Nest Smoke Detector Review

Today, in this Nest Protect review we’ll go over the good and the bad aspects you should know before buying it. The majority of helpful customer’s reviews are briefly summarized here. Let’s get started.

What is a Nest Smoke Detector?

Nest smoke detector is a smart, wireless smoke sensor that can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. Whether it detects smoke or carbon monoxide, the sensor tells you exactly what’s wrong and where. Nest Protect has a friendly human voice that will warn you whenever a slight presence of smoke is detected. Also, you’ll be notified about it via a Nest app on your smartphone. So far, so good. Let’s go over the pros and cons now.

nest protect sensor

The good about Nest smoke detector:

  • Tells you where the danger is: since all Nest smoke detectors are wirelessly connected, they all trigger when at least one of them detects smoke. Basically, if there is smoke in your kitchen, an alarm in your bedroom will warn you that there is smoke downstairs.
  • Phone alerts: if you’re not at home and Nest Protect detects something’s wrong, it will immediately notify you via a Nest app.
  • App silence: if there’s only a little smoke and everything’s under control, you can hush heads-up alerts for smoke/carbon monoxide and emergency alarm for carbon monoxide with your phone from the Nest app. But, emergency alarm for smoke can not be silenced if smoke levels are too high. It’s normal for all smoke detectors because it’s an industry requirement.
  • Safety check-up: Nest Protect performs auto-tests over 400 times a day to make sure its batteries and sensors work properly. You can also run a test by yourself by tapping the smoke detector. You’ll get a full report, once the test is done.
  • No chirps: you’ll get a notification on your smartphone if the batteries are running low. Plus, every time you turn off the lights in a room with Nest Protect, the smoke detector will respond with a quick, soft green glow. The green glow means that Nest Protect has automatically performed an auto-test and that its batteries are good.
  • Lights your way: every time you walk underneath Nest smoke detector at night, it will light your way with a soft white glow.

nest protect senses

The bad about Nest smoke detector:

  • False alarms: unfortunately there are a lot of complaints from Nest Protect customers about constant false alarms. Sometimes Nest smoke detector just goes off in the middle of the night waking everyone up when there is no smoke. And the problem is that you can’t simply turn it off. The only way to hush it is to remove the batteries. So, we highly recommend to keep a screwdriver along with earplugs handy. And if you happen to have this problem, Nest company will replace your smoke detector with a new one or provide a full-refund.

nest smoke senser

The bottom line:

There is definitely more good in Nest smoke alarm than bad. However, false alarms ruin the whole idea of smoke protection and safety. But hey, they might have fixed the issue already, wanna try?

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  1. Nest protect is a terrible product. Save yourself the aggravation and risk of dying because you took the batteries out in the middle of the night to stop all the false alarms. Google it yourself… you’ll find nest and google have known about this issue for several years. I have four of them installed in my home. Just completed chatting with nest about another false alarm. Bottom line of conversation with them, they won’t replace it.


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