Wyze Cam V1 vs. V2

Keep your home and your loved ones safe with a smart camera!

Who said that smart home security has to be expensive? Wyze Cam provides us with models that are both efficient, as well as remaining budget-friendly. However, the features that it continues to offer are those similar to more high-end models, such as two-way audio, night vision, CVR and more.

Today we’ll be looking at Wyze Cam V1 vs. V2 and how they differ from each other. At first glance the models are almost identical, yet when it comes to Wyze Cam V2 we can see it’s internal software is far more advanced, as well as providing us with some new features to play with.

So let’s get right to it and check out both models, and see which one you prefer for your home.

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Wyze Cam V1 vs. V2 — Things in Common

  • Live-View on Demand – See anything that is happening inside your home with the live-view on-demand feature. All you need to do is install the Wyze app on your iOS or Android smart device, and view ongoing footage in vibrant 1080p HD definition.
  • Night Vision – Same goes for night time too! Worried about strange noises downstairs? You can easily check it out via a smart device from the comfort of your bed.
  • Power Options – The setup of your new smart camera is a quick and easy process. All you need is the included USB cable and a power adapter. Then simply connect it to an outlet and continue to wait for 20 seconds until the light flashes yellow.

    Both smart cameras also support a WiFi network connection of 2.4GHZ. So prior installation, make sure to double-check if your network is up for it. Otherwise, it’s worth looking into WiFi extenders.

  • Two-Way Audio – Using the in-built speaker, you can easily communicate with guests or pets while you’re at home or in the office.
  • Motion Detection – Add an extra layer of security to your home through motion detection technology. Both Wyze Cam V1 and V2 allow you to monitor any movement or suspicious activity in your home, whether it’s your toddler wandering downstairs by himself, or a raccoon who had found its way in, it’s always good to be in the know.
  • Zoom – Both Wyze Cam, V1 & V2, allow you to take a closer look at something or someone, using the 8x digital zoom function. This is especially handy when you need to identify someone for the authorities.
  • Field of View – A powerful field of view is a great addition to any camera. The stronger the field of view, the more coverage you can get from your home. Eliminating the need for buying additional cameras.

    Both Wyze smart cams have a 110-degree field of view. While this may be enough for most homes, if you are looking for a model with more coverage it’s worth looking into a model such as Arlo Pro 2 or .

  • Sound Sensor – Wyze smart cameras not only have motion detection but sound too! It also works quite similarly too. Using its advanced algorithm it will recognize unique sounds such as carbon monoxide alerts and smoke alarms, after which you have the ability to opt for receiving sound alert notifications straight to your smartphone. This type of protection is such a useful advancement as sometimes video detection isn’t sufficient enough to keep your home safe.
  • Cloud Storage – Luckily both Wyze Cams offer a whopping 14-day free cloud storage plan, allowing you to not only view the videos but store and share them too.
  • Alexa – Use your voice in order to access Wyze camera’s live view on demand by using Alexa. Through devices such as Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8 or even Fire TV, you can easily say things like “Alexa, show me the kids room” through the big screen.
  • IFTTT – Have fun with IFTTT too!

    IFTTT allows you to have all your smart devices working together, all you basically need to do is create commands to be executed. Meaning you can have your Wyze camera turn off its motion detection when you’re home, or email you when motion is detected. This tool is available to Wyze Cam V1 as well as V2 making your smart home even smarter.

  • Operating Temperature – While both Wyze Cams aren’t exactly waterproof, they can still withstand the cold temperatures of 32°F to 104°F(0°C – 40 °C). Which is a pity, as they would make great outdoor cameras.

    If you wish to have smart cameras that can withstand outdoor elements, it’s worth looking into models such as Arlo Ultra.

  • Continuous Recording (CVR) – When using a microSD card you can also take advantage of the continuous recording function. This is a great security addition to your home, especially when you’re away for a couple of days.

Wyze Cam V1 vs. V2 — Differences

Wyze Cam

  • Difference #1: Motion Tagging – The main difference between Wyze Cam V1 vs. V2, is Wyze Cam’s V2 motion tagging technology.

    So when Wyze Cam 2 detects any motion, a small box will show up around the person, or thing detected and it will follow them around until they exit the video. While this feature is pretty cool, the motion detection feature that both cameras have already done a pretty good job of providing you with clear footage.

  • Difference #2: Video Quality – In terms of video quality, while both cameras offer a vibrant HD resolution of 1080p, Wyze 2 comes out ahead with its 15FPS compared to Whyze’s V1 10 FPS. Basically, the greater the FPS, the smoother the video motion appears. While the difference between the two might not be huge it will make a difference when trying to capture a quick action, especially during the night hours.
  • Difference #3: Audio Quality – Wyze Cam V2 also offers a more improved audio quality than the previous model. Due to it’s upgraded chips and amplifier, we can enjoy clearer sounds through the app, as well as capture even more distant audio.
  • Difference #4: Google Assistant – While both Wyze Cam V1 and V2 are compatible with Alexa, Wyze V2 takes smart home integration even further by allowing you to use Google Assistant as well. So you can still have the same hands-free control over your smart camera if you prefer using Google.
  • Difference #5: Finish – In terms of the design, both cameras have the same dimensions, and appear almost identical to each other. Yet Wyze Cam 2 offers a matte white finish, giving it a more aesthetic look.

Wyze Cam V1 vs. V2 — Comparison Chart

Wyze Cam V1 Wyze Cam V2
Resolution 1080p HD 1080p HD
Field of View 110 Degrees diagonal 110 Degrees diagonal
Zoom 8x Digital Zoom 8x Digital Zoom
FPS 10 15
Motion Tagging No Yes
Power Options AC AC
Person Detection No Yes
Live-View on Demand Yes Yes
Custom Zone Detection No Yes
Cloud Storage 14 Days Free 14 Days Free
Sound Sensor Yes Yes
Night Vision Yes Yes
Two-Way Audio Yes Yes
Network WiFi: 2.4GHZ WiFi: 2.4GHz
Alexa & Google Assistant Alexa Only Yes
Motion Detection Yes Yes
Continuous Recording Yes, with microSD card Yes, with microSD card
Operating Temperature 32°F – 104°F
(0°C – 40 °C)
32°F – 104°F
(0°C – 40 °C)
Color White Matte White
Dimensions 2.2” x 2” x 2” 2.2” x 2” x 2”

Wyze Cam V1 vs. V2 — Accessories

Now that we have looked at both Wyze Cam V1 and V2, let’s check out some of the accessories that both models offer.

If you find that your power cable doesn’t reach as far as you want it to, it might not be a bad idea to include a 25ft Power Extension Cable for Wyze Cam.

You can also weatherproof your Wyze Cam too, by including a Wyze Cam Pan Wall Mount Protective Case, will ensure that your new smart camera has anti-sun glare UV protection, as well as the ability to withstand other elements too.

Also, don’t forget to include a MicroSD card to take advantage of increased cloud storage as well as the CVR technology.

Wyze Cam V1 vs. V2 — Our Thoughts

Wyze Cam

Wyze has provided us with budget-friendly cameras that come with some very useful features.

Yet it’s easy to see that Wyze Cam V2 outwins the V1. The improvements are quite noticeable, ranging from an increased FPS to a more improved audio quality. We also have the motion trigger feature addition too, which some of you may like the idea of.

However, it’s worth to note that while Wyze Cam V1 isn’t sold anymore if you still wish to purchase it there are plenty of resellers out there.

Otherwise, if you want to have a budget-friendly model that not only offers smart home integration but exceptional security technology too, Wyze Cam V2 is the way to go.

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