Google Onhub TP-Link vs. Asus

Google OnHub TP-Link vs Asus

Keeping your entire home outfitted with fast, efficient WiFI has never been easier. More and more smart routers are coming onto the market with a wide selection of features to choose from, but the truth is that there have been intelligent routers on the market for a while at this point.

The most recent Google router to hit the market was Google WiFi, but before that there was Google OnHub, available in collaborations with TP-Link and Asus.

There are a lot of products to sort through when it comes time to outfit your home with new networking equipment, but are the newer devices really better?

Below we take a look at the Google OnHub TP-Link vs. Asus to determine which one is the stronger model, as well as whether this older smart technology can keep up with newer options.