YI Smart Dome Camera X vs. Blink XT2

YI Smart Dome Camera X vs Blink XT2

Protect your home from the outside as well as the inside with a smart camera!

Smart Cameras are a great way for you to not only see what’s going on via the live-view on-demand feature, but also communicate with anyone who is either outside your door such as the postman or even say hello to your loved ones while you’re on the road too!

Not only that, but they also come with their own motion detection technology, night vision, smart home integration, and more.

Today we’ll be looking at both YI Smart Dome Security Camera X with its advanced field of view coverage, and Blink XT2 with its unique temperature sensing technology, to see which one suits you best.

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Blink XT vs. XT2

Blink XT vs XT2

Check-in on your pets with a smart camera!

Having a smart camera is a great step to take when it comes to your home security. It not only allows you to view live footage, but it comes with even more great features to take advantage of. For example, technology such as temperature control allowing you to not only see what’s going on but observe the temperature levels too! Additionally, with Blink XT2 you can set custom motion zones allowing you to monitor areas that need extra attention, such as the front door.

Today we’ll be looking at Blink XT vs. Blink XT2, and how they can benefit your home. Whether you’ll want to stick with your older Blink XT model, or you wish to upgrade to an even more advanced model that comes with even more features, including extended battery life.

So let’s get right to it, and check out both models below!

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Arlo Pro vs. Blink XT

Arlo Pro vs Blink XT

Let me put it straight, if two-way audio is important to you, get the Arlo Pro, because the Blink XT doesn’t have it. Other than that, when comparing the Arlo Pro vs. Blink XT side by side, each camera exceeds in different fields.

Unlike the Arlo Pro, the Blink XT offers better video quality. Whereas the Arlo Pro, on the other hand, has support for local storage and a built-in siren for extra security.

So, there’s no ultimate right chose, it all depends on what features you’re looking for your smart cameras to have. Both are fantastic brands and have cameras that can be used outdoors, making them leaders in smart home security. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the differences so you can really get a sense of which system is right for you and your home.

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Blink XT vs. Arlo Pro 2

Blink XT vs Arlo Pro 2

Are Arlo’s extra features worth the price? Maybe. However, the lack of the ability to record live view with the Blink XT is a major downfall that is just too big to ignore, making the Arlo Pro 2 a better option in our book despite the extra cost.

Blink cameras offer some basic video monitoring features at a pretty accessible price, but there are some missing features that really hold it back from competing with other cameras near the price point. With that said, there are some good points to the Blink XT such as the temperature sensor and the free cloud storage. It’s definitely a viable option, we just don’t think it quite keeps up with the Arlo Pro 2’s host of features.

This is also basically comparing a more premium camera to a lower end model, so to be fair, the cards were stacked against Blink from the beginning. Although, you might not need all those extra features and the Blink XT might be just the right smart camera for your home.

So, let’s go into detail with a comparison of the Blink XT vs. Arlo Pro 2 to see what each camera has to offer. Read the whole article for a full picture, or use our navigation bar to jump directly to the sections you care about most.

Blink vs. Blink XT

Blink vs Blink XT

When looking at the Blink vs. Blink XT side by side you, the only difference seems to be the color. However, there are a few other important differences to keep in mind when choosing between the two cameras like video quality and night vision support.

So, TL;DR no matter where you decide to set up the smart camera (indoor or outdoor), we recommend going with the Blink XT instead of Blink Indoor. Why? Well, let’s dive straight into the differences for more details and if you want to get a full picture of what each camera has to offer, just keep on reading the whole article or use the navigation bar to jump right to the sections you care about most.