Sonos One vs. Play:5

Create the perfect audio experience with a Sonos smart speaker!

Sonos smart speakers have so far impressed us with their exceptional audio quality, their flexible compatibility, and the idea to choose between mono or stereo output to suit every occasion!

Not to mention the ability to use Alexa voice commands with some models, as well as having the option of choosing from over 50 different music streaming platforms.

Today, we’ll be looking at both two Sonos One smart speaker, and Play: 5, both sound-wise, and specs-wise, and the options you have when deciding between creating a stereo output system, 3.1 surround sound, or even a 5.1 surround system!

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Two Sonos One vs. Play:5 — Differences

Sonos One-extra-1

Difference #1: Audio Quality – When looking for a new smart speaker, probably the audio quality is the first thing you’d want to consider.

This is where Play: 5 really excels, with its whopping 6 D – class amplifiers which will fill the whole room or even home with clear rich sound with the aid of its 3 tweeters for the crips frequency, and 3 mid-woofers for a lavish, deep bass sound that will make your Jazz collection come to life.

While Sonos One is also capable of producing high-quality audio, especially when paired up together, it’s no match for Play:5.

Especially since the Sonos One pair only includes 4 D – class amplifiers, 2 tweeters, and 2 mid-woofers.

Difference #2: Output – Sonos One when used individually produces a mono output, however, when paired up together you can expect a stereo sound that will fill the room with high-quality audio.

However, Sonos Play: 5 can produce both mono and stereo audio output, allowing you to choose between the two.

You can do so by placing your smart speaker vertically for a mono sound, and horizontally for stereo output, it’s that easy!

What’s more, if you decide to splurge and get all three smart speakers you can enjoy an unforgettable 3.1 stereo sound system that will bring your movie nights to life, as well as wamp up your party.

And if you decide to throw in a Sonos Sub, you can upgrade that to a 5.1 system sound for an even more immersive entertainment system!

Difference #3: Audio Line-in – Sonos Play: 5 also features an audio line-in addition which allows you to hook up your speaker to a smartphone as well as act as an auxiliary cable so you can use the Play: 5 as a speaker for your TV.

Although there may be a possibility for some issues with lip-syncing because of the audio delay, so if you’re looking for a smart speaker that is designed to work well with your TV, you could check out the Sonos Playbar with its crisp dialog and immersive audio experience.

While Sonos One doesn’t come with an audio line-in tool, you can still stream various audio tracks from apps such as Apple Airplay 2, which we will discuss more in detail later on.

Difference #4: Built-in Alexa – While both Sonos One and Play:5 support Alexa voice assistant, Sonos One actually comes with Alexa already built-in! Allowing you to take advantage of its perks without the need for an Alexa enabled device like Echo Show or Spot.

However, you won’t be able to take advantage of the Alexa calling, and the announcement feature.

Difference #5: Size & Design – Another way in which both models differ, is their size.

Sonos One features much more compact dimensions of 6.36 x 4.69 x 4.69 in. vs. Play:5’s 8.03 x 14.33 x 6.06 in.

Even if you decide to buy two Sonos One, you can easily separate them and even create a type of a home theatre in your living room, while with Sonos Play: 5 a little more planning is required when setting it up because of its considerable bulk.

In terms of the finish, both models come in a similar black or white color tone options, as well as a matte grille, covering.

Two Sonos One vs. Play:5 — Comparison Chart

  Two Sonos One Sonos Play: 5
Mono Output Yes In Vertical Position
Stereo Output When Paired Together In Horizontal Position
Class D- Digital Amplifiers 4 6
Tweeter 2 3
Mid-Woofer 2 3
Adjustable Bass & Treble Yes Yes
Auto-Line in N/A Yes
Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
Google Assistant Yes Via line-in port
Alexa Built-in Yes N/A
Trueplay Yes Yes
Apple Airplay 2 Yes Yes
Network 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz/
Ethernet Port
802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz
Ethernet Port
Humidity-Resistant Yes Yes
Power Auto-switching 100-240 V Auto-switching 100-240 V
Dimensions 6.36 x 4.69 x 4.69 in. 8.03 x 14.33 x 6.06 in.
Finish White w/ a white matte grille;
Black w/ a black matte grille
White or black matte enclosure
w/ a graphite grille

Two Sonos One vs. Play:5 — Things in Common

Sonos PLAY:5

Adjustable Bass & Treble – You can enjoy your favorite music tracks the way they were designed to, but adjusting the bass on treble on your smart speaker. This will allow you to get the perfect sounding audio, from any room you wish.

Amazon Alexa – As we already mentioned, both smart speakers support the Alexa voice assistant function.

Meaning that you can easily execute fun and useful voice commands to operate your smart lights, view the security camera’s live feed, and even order a pizza!

Of course, if you already own an Alexa-enabled speaker, then this feature won’t be of much use.

Additionally, both models also support Google Assistant, for those of you who own a Google Home.

Trueplay – Using the Trueplay software, you have the handy ability to be able to adjust your smart speaker’s audio output in a way that will fill the room with a high-quality sound, regardless of the furniture arrangement, decor or even size!

This can be used with your Sonos One pair to ensure both speakers are producing great sound, as well as with your Play: 5.

Apple Airplay 2 – Using Apple Airplay 2, you can easily send any audio track or sound from your iPad, iPhone or any other Apple device, directly to your Sonos smart speaker! Allowing you to enjoy Netflix movies or YouTube videos with minimal hassle.

Humidity Resistant – Both Sonos One and Play: 5 are humidity resistant, so you can easily have your smart speaker set up on the patio, kitchen or even in the bathroom for a fun shower experience!

However, this doesn’t mean that either model is weather or waterproof, so ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with any actual water.

One-App Control – Have full remote control over your speakers with the Sonos app!

You can seamlessly turn your Sonos on or off and even choose from over 50 different streaming platforms to find your perfect music track, audiobook, or podcast.

However, both Sonos One and Play: 5 have a button and touch controls available as well, so you are not limited to app use only especially if you have misplaced your smart device, or lost the connection!

Network – In order for your Sonos One and Play: 5 smart speakers to work at their optimal level, you’ll need to have a 2.4GHz network connection in your home.

Or if you wish, you can also purchase the Sonos Boost, which can be used as a WiFi extender for your Sonos devices.

Otherwise, you can even plug your smart speaker directly into your router via Ethernet cable that doesn’t require you to spend a dime on WiFi extenders, and provides you with a reliable connection.

Two Sonos One vs. Play:5 — Accessories

Sonos PLAY:5 Wall Mount Accessory

Now, let’s check out some accessories that you can add to your Sonos smart speaker!

Add the Sanus Wall Mount for the ability to tilt and swivel your Sonos One smart speaker, by up to 30º and 132º degrees! This allows you to choose the speaker’s position and angle that will look both attractive, and produce a better sound.

Additionally, for Play: 5 you can include the wall and stand mount allowing you to enjoy flexibility in installation, and choose the optimal location for your new speaker.

Two Sonos One vs. Play:5 — Our Thoughts

Sonos PLAY:5

Price-wise, there isn’t a huge difference between choosing two Sonos One smart speakers, or the single Play:5, since it’s already quite expensive, so it really boils down to the actual features offered.

In terms of audio quality, Play:5 definitely provides a lot more with it’s 6 D-class digital amplifiers, 3 tweeters, and 3 mid-woofers.

It also sports audio line-in function which Sonos One doesn’t offer, so when it comes to choosing both options we feel that Play: 5 with its dual output flexibility, and exceptional sound quality, beats the two Sonos speakers.

Alternatively, you can also purchase all 3 options, for a truly immersive audio experience and a splurge you won’t regret!

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