Perfect Drink 2.0 vs. Pro

Perfect Drink 2.0 vs Pro

Note: No matter which Perfect scale you choose, you can use it with all three apps: Perfect Drink, Perfect Blend, and Perfect Bake.

The perfect drinks can take an average party and make it exceptional. The Perfect Drink 2.0 and Perfect Drink Pro take the guesswork out of creating the perfect mixed drinks — just pour until you hear the ding for the perfect proportions! The Pro is slightly more durable due to its stainless steel construction and offers more accurate readings, but either option will take your cocktails to the next level.

Whether you’re mixing your first drinks or you’re a bartending aficionado, the Perfect Drink offers the ability to become a master mixologist in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s break down the similarities and differences of the Perfect Drink 2.0 vs. Pro to help you decide which smart bartending tool is right for you. Read on below for a full breakdown of what each device has to offer, or use the navigation bar to jump right to the section that interests you most.