Top 6 Smart Pet Feeders With Camera

Keep your pet happy while you’re away!

A Smart Dog Camera is a fun and useful way to always be connected with your pet from wherever you are.

Feeling bored? Simply access the app to utilize the live streaming function and say hello to your pet with the two-way audio feature.

But the most engaging feature has to be the remote treat dispenser. You can reward, comfort, or even distract your furry friend from anywhere in the world by throwing them a delicious treat at the click of a button, how great is that?

Today we’ll be looking at a few different smart pet feeders with camera options, each coming with their own unique features. Such as in-built toy lasers, smart alerts, motion sensors and more.

So let’s get right to it, and find the perfect smart dog camera for you and your pet!

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Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Pet Camera with Feeder

Keep an eye on your pet with the Furbo Dog Camera. With Furbo, you can easily communicate with your furry companion no matter where you are, and even throw some tasty treats too! This device is suitable for both dogs and boasts other amazing features such as 2-way audio, as well as sound detection.

Key Features:

Barking Alert – Know what’s going on at home with the barking alerts technology. This useful tool will notify you via smart device when it detects barking, so you can check in on your pet and see what’s up. You can also adjust the sensitivity settings to ensure you only get notified by things that matter.

Alexa – With the aid of Alexa, and Echo Show or Echo Spot, you can execute useful voice commands in order to operate your dog camera.

Voice commands such as, “Alexa, treat my pet” will come in handy when your hands are full!

Full HD Camera – Furbo sports an impressive 1080 HD camera, with a 160-degree wide-angle view, so you can see what your loyal companion is up to both day and night.

Fun Treat Tossing – Reward your pet from wherever you are, with the treat tossing function. You can fill the dispenser with up to 100 pieces of your pet’s treats, and toss it when you want a little bonding time from your office. You can also set it to auto mode to keep your pet busy when you’re occupied, or when he is feeling anxious.

Subscription Plan – If you decide to opt for a Furbo Dog Nanny plan, you can take advantage of 24-hour event-based cloud storage, as well as the smart alert features!

Smart Alerts work hard to ensure that you get notified about things that matter.

Such as dog activity alerts, will let you know when your pup is being more active than usual. You also have the person alerts too, which will let you know if it detects someone in your home, such as an intruder.

And lastly, you have the Dog Selfie Alerts. Which snaps a cute pick of your pet while it’s facing the camera, which you can share on your social media if you wish.

2-Way Audio – Talk with your furry friend from wherever you are. With the two-way audio feature you can easily offer words of comfort from even across the globe, or even yell at him to get off the table!

SKYMEE Dog Camera

Skymee extra

Comfort your dog from wherever you are with Skymee Dog Camera!

Skymee’s motion-detecting feature will alert you whenever your dog appears to be showing more activity than normal, such as arising symptoms of anxiety. Which you can then act on by offering some comforting words via the sound feature, or by pressing a button on your app, which then will cause your smart device to toss your pet a delicious treat! A great way to bond with your loyal companion while you’re on the road.

Key Features:

Talk To Your Pet – Using the two-way audio technology you can easily communicate with your pet from the office! Separation anxiety can be tough on your animals, so it’s a great way to let them know you’re close.

It also allows you to listen in on your pets, and make sure they are okay, or even to calm them down with a tasty treat when they are overly excited.

Multi-User Option – Your Skymee account can be accessed by multiple devices, meaning that your family and friends can join in the fun too! This is also a great way to keep your pet occupied when you’re busy.

Alexa – Dispense your pet’s treat without pressing a button! Integration with Alexa allows you to carry out simple voice commands, thus providing a more efficient way in which to reward your pet.

See Your Pet Day & Night – Skymee’s 1080p HD camera paired with its 4x zoom and 130° wide-angle view will allow you to see what your loyal companion is up to whatever time, day or night. It’s 8 infrared lights will allow you to see your pet even in pitch-black darkness.

WOPET Smart Pet Camera

Wopet extra

The WOPET Smart Pet Feeder with camera can easily be integrated with Alexa by using a smart speaker such as Echo Show or Echo Spot, so you can enjoy hands-free control in order to treat your pet!

Not only that but with WOPET you can take also take advantage of two-way audio, full HD camera, and more.

Key Features:

Treat Tossing – Play with your pet with the fun treat tossing technology! It allows you to bond with your pet from wherever you are, and even make a game of chase out of it.

All you need to do is simply fill the dispenser with delicious treats, and operate by either pressing a button on the already installed WOpet app or if you’re nearby and busy, tell Alexa to do it.

Two-Way Talk – Video chat with your furry friend while you’re traveling with the two way talk feature! This allows you to easily check in on how your pets are doing, or even to warn them away from the flower pots. Either way, you have the power to see what they are up to, both day and night.

Snap & Share – Snap a cute pic or record a video of your pet in an adorable pose, and share it on your social media platform, to show your furry friend off.

Live Streaming – View your pets in 720p HD clarity on whatever device you decide to use. You also have a pretty good view with its 123-degree wide-angle lens and 4x digital zoom.

So you won’t miss a thing, night or day.

Petcube Bites 2

Petcube Bites 2

The new Petcube Bites 2 smart pet feeder with camera sets a new level for all smart pet feeders.

This smart device will not only allow you to feed your pet remotely, but it also comes with Alexa built-in. And when it comes to treats, Petcube is compatible with numerous dry, crunchy Dog and cat treats via interchangeable inserts, and with a greater precision too!

You and your pet will love its additional features as well, such as two-way audio communication, live-streaming, and optional Petcube Care subscriptions which provide you with smart alerts and automatic video recording too.

Key Features:

Dual-Band Support – Unlike other smart pet feeders that only support 2.4GHz, the Petcube Bites 2 also supports 5GHz frequency. So, if you already have a lot of devices connected to 2.4GHz, we highly recommend taking advantage of the 5GHz network for a more reliable and stable connection.

Sound & Motion Detection – Receive real-time alerts whenever your pet is active, or making a lot of noise, allowing you to check in to make sure everything is okay.

This feature will prove to be very handy as you can reward your pet with a treat if he is feeling anxious, or to distract him from barking at the postman.

Built-In Alexa – No need for any smart speakers with Petcube Bites 2! As its Alexa is already built-in, allowing you to take advantage of efficient and easy voice commands. That allow you to treat your pet when you’re busy or if your hands are full.

4-Microphone Array – Enjoy a high-quality sound with Petcube Bites significantly improved speaker bar.

The two-way audio feature allows to comfort your pet with your voice, or even yell at him when he’s up to no good!

HD Video – Enjoy your pet in 1080p HD clarity, and find out where he’s hiding with the aid of the camera’s 180° wide-angle full-room view. And 4x zoom feature.

Share With Others – Let others in on the fun with the sharing feature! You can also allow the general public to interact with your pet too, which is pretty fun and will keep your furry friend occupied.

Smart Alerts – Know more and worry less with the Petcube care subscription plan!

There are two paid plans you can choose from, Optimal & Premium.

The Optimal plan provides you with 3 days of video history, 30-second video clips, 10 video downloads and more, comes to about $3.99 per month.

While the Premium Plan amps it up by offering an impressive 90 days of video history to take advantage of, plus all the other benefits from the Optimal Plan too. The Premium Plan costs $8.25 per month, and both plans offer discounted annual versions too.

You can also take advantage of up to 4 hours of free cloud space (10-second video clips).

DOGNESS Dog Camera

Dogness extra

Toss a treat to your pets with the budget-friendly Dogness Dog Camera! This smart device will not only reward your loyal companion remotely but will also allow you to say hello with the 2-way chat feature, as well as see what he’s up to with the live streaming function.

Key Features:

Remote Treat Dispenser –Treat your furry friend from absolutely anywhere via the DOGNESS app which works on both iOS and Android phones.

You can even make it a fun game of chase in order to bond with your pets while you’re away, or as a way of comfort if he’s exhibiting signs of anxiety.

2- Way Chat – Hear your pet bark with the 2-way audio feature, and check in to see what’s going on at home whenever you wish. You can then get them to calm down by offering words of comfort or even a delicious treat too.

Day & Night Vision – Use the live streaming function in order to monitor your pet at whatever time you wish, both day and night! Paired with its 165° wide-angle view, you can find your furry friend if he’s hiding, or even catch him red-handed in mischief!

Natural Bamboo Cover Suction Cups – Keep your pet from knocking over your DOGNESS camera with its bamboo covered suction cups, ensuring that it will be standing firm and upright on top of any surface in your home.

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

Pawbo extra

Video chat with your pets from wherever you are in the world with Pawbo Life Pet Camera! Having a smart pet feeder with a camera is going to make your, and your furry companion’s life much easier and fun too.

As you can reward your pets with its remote treat dispenser feature, or even take their mind away from your absence. Not only this, Pawbo Life comes with a lot more features that you and your pet will love.

Key Features:

HD Live-Streaming – See what your pet is up to in clear 720p HD! Paired with its 130° wide-angle lens, you’ll be able to catch your pet in the act of jumping on your couch!

Zoom – Need a closer look? With Pawbo’s x4 zoom feature you can easily zone in on anything that seems off, or even just to see what your pet is chewing on.

In-Built Laser – Pawbos Life Pet Camera’s in-built laser allows you to have a fun game of chase with your furry companion, even from your office! Both manually as well as automatically for when you’re busy, and you want to keep your pet distracted.

This is a great way to bond with your dog or cat, from wherever you are.

Snap & Sharing – Caught your pet doing a cute pose? With the snap and share function, you can easily share adorable pics of your pet across social media. Same goes for your videos too, any recorded clips will go straight to your mobile device and you can view and share them as you please.

Multiple Users – Pawbo supports up to 8 users via its app, so that means you can allow your family and friends to join in on the fun too! Let them play, feed or simply watch over your pet when you’re busy or to keep your furry friend occupied.

Built-In Microphone – Talk, and listen in on your pet from wherever you are. With the built-in microphone technology, you won’t just see your pet, but hear it too. So you can either reassure them when they get anxious or even warn them to get off your chair!

Top 6 Smart Pet Feeders With Camera — Our Thoughts

Petcube Bites

In the end, when it comes to choosing a smart pet camera, you probably want to make sure that it has all the essential features such as live streaming, two-way audio, and of course, a remote treat dispenser too.

However, some models we discussed took it a step further, such as Furbo Dog Camera with its optional Smart Alerts technology as well as Dog Selfies feature, and Pawbo Life Pet Camera with its built-in laser feature. You also have the budget-friendly Dogness Dog Camera, which mainly focuses on providing the basic and essential features.

Yet we feel that our top choice would have to be Petcube Bites 2. While most of the pet cameras on the list had a few great features, Petcube has them all and more. Its dual-band WiFi support, 180° ultra wide-angle lens, and up to 4 hours of free cloud storage of 10-second video clips provides uninterrupted connection to your pets at all times. Not to mention Alexa built-in with over 80,000 skills to use!

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