Maximus vs. Kuna Light

Maximus vs Kuna Light

The Maximus and Kuna Light are two cameras that both function off of the Kuna app and Kuna Cloud. Although these two models work on the same platform and are owned by the same company, we do feel that the Maximus Floodlight has the edge with slightly better features overall.

The Maximus Smart Security Light is a brand that works to bring Kuna technology to a broader line of products and a bigger audience. Since the cloud and the app are shared between the Maximus and Kuna Lights there are a lot of features that they share as a baseline. From a technology standpoint, however, the Maximus camera just seems a step ahead at every turn.

Below we compare the Maximus vs. Kuna Lights in order to give you a clear picture of their similarities and differences. Read on for the full overview, or use our navigation bar to jump directly to the aspects you care about most.