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Keep intruders away with a smart camera!

Having a smart camera in your home is a great decision to make today. As not only will it provide you with live footage of what’s going on, but they can also come with additional features such as smart home integration, motion tracking, sound detection, and more!

Today we’ll be looking at the best budget smart camera that you can get, and what to expect from each model. Whether it’s Blink’s impressive cloud storage you like or Wyze Cam Pan’s great field of view coverage, there is bound to be a smart home camera out there for you.

So let’s get right to it, and check out the best cheap smart cameras for your home today!

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Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam

Check-in with your baby, or talk to your loved ones with Wyze Cam! This budget-friendly, yet effective smart camera offers some pretty great features for its competitive price.

This compact smart camera also comes with standard features such as night vision, live streaming, and more!


  • HD Live Streaming – Enjoy clear, 1080p HD videos from wherever you are! Wyze Cam offers you a vibrant live streaming quality, that allows you to clearly see potential intruders both night or day, or your baby sleeping peacefully straight from your smart device.

  • Motion & Person Detection – Wyze Cam’s motion detection technology will allow you to always be in the know of what’s going on inside as well as outside your home. However, now you can also receive specific alerts that will notify you when a person is detected. Allowing you to filter through even videos with people using Wyze Cam’s AI person detection technology!

    Wyze Cam also has a unique motion tagging feature, which latches onto a moving person and object, creating a box around it. It will then continue to follow it until it disappears from its field of view. This can be quite handy if you are monitoring your baby’s movements or even your pets.

  • Two-Way Audio – With Wyze Cam’s two-way technology, you can say hello to your guests and loved ones from anywhere in the world, though your iOS or Android smart device.

  • Free Cloud Storage – Don’t worry about expensive storage plans, as with Wyze Cam you can take advantage of free 14-day cloud storage, which allows you to store 10-15 second alert videos.

    It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case of internet malfunction, which is why you can also take advantage of local storage too. All you need to do is include an 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB FAT32 MicroSD card with your smart camera, which will even allow you to take advantage of continuous recording (CVR) too!

  • Alexa & Google Assistant – Enjoy hands-free control as Wyze Cam is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. All you need is a smart speaker such as Echo Show, Echo Spot or Google Hub, and you can easily operate your smart camera from wherever you are at home.


  • Sensitive Motion Alerts – A downside of the Wyze Cam, is that its motion detection technology is quite sensitive. So if you live in a particularly busy neighborhood, it might be a little annoying to get alerts from passing cars and people.

    To make it easier, you can also set times as to when the camera will send you alerts, like when you’re expecting guests, or during the late hours.

    However, a camera such as the boasts an advanced motion detection feature, that will only provide you with alerts that matter.

Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze Cam Pan

Monitor your whole room with Wyze Cam Pan’s 360° coverage. Paired with its pan, tilt, and zoom, you won’t miss a thing with this smart camera.

Not only that, you can enjoy voice control with Google Assistant as well as Alexa too, as well as advanced person detection, which will notify you of any potential intruders, keeping you and your home safe.


  • Field of View – Enjoy complete coverage of any room your Wyze Cam Pan is in, with its 110° per second rotation speed, 360° horizontal range, and 93° vertical range abilities.

    This impressive coverage will not only add an extra layer of security at home, but it will also eliminate the need to purchase multiple cameras to monitor a single room.

  • Voice Control – Operate your smart camera with just your voice using either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This hands-free control will allow you to have seamless control of any smart camera in your home.

  • 2 Way-Communication – Offer words of comfort from anywhere in the world to your loved ones, or even warn off potential intruders with the two-way audio technology.

  • Live-Stream from Anywhere – See the inside of your home in real-time from anywhere in 1080p HD clarity. This can also be used as a baby monitor, so you can check in both night and day.

  • Pan Scan & Motion Detection Technology – The Pan scan function lets you set 4 predefined waypoints to monitor, thus paying special attention to those specific areas.

    While the motion and person detection feature will notify you when anyone or anything is detected within its field of view, which then sends an alert straight to your iOS or Android smart device.

  • Storage – With Wyze Cam Pan, you can enjoy free cloud storage, which can reserve 12-second video or sound detections for up to 14 days, no charge!

    If you also like the idea of continuous video recording( CVR) for extra monitoring, you can also include an 8GB – 32GB FAT 32 micro SD card, to take advantage of your Wyze Cam Pan’s local storage.

    This also ensures that your camera won’t stop saving motion alerts, even during an internet outage.


  • Delay in Notifications – The main downside of Wyze Cam Pan is its seeming 2-5 second delay between the detected motion in front of the camera, and receiving alerts on your phone. Meaning that there is a possibility of you missing out on an important action.

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor

Blink XT2 extra 1

Keep an eye on your home both inside as well as outside with . This smart camera stands up to the elements with its operating temperature ranging from -4 to 113 degrees, so you won’t have to worry about leaving it out in the rain or blaring sun.

Additionally, it also comes with impressive battery life, as well as huge cloud storage to take advantage of too!


  • Extended Battery Life – Now you don’t have to worry about messing with cables or constantly swapping batteries, as this smart camera has an impressive battery life lasting up to two years! That’s double the life of the previous Blink XT.

    This option also ensures that Blink XT2 will continue functioning even during a power outage, so you still won’t miss out on anything important.

  • Cloud Storage – You can also take advantage of Blink’s XT2 impressive cloud storage, which allows you to store hundreds of clips for up to a year with no monthly fees or extra charges.

  • Day & Night Live-Streaming – Recieve clear 1080p HD footage both day and night straight to your smart device. This allows you to know exactly what’s going on both outside as well as inside your home, like the postman pulling up, or your kid’s playing in their rooms.

  • Compatible with Alexa – Enjoy hands-free control of your smart camera with Alexa! This allows you to view live streams, disarm or arm your Blink XT2 from anywhere in your home, using just your voice.

    A great way to check on your kids playing outside when your hands are full.

  • Two-Way Talk – Instruct your delivery man on where to leave your latest package with the use of the two-way audio technology.

    This also allows you to communicate with your loved ones or pets, even while you’re away at work.


  • Lack of Local Storage – Blink’s lack of local storage can be seen as a major downside, especially for those of you who wanted to take advantage of the continuous recording function, or have a backup plan in case of an internet cut.

  • Live-View Lag – There have also been a couple of complaints in regards to Blink’s XT2 1-3 second lag when loading videos, or detecting motion. Which can be quite annoying when you’re expecting someone, or if you missed out on an important motion.

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HeimVision Smart WiFi Camera


Another budget-friendly option to take note of is the .

This smart camera, not only offers a clear 1080p video definition, but it also comes with a 360-degree view as well as 110-degree wide-angle lens, allowing you to see more, for much less!

Additionally, it also comes with both cloud and local storage, therefore giving you plenty of options when it comes to reserving your videos.


  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom – See every corner of your room at any time with HeimVision’s pan, tilt and zooming abilities, allowing you to check in on your loved ones, as well as catch the intruder in the act.

  • Motion & Sound Detection – Get alerts directly to your iOS or Android smart device when any motion or sound is detected. You can also preset your desired positions, so you can closely monitor specific spots, making sure that you continue to receive alerts that matter.

  • Cloud Storage & Local backup – You can enjoy a free 1-month plan of 72-hour cloud storage, for all your motion alerts. What’s more, you also have the option of using a microSD to avoid the risk of losing any important alerts during an internet outage.

    Heimvision HM 203 supports up to 128 GB microSD cards and allows you to review, save, share and playback your recorded footage whenever you want.

  • Live-Streaming, both day & night – Check in on your home from wherever and whenever with the live view on-demand feature.

    In clear 1080p definition, you can see what your loved ones or pets are up to, from the comfort of your smartphone.

  • Two-Way Talk – Say hi to your guests, or yell at your pet to get off the couch with HeimVision’s the two-way audio technology.


  • No Smart Home Integration – Unfortunately, HeimVision HM203 doesn’t have the option of being paired with either Alexa or Google Assistant. This means that you can’t take advantage of features such as voice control.

  • Sensitive Motion Detection – A downside to the HeimVision’s smart camera, is it’s very sensitive motion detection technology, which a few people found to be quite annoying.

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YI Dome Camera

Enjoy both clear two-way audio with no background noise, as well as an excellent field of view coverage with YI Dome Camera.

The YI Dome Camera packs a lot of smart home security features for its affordable price tag. It also comes with a mechanical pan & tilt, motion and sound detection, motion tracking, and local as well as cloud-based event recording. Additionally, it will capture panoramic photos and even has a Baby Crying alert feature.


  • Complete Coverage – Capture panoramic scenes with YI Dome’s professional-grade lens and bi-directional rotation range. This means that you can expect to have almost no blind spots, giving you an extra sense of security from wherever you are.

  • Motion Tracking – Using its advanced algorithms, your smart camera will detect anyone or anything within its 345° horizontal & 115° vertical field of view, after which it will track and capture their movements using the motion tracking feature.

    Additionally, using it’s Auto-Cruise mode, it will also horizontally survey the area, and set up to 8 different locations to cruise through.

  • Live-View and Two-Way Audio – See anyone using YI Dome’s 1080p HD live stream from your smart device, and easily communicate with them with the two-way audio technology from wherever you are in the world.

    This allows you to be close to your loved ones while traveling or even warn off a potential home intruder.

  • Sound Detection – You also have the option of using YI Smart Dome Camera as a baby monitor too, as it not only detects motion but sounds too! Meaning that you will be alerted when your baby starts to cry or move around.

  • YI Cloud Storage – With YI Dome Camera you have the option of choosing between local or a YI cloud storage plan.

    You can choose between the Standard Plan, which includes 7, 15, or 30 days of looped video recordings, ranging from a monthly fee between $9.99 to $19.99.

    Then, you also have the Premium Plan which offers 24/7 round the clock video recording, with the same monthly price range, except it only supports one camera as opposed to the Standard Plan, which can support up to 5.


  • No Voice Control – Unfortunately, YI Dome Smart Camera isn’t compatible with either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, which means that you won’t be able to take advantage of the voice command feature.

  • MicroSD Card Removal – When removing the microSD card from your smart camera, it will need to rebooted after, which some may find to be a nuisance.

YI Smart Home Camera 3

YI Home 3 extra

Amp up your home security with YI Smart Home Camera 3. This unique model includes a 24/7 emergency responsive service, which is optional to sign up for and will allow you to connect with Noonlight’s Certified Dispatchers. Who will then contact the fire department, police or EMS to access your home, while you’re at work or away.

Not only that, but this smart camera also includes smart detection technology, as well as abnormal sound detection that you can take advantage of too.


  • Enhanced Alert System – Receive alerts that matter, with YI Smart Home’s impressive smart human detection capabilities. As it will eliminate ‘false positives’ that can be caused by light changes or even flying insects.

    Together paired with its abnormal sound detection, which can differentiate between a smoke alarm, crying baby or glass breaking, you have a truly smart camera that will only provide you with reliable alerts.

  • Clear Day & Night Vision – Enjoy a clear 1080p HD live view on-demand footage, both day as well as night time. So that you can easily check in on your loved ones, or pets from wherever you are in the world, straight for the smartphone.

  • 6 Month YI Cloud Storage – When you purchase your new YI Smart Home Camera, you can take advantage of up to 6 months of free YI cloud storage. Which includes a 24/7 live view and even 24 hours of recording back up, in case your microSD card gets damaged or stolen.

    After the 6 months are up and you wish to continue with a free plan, you can still take advantage of 7-days activity alert video storage, at no additional cost.

  • Voice Control – Enjoy hands-free control of your YI Smart Home Camera 3, with the ability to take advantage of Amazon Alexa. All you need is a smart speaker such as Echo Show or Echo Plus, and you’re ready to go!


  • Night Vision – When it comes to YI Smart Home’s night vision capabilities, there have been complaints claiming that the previous version YI Smart Home Camera 2 seems to have a better quality night vision technology than the current YI Home 3.

Best Cheap Smart Camera — Our Thoughts

Blink XT2 extra 2

In the end, when it comes to finding the best smart camera for a budget-friendly price, there are quite a few things to keep in mind.

For example, are you looking for an indoor or outdoor camera? If the latter, then the Blink XT2 is the model to consider.

If you wish to have a smart camera that will seamlessly monitor every corner of the room without any blind spots, then you’ll be impressed with YI Dome Camera, with its 345° horizontal & 115° vertical field of view, as well the Wyze Cam Pan with its 360° coverage.

While a model such as the YI Smart Home Camera 3, is great for home security with its advanced motion and sound capabilities, and the optional 24/7 emergency dispatching services.

However, when it comes down to the best model on this list, we feel like is the superior model. While it may not have the advanced motion detection abilities of the other models or even a local storage option, however, it does offer a one-year free cloud storage Plan, compatibility with Alexa, and an impressive 2 year extended battery power.

Not to mention its ability to withstand almost all outdoor elements, making it the more durable smart camera on this list.

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