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When the topic of smart technology comes up, garage door openers probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, brands like Genie and Chamberlain offer some pretty intelligent products with a surprising number of features. While both openers have a lot going for them, we do feel that the Genie has an slight edge due to integration with HomeLink and Car2U.

Although the Genie does have those extra features going for it, the comparison is honestly a bit of a toss-up due to the useful battery backup that the Chamberlain has to offer — firmly cementing it as a top of the line model as well. No matter the brand you choose, you’ll be in and out of your garage with more convenience and ease than ever before.

Below, we give our comprehensive comparison of the Genie vs. Chamberlain garage door opener. If you’re interested in specific features, however, feel free to use our navigation bar to jump directly to the spots you care about most.

Smart notebooks offer the best way to write and send your notes online.

This intelligent technology cuts down on paper usage, while also narrowing down to just using a single notebook, not to mention the money you’d save in the long run.

Imagine how many notebooks we go through our life, all sitting in a pile somewhere in our home gathering dust.

Now, we can do cool things like scanning its pages via the app and send them straight through to our Google Drive or sync with the Cloud. So you always have access to your work, all in one handy location.

Today we’ll be looking at Rocketbook vs. Vellee, two competitive smart notebooks that offer useful features, such as the ability to erase the page multiple times, app integration and more!

Take a look at both options to see which one suits you best.

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Smart Plugs are a great addition to any home as they have the power of turning your ordinary vintage table lamp, into a fully automated smart device!

Which you can then operate remotely, enjoy creating schedules and even use the voice control feature with some Smart Plug models.

The Smart Plugs we will be talking about today also feature Z-Wave, a form of wireless communication that’s developed in order to have control over home appliances such as lights, cameras, locks and more.

The way it differs from your own WiFi or Bluetooth connection is that it offers a more reliable and secure connection, easy installation, the advantage of both local or remote control and the useful ability to have your Z-Wave devices communicate with each other creating the ideal smart home ecosystem.

You can read more about Z-Wave here on our take on Z-Wave vs. Z-Wave Plus — What’s the Difference?

But now let’s get right to it and see which Z-Wave Plug fits best into your home!

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Create your perfect day with a Smart Plug!

A high tech home doesn’t have to break the bank, as Smart Plugs are an easy and affordable way to upgrade ordinary appliances such as lights, thermostats, TV, sprinklers and more, into fully automated smart devices.

They plug directly into the wall, and have their own outlet in which you then plug in the device which you would like to operate, it’s that simple!

The benefit of owning a WiFi Smart Plug is the ability to control your devices even when you’re away. So that means you can turn on your porch lights and have the kettle on for your tea just as you’re commuting home from work, so you can arrive home to a warm, and cozy atmosphere after a long day.

Here we have compiled the best WiFi Smart Plugs for your home to choose from.

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Control the Christmas lights from your couch with a Smart Plug!

Owning a smart plug allows you to turn any of your “dumb” home appliances, into smart ones. Meaning that you don’t necessarily have to buy smart light bulbs to have remote, as well as voice control over it. All you need is a smart plug into which your gadget be connected to, and you can enjoy all the same perks!

Having an outdoor smart plug allows you to have seamless control over your patio lights, sprinklers and other devices without you needing to constantly go outside to switch them on or off, or worry about needing long extension cords.

All you need for most smart plugs is a steady WiFi connection as well as a smart device to install the app on, and you’re ready to go!

Today we’ll be looking at the best outdoor smart plugs for your home, however, if you wish to find the best one for indoor use only, you can read about them here on our take on: Best Smart Plugs For Google Home, as many of the smart plugs mentioned also connect with Alexa, Siri and Cortana devices as well.

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Having a smart plug that integrates with your Google Home allows you to enjoy having a hands free control over all your plugged-in smart devices, for truly smart home experience.

If you’re wondering what a smart plug is, it’s a plug that is operated via an app that allows you to turn on and off any devices plugged into a standard wall socket.

You can easily use it with your lamp, TV, coffee machine and more!

Additionally, you also have the power to operate your plugged-in gadgets remotely, as well as create custom schedules and even monitor the energy usage.

Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the best smart plugs for Google Home, and hopefully, you’ll find the right one for you!

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The short answer is yes, Alexa does integrate with Nest smart devices.

As of now, Alexa fully supports the following Nest devices such as Thermostats, Video doorbell, and Cameras.

So by using Amazon Alexa, you can have hands free control over Nest smart devices that will further enhance your smart home user experience.

Nest’s support for technology such as Alexa lets you have multiple ways of controlling your Nest home when you’re present and even when you’re away!

Using Alexa’s voice commands you can ask what temperature your home is at, check the live-feed in the living room, and more, so having this handy assistant working together with your Nest devices is a good idea.

Today we’re going to talk about the devices which integrate with Alexa, as well as how to go about connecting Nest to Alexa, so read on to find out more!

What is a smart plug?

Make your electronics smart, with a smart plug!

These handy devices may resemble an ordinary plug, but they are actually quite different.

They are usually controlled via an app, and allow you to turn on or off any electronic appliance that plugs into a standard wall socket remotely. Meaning you can use it with your TV, lights, coffee maker, AC and more.

There are also quite a few benefits to owning a smart plug, such as cutting down on energy costs. Because you are automatically turning off your devices when not needed, so you won’t be wasting any electricity in case you have forgotten to switch anything off. Also, many smart plugs come with the ability to monitor your energy usage too.

Additionally, smart plugs are a pretty convenient too with the scheduling feature, allowing you to set your coffee maker to turn on the morning before you even get out of bed, or have your bedside lamp turn off just as you drift off to sleep.

They are even good for security reasons, as you can have your lights turn on and off while you are traveling, to appear as if someone is home.

Today, we’ll be looking at the best smart plugs that work with Alexa.

Connecting your smart plug with Alexa allows you to use voice commands, making the whole experience even more efficient and fun.

All you need in order to take advantage of this feature is a smart device with the Alexa app installed, as well as a smart speaker such as Echo Dot or Echo Show.

The type of voice commands you could use are:

“Alexa, switch on the coffee maker”

“Alexa, switch off the lamp”


“Alexa, switch on the fan”.

Imagine how great it would be after a long night to just simply ask Alexa to turn off the light you forgot downstairs, or even ask Alexa to turn on the heating as you’re getting out of bed on a chilly morning. A simple pleasure such as having your morning coffee already brewing before you even get to the kitchen is enough to put a smile on your face.

So let’s get right to it and check out some of the smart plugs that you can include in your home.

Make your home ‘cool’ with a smart air conditioner!

It’s important to feel comfortable in your home while turning on the AC on a hot summer’s day might feel amazing, you can switch to a smart AC controller that will take your comfort to the next level.

That’s where Ambi Climate 2 and Sensibo Sky come in. By using smart AI algorithms and sensors, they can learn about your preferences and environment. Allowing it to auto-adjust the AC to suit your taste, offering a more personalized experience.

Not only that, they offer great smart home integration with Alexa and Google Home, meaning you can take advantage of useful technology like voice control and scheduling, making your AC truly smart. This, in turn, will end up saving you on energy costs, as it won’t be on full blast all day or night, as it will “know” when to turn off or cool down.

Let’s take a look at Ambi Climate 2 vs. Sensibo Sky, to see which suits your home best.

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Smart notebooks are changing the way we write, share or even transcribe our work!

With so many unique products arriving on the market today, it’s difficult to choose the perfect notebook. But one thing is clear, they change the way we write in a huge way. Notebooks like Rocketbook Everlast allow you to erase its pages over and over again, lasting you a lifetime if you want. Thus saving you money in the long run, and not to mention, the environment!

While Moleskine allows your handwriting to be captured live on the screen as you work. You can then convert it to a few different file types when you’re done, such as image, PDF, Text, SVG, and Adobe.

One thing both notebooks have in common is that you can easily share your work across many platforms, such as Google Drive, Evernote, Cloud and more. Meaning you can easily save and organize your work without any fuss.

So, let’s take a look at Moleskine Smart Notebook vs. Rocketbook, to see which suits you best.

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Smart notebooks are here to digitally store your notes, erase what you’ve written and even to transcribe your handwritten words!

Not only will they save money in the long run, but the environment too.

Today we’ll be looking at Newyes vs. Rocketbook, and how both of them offer some useful features. Such as the ability to sync your content to the cloud and unlimited reusability.

Newyes smart notebook is more akin to your traditional version, with its similar feel, and compact size. While Rocketbook Everlast is a little bit more high-tech and is designed to last longer, rather than being a more temporary option.

Below we compare Newyes and Everlast to help you get a clearer sense of what sets both notebooks apart.

Read on for a full review, or use our navigation bar to skip directly to the sections which interest you the most.

Smart notebooks are here to revolutionize the way we take notes!

Smart technology is slowly becoming a part of our everyday life, and it’s even changing the way we write or draw. All with the purpose of making our lives easier and less wasteful to the environment.

A smart notebook combines the act of writing in an ordinary notebook, with the ease and security of taking down notes on a laptop or other smart device. Even if you haven’t taken handwritten notes in a long time, a smart notebook might be a great opportunity to kick start your old habit again!

To back that up, studies have also shown us that when learning and remembering various details, taking notes by hand is a far more effective method than typing alone.

Today, we’ll be looking at Elfinbook 2.0 vs. Rocketbook Everlast. Both notebooks offer some useful features, such as the ability to be reused countless times, and the comfort of being able to easily erase what you have written or drawn. You can also choose from many color options when it comes to the Pilot Frixion Pens, which are specifically designed to be used with smart notebooks.

Not to mention the ease of syncing up your work to the Cloud, and saving your files to Google Drive, Evernote and more! All that, while coming at a reasonable price.

Let’s take a look at both notebooks to see which one suits you the most.

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Want to experience the ultimate night’s sleep?

We are happy to inform that Eight Sleep has recently launched a new smart, temperature-regulating mattress, named ‘The Pod’. With its cooling and heating features as well as the active grid on the top layer and thermal alarm, you’ll be perfectly cozy all night long! In addition to that, the mattress has 4 different layers of foam and medium-firm memory design, so you’ll have the optimal support needed for your spine.

Both the Pod and Smart Bed also offer amazing built-in sensors which allow users to regulate the temperature and track critical metrics required for sleep quality and duration. As well as providing you with the ability of smart home integration with devices like Nest, Amazon Alexa, and Philips Hue. Giving you the power to use voice control, for any mattress function.

Let’s break down the differences between the two mattresses, so you can get a better sense of which one is best suited for you.

Smart scales are a great way to take the guesswork out of measuring health, and many fitness brands now offer scales with at least some sort of connectivity. The Withings Scale and Fitbit Aria 2 both have their pros and cons, with the Withings model being better on its own and the Aria 2 being a better choice for Fitbit users.

When comparing just the scales side by side, it’s pretty clear that Withings has the edge. However, the strength of the Fitbit Aria 2 is its integration with the larger Fitbit ecosystem — one of the first massively popular smart fitness brands that continues to create top-notch products for those looking to keep track of their health.

Below we go into detail on the similarities and differences of the Withings Scale vs. Fitbit Aria 2. Read on for the full picture, or use our navigation bar to jump right on down to the sections that interest you most.

It’s a new year and a smart scale is a perfect solution to kick off your resolutions on the right foot. The Fitbit Aria and Aria 2 are both excellent smart devices, but the Aria 2 is a slight upgrade on nearly all fronts. With that said, the differences are minor enough that it might not be worth it for existing Aria users to upgrade.

Fitbit was one of the first massively popular fitness trackers, and their brand has come quite a long way since that first iteration. Since their original fitness tracker, they have expanded into other smart fitness solutions such as scales. While there’s much more competition nowadays than there was in the past, the Fitbit Aria models continue to be a competitive choice for those looking for an easy way to keep track of their health.

Below we discuss the differences of the Fitbit Aria vs. Aria 2. Read on for a full picture of what both models have to offer or use our navigation bar to jump directly to the sections that interest you most.

For those of us who are still taking notes with pen and paper, it can be difficult to keep track of various notebooks and they take up a lot of space. New smart notebooks from companies like Rocketbook offer a potential solution to that problem. When comparing the Rocketbook Wave vs. Everlast, it’s difficult to choose a clear winner since both notebooks have something to bring to the table.

The Rocketbook Wave is more akin to a traditional notebook with a similar feel, and the microwaveable feature is very cool. The Rocketbook Everlast, on the other hand, is a little bit more high-tech and is built to last rather than being a more temporary option. Neither is necessarily better, and both offer a lot of utility like the ability to upload your notes to the cloud and reuse your notebook to save space.

Below we compare the Wave and Everlast to help you get a sense of what sets these two smart notebooks apart. Read on for a full review, or use our navigation bar to jump directly to the sections that interest you the most.

A smart button is an excellent addition to a connected home, as it adds easy control over a number of different devices in one convenient place. However, not all of these buttons are created equal. While the Fibaro may look like it’s worth the extra expense at first glance, we feel that the SmartThings’ easier integration earns it a solid spot on the top.

While these buttons both offer battery-powered, convenient control over your various smart devices, they’re actually quite different. Fibaro adds a lot of cool features, but it falls short in the lack of direct integration. All those features are for naught if they aren’t easily accessed, so the more straightforward SmartThings button takes the cake.

Below we break down the differences between Fibaro vs. SmartThings, but feel free to use the navigation bar below to jump directly to the sections that interest you most.

Back in the 1970s, it would normally take about 30 minutes for a fire to completely engulf a room. Today, it can happen in less than 5. Having a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector can literally be a lifesaver due to its safety features and cutting edge technology. Add in some quality-of-life features like a warning before the alarm goes off — or even a night light to help guide your way to the exits in the dark — and it becomes clear that a smart alarm is a worthwhile investment.

Below, we take a look at the Nest Protect vs. First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound. Over 1,000,000 homes in the United States experience high levels of carbon monoxide each year, and an uncontrolled fire can quickly wreak havoc on a home if it’s not brought in check. Make sure you’re equipped with the information to make the right decision when it comes to outfitting your house with intelligent and accurate smoke alarms.

Today, in this Nest Protect review we’ll go over the good and the bad aspects you should know before buying it. The majority of helpful customer’s reviews are briefly summarized here. Let’s get started.

Today, we’ll go over the good and the bad aspects you should know before buying Chamberlain garage door opener. Check out briefly summarized points before making a purchase. Let’s begin.