen 1 Sonos One Gen 2
Audio Two Class-D
digital amplifiers,
One tweeter &
One mid-woofer
Two Class-D
digital amplifiers,
One tweeter &
One mid-woofer
Bluetooth LE N/A Yes
Adjustable Bass & Treble Yes Yes
Stereo Output Only when paired with
other speakers
Only when paired with
other speakers
Power Auto-switching
100-240 V,
50-60 Hz
AC universal input
100-240 V,
50-60 Hz
AC universal input
Network 2.4GHz WiFi & Ethernet 2.4GHz WiFi & Ethernet
Built-in Alexa Yes Yes
Google Assistant Available Yes Yes
Trueplay Yes Yes
Apple Airplay 2 Yes Yes
One App Control Yes Yes
Increased Memory and Updated Processor N/A Yes
Humidity Resistant Yes Yes
Ethernet Port Yes Yes
Size 6.36” x 4.69” x 4.69” 6.36” x 4.69” x 4.69”
Color White w/ a white
matte grille;
Black w/ a black
matte grille
White w/ a white
matte grille;
Black w/ a black
matte grille

What Do Sonos One Gen 1 and Gen 2 Have in Common?

On the right side of the photo, a white Sonos One is on a white kitchen countertop with a decorative mug on top of the speaker. The kitchen has metal gas burners with a green sauce pan resting on top. There is a woman in a yellow top and jeans in the background out of focus on the left side of the photo. The living room is in the distance in the center.

Audio Quality – You’ll be happy to know that you can still experience your favorite tunes the same way with both Gen 1 and Gen 2.The audio quality remains the same with crisp and clear frequencies with the single tweeter, and deep, rich sounds to bring your greatest Jazz collection to life with the single woofer.

Both smart speakers also include 2 class D- digital amplifiers that will strongly carry the audio throughout the room or your home, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy a truly cinematic movie night.

Adjustable Bass & Treble – Both Sonos One Gen 1 and Gen 2 also come with an adjustable Bass which allows you to adjust your smart speaker’s output by the individual room!As sound can travel differently depending on your furniture arrangement, decor and even size so by using this function you are able to experience the perfect beat no matter where it’s placed.

Stereo Output – With a single Sonos One Gen 1 or Gen 2, you’ll only get a mono output. However, if you wish to experience a more intense surround system that will bring any party to life, you can easily pair your Sonos Smart Speaker up with another Sonos One or SL to get that intense audio experience.It’s important to note that Sonos One won’t be compatible to create a stereo pair with Sonos Play or Move, so make sure to keep that in mind before setting up your stereo smart speakers!

Network – In order to set up your new Sonos smart speaker, as well as ensuring they operate at their optimal level, you’ll need to have a home network of at least 2.4GHz.If you’re unsure if your internet can support that, you can also check out the Sonos Boost, which acts as a type of WiFi extender for your Sonos smart speakers.

Both smart speakers also include an Ethernet port, if you wish to connect your Sonos directly to the router for a more reliable connection.

In-Built Alexa – You can enjoy hands-free control with both smart speakers, as Sonos One Gen 1 & 2 includes an in-built Alexa function. So you can seamlessly operate your lights, check in on your camera’s live feed, order a pizza, and more through your Sonos!

This can come in especially handy if you don’t already have an Alexa enabled device, so you can get a two in one type of speaker.

Yet it’s important to note that Sonos One doesn’t support drop-in calling function or Alexa announcements, you’ll need an Echo Show or Echo Spot for that.

Humidity Resistance – Make your pool party extra lively, or enjoy blasting your favorite tracks in the shower with Sonos One smart speaker!As both generations are humidity resistant allowing you to place it in the kitchen, patio or anywhere else that tends to get a little wet.

However, keep in mind that Sonos One smart speakers aren’t actually waterproof so be sure to keep them away from actual water.

Whereas if you like the idea of a waterproof smart speaker, you should check out the UE Megablast, this Alexa-enabled speaker is both wireless as well as waterproof.

Sonos App – Turn your smart speaker both off and on remotely, as well as choose from over 50 different audio streaming platforms via the Sonos app! You can enjoy full control over your Sonos Gen 1 and Gen 2 smart speaker from your smart device, as well as listen to countless audiobooks, podcasts, news stations and more.

Trueplay – Trueplay is quite similar to the adjustable bass & treble control as it also allows you to tune it accordingly to the room it’s in.Except it’s actually a type of software that’s only available to iOS devices.

Apple AirPlay 2 – Stream your favorite tracks, Netflix soundtracks, and more from your smartphone directly to your smart speakers with the aid of Apple Airplay 2! It’s available to both Gen 1 and 2 Sonos One Speakers. Another benefit of using AirPlay with your Sonos smart speaker is the ability to unlock AirPlay for your entire Sonos system! All you need to do is add any speaker with another compatible player and you’re ready to go!

Design – Additionally, both Sonos smart speakers are near identical with their small-scale dimensions of 6.36 x 4.69 x 4.69 in, and color tone options of white with a white matte grille, or black with a black matte grille finish.

Accessories for Sonos One Gen 1 and Gen 2

Black Sonos One on a dark wooden sidetable; on the left of the Sonos One is a wooden box with a latch, and a marble decorative piece next to a colorful carved bird atop the box, and to the right sits a potted plant and a lamp.

In terms of accessories, both Sonos One Gen 1 and Gen 2 have quite a few options to look out for.

We already mentioned the Sonos Boost that helps to improve the signal strength for your smart speaker.

Additionally, you can also add a small Sonos Shelf which comes in both White and Black color tones to match your smart speaker and adds a modern and aesthetic touch to any room, or even a Wall Mount for an even smaller option that even allows you to swivel and tilt your speaker in order to achieve the optimal position.

Lastly, there’s also a Floor Stand which allows you to adjust the level of your smart speaker, and is an ideal accompaniment for your home theatre!

Sonos One Gen 1 vs. Gen 2 — Our Thoughts

Sonos One plugged in on a white marble table, with various foods in bowls and on plates.

As we already saw, there are only a few differences between the two models, which is Gen’s 2 improved memory, updated processor, and the Bluetooth LE.

Apart from that, both Sonos smart speakers are nearly identical, both in looks as well as abilities. You can expect the same clear audio quality, and one app control from either model and both can be paired up to create a 5.1 sound system to enjoy.

Yet when it comes to choosing between Sonos One Gen 1 vs. Gen 2 we feel that it might be better to opt for Gen 2, as it’s updated processor may mean more fun future features and products to look out for!

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