Editorial Guidelines

Our editorial guidelines are rooted in our scope as a publisher, and our values as consumers ourselves.

Our Scope

We see ourselves as ambassadors between manufacturers and consumers. We want to know what’s worth the money, and what isn’t. Our scope is like that of a journalist: we gather information and make judgement calls on which smart home products are moving us forward within the space, and which ones are just contributing.

Smart home technology has exploded over the past few years and, since we see ourselves as journalists within smart home tech, we’ve developed two qualities that we’re incredibly proud of: we’re judgmental and highly opinionated.

When we air our thoughts on anything smart home related, you can rest assured it’s not bullshit — it’s what we truly think.


Every piece of content published on Homejell is driven by two values:

Honesty. We’re consumers too — We don’t want to purchase some bullshit product only to have it crap out on us a few months down the line; it’s as infuriating to us as it is to you. We would never push anyone to purchase smart home tech “just because.” We value your opinion of us, and anything that could damage our relationship is something we flat-out avoid.

Brevity. It’s something else we strive for. We want to give you the information necessary and no extra fluff. Time is valuable and we don’t want to waste yours.