JBL Charge 4 vs. UE Blast

JBL Charge 4 vs. UE Blast

Get the party started with a smart speaker!

Being able to simply pair up your smartphone via a WiFi or Bluetooth connection in order to play your favorite songs, is a quick and efficient way to access your playlist and share it with your friends in no time.

What’s more, both models that we’re going to talk about today are near-indestructible with their waterproof design, while also remaining resistant to those accidental bumps and falls.

Making these smart speakers an ideal accompaniment to your next outdoor pool party!

One of the devices also includes an in-built Alexa, which allows you to have hands-free control over your smart speaker as well as other connected appliances, so you can set the mood to match any song you’re currently listening to.

So, let’s get right to it, and see which model suits you best!

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JBL Charge 4 vs. UE Boom 3

JBL Charge 4 vs. UE Boom 3

Take the party outdoors with a portable smart speaker!

Wireless and portable smart speakers are a great way to bring the fun wherever you go, and it’s also a big plus if they can withstand almost all weather elements, while also being both shock, and bump proof.

Today we’ll be looking at JBL Charge 4 and UE Boom 3, and we can already say that both of these smart speakers are great to have out on the pool, camping trips, and more since they are durable and can even handle getting submerged!

Additionally, you can also expect impressive audio capabilities, with a couple of differences, as well as the ability to pair up multiple speakers together to get that perfect stereo sound.

So, let’s get right to it and see which model suits you best!

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