Top Rated Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

When it comes to keeping your hardwood floors spotless, you want a vacuum that is both smart and efficient too.

Here we have outlined some great candidates for the top rated vacuums for hardwood floors, each coming with their unique features designed to suit your preferences.

And it doesn’t have to come at a high price either. Both Shark Ion R85 and EcoVac Deebot N79S provide us with some great cleaning technology, such as Drop-Sense Technology and the ability to use voice control, scheduling and more via the app provided.

And if you decide to spend a little more, then iRobot Roomba i7 will take your home cleaning to the next level. With great technology, such as voice control and its mapping features, will allow you to tell exactly where and when you want it to clean.

Let’s take a look at some of the options below, so you can decide for yourself. Feel free to use our navigation system to skip ahead to any part.

iRobot Roomba i7

iRobot Roomba i7

The Roomba series rarely disappoint. With their superior 3-stage cleaning system and smart home integration, you have access to some useful features.

It can also easily adapt to your home, by using smart mapping, giving you full control in choosing which rooms should be cleaned and when.

It’s also well suited for almost all floor types, and effectively cleans dirt and pet hair you see, and dust and allergens you don’t.

It’s also worth mentioning that while the iRobot Roomba i7 is compatible with an Automatic Bin Dispenser, iRobot Roomba i7+ model has one already included with it.


  • Hands-Free Control – If you decide to pair up your Roomba with Alexa or Google Assistant, you have the ability to control your robot by just using your voice. Imagine how great it would be, when watching a movie and not having to get up if you wish to have your kitchen cleaned. All you have to say is “Roomba, clean my kitchen”, and off it goes!

  • Scheduling – You can also set daily cleaning schedules for your smart robot. How great is that? Via the iRobot Home app, you can set your Roomba to clean your floors at whatever time you wish. It can be in the afternoon while everyone is off at work and school, or late in the evening as you head off to bed. You can change them up as you like.

  • Imprint Smart Mapping technology – You have the ability to tell your Roomba which rooms you want it to clean, rather than the whole house. So by using Imprint Smart Mapping technology, your Roomba is smart enough to do that. This is great for when you’re in a rush, or if you’ve had an accidental spill in the kitchen while cooking.

  • 3-Stage Cleaning System – Its 3-stage cleaning system technology, is what will keep your hardwood floors extra clean. By using its dual multi-surface brushes, specially designed edge-sweeping brush, and its strong suction too, your Roomba will be able to clean almost everything, from small dust to pet fur from your hard floors and carpets too. This works great even if you have pets at home, as the Roomba i7 model has also been designed to tackle pet hair too.


  • Dustbin Capacity – Unfortunately iRobot Roomba’s dustbin capacity is only of 500ml. Making it slightly smaller than other models out there. A small dustbin means that you’ll need to empty it out more frequently. That can be avoided if you decide to purchase an Automatic Dirt Dispenser that is compatible with Roomba i7 model.

  • Price – iRobot Roomba i7 model is definitely a pricey one. Yet for that price, it provides some excellent features and smart home integration.

Sale iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal - Empties Itself for up to 60 Days, Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

Neato Botvac D4 Connected

Neato Botvac D4 Connected

Neato is well known for its unique ‘D’ shaped design, that can get into all those tight and small corners, as well as edges too. Not to mention its ability to switch from Eco and Turbo modes as you desire.

This handy robot cleans in straight lines, as opposed to some smart vacuums that clean randomly. Allowing the Neato robot to pick up even more dirt and dust from your hardwood floors.


  • Laser Smart Mapping – By using cool lasers, your Neato can see what’s going on and creates useful maps of your home. This feature allows it to navigate around furniture, and even avoid some zones, such as the stairs.

    It even allows your robot to see in the dark, so you can have your Neato on through the night, and rest assured that it will vacuum your floors effectively.

  • Virtual ‘No-Go’ Lines – With your Neato D4 you have two options. You can either opt to use the app in creating Virtual ‘no-go’ lines, or you can purchase boundary strips that can be placed on the floors all-around your home.

    Either way, you have the option to choose as to how you want to create virtual boundaries for your robot. This is especially useful if there are certain locations at home which you want to protect. Such as the room where your kids keep their toys, or where you have many plants.

  • Scheduling – By using the Neato app, you set cleaning schedules for your robot to follow.

    So you don’t have to worry about having to turn it on and off, and it gives you the freedom to plan your home cleaning.

    Use this tool in the morning before everyone gets out of bed, or while you’re away. The choice is yours!

  • Quick Charge – Now you don’t even have to wait for ages for your floors to be done. With the quick charge feature, you will have vacuumed floors in no time. It works by having your robot return to its base when its battery runs low, and gain just enough power to return and finish its task.


  • Battery life – Its battery life of 75 minutes is a little shorter than most models out there. Yet with its quick charge feature, thankfully you won’t have to wait a long time for your floors to be done.

  • Noise Level – Neato D4’s noise level of 64db would be considered a little loud, so if you decide to have it on through the night, it’s best if it cleans spots that are further away from the bedrooms.

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Eufy Robovac 11S

eufy Robovac 11S

Rated as the “Best Robot Vacuum of 2018” by Digital Trends, is already a good start for our Eufy Robovac 11S. This slim and efficient smart vacuum is ideal for all floor types, as it automatically increases its suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming is needed, for those extra difficult spots.

It also offers you a quiet clean, on all types of floors including hardwood, with a consistent suction and a volume no louder than your at-home microwave.


  • Drop-Sense Technology – By using its unique drop-sensing technology, it can avoid falling down the stairs or off of ledges. Which can be a frequent cause of worry for most smart vacuum owners.

  • Run Time – eufy 11S also boast of a 100 minute run time, which is ideal for larger homes. And if you have a smaller space, It also saves time waiting for your robot to be done.

  • Large Dust Box – With its larger bin capacity of up to 0.6L, you won’t have to waste time in having to frequently empty it out. It can hold up even more dirt, dust and hair that other top leading brands.

  • Slim Build – eufy Robovac 11S has a height of just 2.85 inches. Meaning that it can easily navigate under furniture and chairs. Where even a traditional vacuum would have difficulty to reach.

  • Eco Mode/ Turbo Mode – Choose what type of cleaning you want to have!

    The turbo mode offers a more aggressive form of cleaning, that’s great for carpets and specific areas that collect dirt fast, such as the hallways.

    While Eco mode is gentler and energy-saving mode. That is great to use while you’re away, as it will clean your home slowly and effectively, while also saving on energy costs.


  • No WiFi Connection – Unfortunately when it comes to smart home integration, that’s where eufy 11S falls short. It doesn’t have WiFi features like voice control, remote control or scheduling. So if that’s what you are looking for, it’s worth looking at other similar products, such as .

Shark Ion R85

Shark Ion R85

Shark provides us yet with another high-performing robot that not only delivers powerful suction and XL capacity, but also a 3X more suction in its Max mode, than previous models. By using its self-cleaning brush roll and dual spinning side brushes, it can get into corners and edges that other vacuums can’t. This makes it ideal for all types of floors and even carpets. Paired with Alexa or Google Assistant, you have a smart vacuum that you can even control with your voice.


  • Smart Sensor Navigation – By using its advanced sensitivity, it allows your robot to move around obstacles and other objects in your home. So you don’t have to worry about your smart robot getting into any trouble during its cleaning.

  • XL Capacity – With its XL bin capacity, you won’t have to empty out your robot so frequently. This feature is especially useful if you have a large amount of space to cover at home, or pets that tend to shed a lot of hair.

  • Shark Clean app – Via the Shark Clean app, you can do a few cool things. Such as voice control. By using voice control, you can simply tell your robot to switch on and off as you please, no buttons involved!

    With the scheduling feature, you can set daily cleanings that fit in with your busy lifestyle. And if something changes, you can easily update the times through the app.

    The Shark Clean app is also very useful for receiving updates about your smart vacuum, so you don’t miss out on anything.


  • Noisy – During its maximum suction mode, it can be a little noisy with its sound level of 62db. So it might not be a good idea to have it on during the night or early morning.

  • Shorter Run Time – With its run time of just 60 minutes, Ion R85 doesn’t have the extended run time that the latest models do. However, when it senses its battery is running low, it will return to its base in order to recharge.

EcoVacs Deebot N79S

EcoVacs Deebot N79S

The Deebot N79S is a great budget-friendly option for your home. While still having some impressive features. Such as voice control, max mode power and even extended run time.

Paired with its two side brushes and main brush, this smart vacuum will work hard on your hardwood floors to pick up any dirt, dust or hair.


  • 110 Minute Run Time – You won’t have to worry about your smart robot stopping to recharge. With its whooping 110 minutes run time, means a longer battery time to do even more cleaning. And when it’s done, it will pop back into its base to charge up again.

  • Max Mode Power – This feature is especially useful if you have certain spots in your home, that’d require a deeper clean. By using its max mode power, your Deebot will increase its suction power by up to 2X, sucking up all that dirt and debris.

  • Cleaning Modes – Deebot N79S also offers you several handy cleaning modes. Such as the simple auto-clean, which has your robot clean all the floors.

    Then you have the spot mode, which allows your smart vacuum to focus on one specific location to clean. This is especially great for those locations that tend to collect most dirt, like kitchens and hallways.

    Not to mention its edge cleaning mode, that allows it to get into those tight edges and corners using its side brushes designed especially for that task.

  • HEPA Filter – If you have some specific allergies related to dust or pollen, then a smart vacuum with a HEPA filter is a great option for you. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. It works by using an intricate mesh that catches harmful things like, dust mites, pet fur, and tobacco residue. Making it an ideal option for asthma or and allergy sufferers.


  • No Virtual Wall – Unfortunately this particular model doesn’t come with a virtual wall, so if there are some locations that you prefer to keep blocked off, you’ll have to either block its entry or keep the doors closed off.

  • Small Dustbin Capacity – Deebot N79S has a dustbin capacity of 450 ml, which might not be ideal for bigger homes and pet owners.

Top Rated Vacuums For Hardwood Floors — Our Thoughts

eufy RoboVac 11S max

When it comes to top vacuums for hardwood floors, you already have in mind of the type of smart vacuum you wish to have.

If it’s something a little more budget-friendly, then EcoVacs Deebot N79S and Shark Ion R85 are worth looking into.

Both possess great cleaning abilities and unique features that will help to keep your hardwood floors spotless.

Yet if its something more you wish to have, then iRobot Roomba i7 is a good way to go. With its voice control features, as well as its advanced Imprint Smart Mapping Technology, this smart robot will clean your floors, in a very smart way. It’s also well suited for carpets, with its carpet boost mode.

And if you wish to make it even more, self-sufficient you can consider getting an Automatic Dirt Dispenser or take a look at the iRobot Roomba i7+ model.

And if you wish to get a smart robot that is specifically designed to get into those tight corners and spaces, make sure to take a look at , with its unique ‘D’ shaped design and virtual no-go lines, makes it a great choice for any home.

If you have a lot of furniture in your living room and kitchen, they eufy’s 11S small built design, will allow it to easily navigate around and under your furniture, chairs, and cabinets.

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