Google Onhub TP-Link vs. Asus

Google OnHub TP-Link vs Asus

Keeping your entire home outfitted with fast, efficient WiFI has never been easier. More and more smart routers are coming onto the market with a wide selection of features to choose from, but the truth is that there have been intelligent routers on the market for a while at this point.

The most recent Google router to hit the market was Google WiFi, but before that there was Google OnHub, available in collaborations with TP-Link and Asus.

There are a lot of products to sort through when it comes time to outfit your home with new networking equipment, but are the newer devices really better?

Below we take a look at the Google OnHub TP-Link vs. Asus to determine which one is the stronger model, as well as whether this older smart technology can keep up with newer options.

Google WiFi vs. Onhub TP-Link

Google WiFi vs OnHub

When it comes to keeping your various devices running efficiently, a fast and stable internet connection has never been more important. If you have a high-tech home, chances are that you have a fast internet package from your ISP, but can your old, outdated router keep up with the demands of a modern smart home?

Many people don’t realize the enormous impact that having an up-to-date, intelligent WiFi system can have on their network’s speed and stability. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a surge of smart devices that all offer their own take on high-tech wireless connections. But which ones are worth your time?

In this article, we compare the Google WiFi vs. Onhub TP-Link in order to help give you a sense of what each router brings to the table. Read on below to figure out if Google got it right the first time, or if their sophomore effort is the router to beat.