Top 3 Sensibo Sky Alternatives Worth Checking

Did you know that you can turn your AC on or off from halfway around the world?

Well with using a smart AC controller, you can!

Not only that, but you can also do useful things like setting up your weekly schedules, use voice control, take advantage of geofencing, and more.

While Sensibo Sky offers some great features, like we just mentioned, there are other equally if not better Sensibo Sky alternatives on the market today. Take Ambi Climate 2, not only does it offer great smart home integration, but it automatically adjusts the temperature indoors, based on its gathered weather readings. While with Tado Smart Controller, you can use it’s handy touch panels to regulate the temperature as you want it to, not always having to rely on smart devices if you don’t wish to.

So let’s take at the 3 options below, to see what suits your home best.

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Ambi Climate 2

Ambi Climate 2

Ambi Climate 2, really does take things to the next level. This handy controller has the ability to learn your behaviors and patterns. Thus, providing you with the best and comfortable setting. Through using the Ambi Climate app, you can do things like setting schedules, remote control and more! Not only will this device end up saving money on future energy bills, but it will also be smart enough to gauge outdoor weather, which in turn, will lead it to adjust the indoor settings. Meaning, no more stuffy rooms, on hot summer days!


  • Smart Home Integration – You can connect your Ambi Climate 2, with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and even IFTTT! Such great home integration means that you have the freedom to take advantage of handy features like voice control, remote control, scheduling, and more.

    While IFTTT is a cool way to make all your smart devices communicate with each other. IFTTT stands for: If This, Then That. It’s a free web-based technology, that allows you to create statements called applets.

    So with Ambi Climate 2, you can do useful things like, change your smart light to blue if the humidity is too low, or to cool white when it gets too hot.

  • Unique Modes – You have the power to choose from four different modes to suit your preferences.

    These include comfort mode, which like its title suggests, ensures that the temperature is set at your preferred level. It will basically learn the changes you make and adjust accordingly in the future. Temperature mode is quite similar to this, and it will also use its advanced AI technology to read the weather outside, and lower or increase the heat as needed.

    Away Mode, is perfect to use when on a holiday or while at work. Especially if you have pets at home, as it will monitor the temperature in your home while you aren’t there. Meaning, it will turn down the temperature when it gets too hot or turns the heat up when it gets too cool.

    Lastly, you have a Manual mode, which basically allows you to use the remote to change, switch on/off the AC as you please. The AI turns off and doesn’t make any other adjustments.

  • App Control – You can also do some pretty cool things with the app too! Ambi Climate 2 is compatible with both iOS and Android, so you can get it on most smart devices.

    Some of the things that you can do include, voice control, scheduling, and geo-fencing.

    Simply tell Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on, off increase, lower the AC as you please. A great feature to use when you’re cooking, or when your hands are full.

    You can also use the scheduling feature, to set specific times for your AC to turn on or off. This is ideal for those of us with a busy lifestyle, as your AC can be set to turn off as you’re leaving for the office, or back on when you’re on your way home.

    The geo-fencing feature is quite similar to this. As it uses your phone’s geolocation to see how far you are away from home before turning on or off if no one is home.


  • Only Compatible with One AC At a Time – Unfortunately if you have many ACs located around your home, you’ll need to purchase an individual control for each one of them. Which could be quite expensive altogether.
  • Only Compatible with ACs which have LCD screens – If you have a more old school AC without an LCD display, then sadly, Ambi Climate 2 won’t be compatible with it.

Tado Smart AC Control

Tado Smart AC Control

Control your AC from anywhere with the Tado app!

This smart AC control is a useful and budget-friendly option to have in any home. Not only does it offer full remote control, but other unique features too, such as voice control, scheduling and smart home integration. Replacing your traditional remote, for a much smarter option.


  • Set Your Own Times – By using the scheduling feature via the Tado app, you have the freedom to choose your own times, for whatever function you choose. You can set your AC to turn off in the middle of the night or have your home nice and cool as you’re on your way back from work. You can do this 7 days a week, and update as needed.
  • IFTTT – Have fun with IFTTT! By having all your smart devices join up together, you can sit back and enjoy the show. You can do things like having your lights turn warm yellow when it gets too warm, or have your AC shut off automatically when you’re leaving home. The choices are endless.
  • Great Integration – Tado AC controller is compatible with Alexa, Android, and SmartThings, offering you great smart home integration. Ask Alexa, or Google Assistant to turn on and off your AC as you please, no matter what you’re doing, cooking or even when getting ready for bed, you have hands free control readily available, and you won’t have to lift a finger for it.
  • Handy Touch Panel – This useful touch panel will allow you to easily regulate the AC, even when the WiFi network goes down.


  • LCD Display – Similarly with Ambi Climate 2, if your AC doesn’t have an LCD display, it won’t be compatible with it.
  • One AC at a Time – Tado Smart AC controller can only control one AC at a time. So you’ll need to buy additional controllers for multiple ACs.

Intesis WiFi AC Controller

Intesis WiFi AC Controller

This AC controller has specifically been designed for large offices and similar spaces. As it allows you to control more than one air conditioner, unlike Ambi Climate 2 and Tado Smart AC Control.

It also allows you to check usage status, thus allowing you to save on energy costs in the long term.


  • Usage Patterns – As mentioned before, being able to clearly view usage statistics, allowing you to understand where you are wasting the most energy, and which setting is the most draining one. Allowing you to have full control when it comes to saving on costs.
  • Remote Control – Using both iOS and Android smart devices, you have the ability via the IntesisHome app to have full control over your AC from anywhere in the world. Forgot to turn the AC off when you left the building? No worries! The app has you covered.
  • IFTTT – Similarly to both Ambi Climate and Tado, you have the advantage of being able to use IFTTT with your IntesisHome controller. Which means that you can do handy things like, having your AC turned off when you hit the lights, or have it turn on when you unlock your smart lock.
  • Great For Businesses – As mentioned before, this Smart Controller is best suited for property and business owners, as you only need one for the whole building. Paired up with the usage data, you have an AC that is both smart and energy saving.


  • Not for Home Use – These particular models have been specifically designed for businesses and other similar establishments. For a more home-friendly controller, it’s worth looking into Sensibo Sky, Ambi Climate 2, and Tado Smart AC Control.

Top 3 Sensibo Sky Alternatives Worth Checking — Our Thoughts

Ambi Climate 2

When it comes to a Sensibo Sky alternative, there are many other models which offer great features. Such as Ambi Climate 2, Tado Smart AC Control, and IntesisHome WiFi Controller.

So it all really boils down to what it is you’re looking for when it comes to your own preferences. For business and property owners we recommend the IntesisHome WiFi Controller, and it has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Yet when it comes between the choice of the more budget-friendly Tado Smart and Ambi Climate 2, it’s a tough one. Both offer fantastic smart home integrations, full app control, and more.

Yet if you don’t mind spending a little more, and are looking for a more advanced model, then definitely check out the Ambi Climate 2. With it’s unique AI sensor technology, it will learn about your preferences, providing you with ultra comfort in your home.

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