Sonos One vs. One SL

Turn your party into a full-blown dance fest with a Smart Speaker!

You can enjoy movies and your favorite tracks in a whole new way with the addition of a smart speaker, not only do they produce a sound quality like no other, but they also come with additional perks, such as app control, music streaming and even voice control for some!

Today we’ll be looking at Sonos One and the slightly cheaper One SL and how the two models differ from each other. We can already tell you now that both smart speakers are actually pretty similar with very few differences such as Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with voice assistants.

So, read on to find out more!

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Sonos One vs. One SL — Differences

Sonos One SL

Difference #1: Alexa & Google Assistant – A big difference between Sonos One and One SL, is the fact that Sonos One includes an in-built Alexa support, as well as compatibility with Google Assistant.

This allows you to have hands-free control over your connected smart devices, as well as the ability to schedule meetings, order food, operate your appliances and more.

Keep in mind that with Sonos One you won’t be able to take advantage of Alexa announcements and the calling function as that’s only available to Echo devices.

However, if you already own an Echo device in your home, then the fact that One SL doesn’t come with Alexa shouldn’t affect you too much, the same goes for Google Home users as well.

Difference #2: Privacy – Privacy is important, especially when it comes to your smart devices that have in-built microphones as well as cameras.

This is why Sonos One includes an illuminated LED light that lets you know when the speaker’s microphone is active.

You also have the option of turning it off whenever you want a moment of privacy and you’ll know it’s deactivated when the light is no longer on.

Because One SL model doesn’t come with an in-built microphone, you won’t have to worry about any privacy issues.

Difference #3: Bluetooth LE – The second generation of Sonos One Smart Speakers also include Bluetooth Low Energy support. This addition can be used as an option for when setting up the speaker (not for music streaming) and is not available to One SL.

Sonos One vs. One SL — Comparison Chart

  Sonos One One SL
Audio Two-Digital Class D
Amplifiers, One Tweeter &
One-mid Woofer
Two-Digital Class D
Amplifiers, One Tweeter &
One-mid Woofer
Microphone Yes N/A
Adjustable Bass Yes Yes
Stereo Output Only when paired with
other speakers
Only when paired with
other speakers
Humidity Resistant Yes Yes
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Yes N/A
Trueplay Yes Yes
Privacy Feature Yes Not applicable
Alexa & Google Assistant Yes N/A
App Control Yes Yes
Music Streaming Yes Yes
Power Auto-switching 100-240 V Auto-switching 100-240 V
Network WiFi, 2.4GHz WiFi, 2.4GHz
Apple AirPlay 2 Yes Yes
Dimensions 6.36” x 4.69” x 4.69” 6.36” x 4.69” x 4.69”
Color White & Black
w/ Matte Grille
White & Black
w/ Matte Grille

Sonos One vs. One SL — Things in Common

Sonos One-extra

Audio Quality – Both Sonos One and One SL are very similar to each other except for the few differences we mentioned above.

One thing you can expect from both models is their superior sound quality.

Their two digital class D amplifiers will ensure powerful acoustics that are ideal for a movie night, while the single tweeter for a crisp high-frequency response, and one mid-woofer for that deep, rich bass, perfect for when blasting your favorite song.

Additionally, both speakers also come with adjustable bass & treble controls to find that perfect tone to suit the acoustics of any room.

However, for huge movie fanatics out there or for those of you who love organizing parties and events, make sure to take a look at our take on Sonos Playbase vs. Playbar, with its home theater sound system and a music streamer in one.

Apple AirPlay 2 – If you’re an Apple user, then you’ll be happy to know that both speakers support AirPlay 2.

With which you have the ability to send any sound on track from your iPhone, iPad or Mac, directly to the Sonos Smart Speaker. So you can enjoy your favorite tunes with minimal fuss!

Stereo Output – You can even further enhance your audio experience by pairing up two Sonos speakers together!

This allows you to enjoy a fuller, and richer sound from every room in your home, and it’s pretty simple to extend one speaker into a 5.1 surround sound system.

Keep in mind that while Sonos One and One SL can be paired up with each other, they won’t be compatible with any of the Sonos Play models!

Humidity Resistant – You can even blast your morning tune while you’re having a shower too!

As both Smart Speakers are humidity resistant, which means you can bring the party to your pool area, bathroom or kitchen with no issues.

However keep in mind that humidity-resistant doesn’t mean waterproof, so make sure that your Sonos doesn’t actually come in contact with any water.

TruePlay – For Apple users out there, both Sonos One and One SL offer Tuneplay which is a type of speaker tuning software.

This will help you get the best quality of sound from your Smart Speakers based on the room size, layout, speaker position, and even décor.

It does this by analyzing the acoustic factors that normally impact the type of sound quality you receive.

App Control – Using the Sonos app, you can operate your smart speaker with ease, no need to fiddle around with any buttons!

With the app, you can choose what plays in which room or anywhere if you have a few speakers set up, as well as take advantage of the many streaming platforms.

Network – Both Smart Speakers connect to a 2.4GHz WiFi network, so be sure to check out your internet speed before setting you your new speaker!

If you’re unsure if your network will be up for it, you can always check out the Sonos Boost, which acts as a WiFi extender for your devices.

Music Streaming – You can also enjoy streaming your music from a wide range of sources as Sonos One and One SL supports over 50 different music partners including Spotify, Apple Music iHeartRadio and more, allowing you to listen to unlimited audiobooks, podcasts, and your top artists with ease!

Dimensions & Style – In terms of how the two models look compared to each other, both are almost identical!

Both Smart Speakers measure at 6.36” x 4.69” x 4.69”, and come in two color tone options of both White or Back with a matte grille design.

Sonos One and One SL are great for those of you who want a more compact speaker, which can easily be placed around your home.

Their simple design and small-scale size make it ideal to place on top of shelves or even mount on the wall for a more modern aesthetic.

Sonos One vs. One SL — Accessories

Sonos One-SL-extra-2

Both Sonos One and One SL offer a wide range of accessories to choose from!

We already mentioned the Sonos Boost which can help you extend the WiFi connection of your smart speakers allowing them to work at their optimal level.

When it comes to setting up your new speaker, you should also check out the Sonos Shelf which allows you to create a designated space for your device and comes in the same sophisticated finish as your Sonos Smart Speaker.

You can easily set this shelf up wherever you like, whether it’s above your kitchen counter or bedroom.

Lastly, the Sonos Stand lets you enhance your movie nights with the immersive sound quality! It’s easy to set up and looks pretty impressive next to your home theatre set up.

Sonos One vs. One SL — Our Thoughts

Sonos One-extra-1

It’s quite clear that Sonos One and One SL are very similar to each other, not only in size but in many features too.

The main differences lie in voice assistant compatibility, privacy control, and the Bluetooth feature, all which of these are available to Sonos One.

However, since Sonos SL doesn’t actually include a microphone, then the privacy feature isn’t really necessary, and if you already own an Alexa or Google speaker such as Echo Show or Google Home, then there’s no need for a smart speaker with an in-built assistant.

And lastly, while the Bluetooth feature seems handy, it’s just for the set up and not for streaming. Both speakers can stream your music, books or podcasts via WiFi, Airplay 2 or the Sonos app, so you aren’t really missing out on Bluetooth.

Either way, both Smart Speakers produce exceptional sound quality which will make your movie nights unforgettable, and make your favorite song, that bit better.

So in our opinion, we feel that both models are good options to include in your smart home.

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