Luma vs. Google WiFi

Luma vs Google WiFi

We spend more time online than ever before. From gaming on desktops and laptops to streaming Netflix and Hulu on our mobile devices, a large part of our entertainment in 2018 relies on the internet. Add to that the wealth of information available on pretty much any topic, and the convenience and utility offered by smart devices and it becomes clear that a fast connection is extremely important.

The speed of your internet package is important, but do you have the equipment to really take full advantage of the connection you’re getting from your ISP? Smart WiFi routers have a significant advantage over traditional wireless equipment, and below we take a look at the Luma vs. Google WiFi — two popular routers with some pretty significant differences.

When it comes to delivering reliable internet to your home, not all routers are created equal. Let’s break down the similarities and differences to help you figure out which router is right for you.

Luma vs. Orbi

Luma vs Orbi

Having a fast WiFi connection is well and good, but it’s only one half of the equation. In order to really ensure that you have a strong signal throughout your entire home, you’ll need a WiFi router that has cutting-edge technology and the ability to eliminate dead zones within your home.

Below we compare the Luma vs. Orbi — two smart routers that use a mesh network in order to beam reliable WiFi to every corner of your property. They both have their benefits and drawbacks, but which router comes out on top?

Ubiquiti AmpliFi vs. Luma

Ubiquiti AmpliFi vs Luma

Internet speeds continue to increase and our homes are smarter than ever before, but many people are still using an outdated router. Smart routers offer an intelligent solution that will eliminate dead zones in your home and provide a faster and more convenient way to get online.

Replacing a traditional router with a smarter solution can do wonders for your internet browsing and your smart devices alike. Below we take a look at the Ubiquiti AmpliFi vs. Luma and break down where these routers excel and where they fall short.

eero vs. Luma

eero vs Luma

Having a smart home opens up a whole world of possibility, adding convenience and utility to your daily life. However, a modern smart home requires a modern internet connection, so what are you doing with an outdated router?

Outdated routers have droopy aerials, old firmware that doesn’t protect against hackers, and doesn’t live up to the latest standards. This leads to weak reception that might be enough to run your laptop in the living room, but it won’t be sufficient to connect smart devices across your entire home.

Today we take a look at the eero vs. Luma: the future of smart routers. Which mesh router solution is right for your home? Read on below to find out!