Best Smart Camera For Baby Monitor

Keep an eye on your little one with a smart baby camera!

It’s time to replace your older baby monitor with a newer and more advanced smart camera.

These handy devices not only notify you when your baby is crying, but also allows you to monitor the live feed, receive motion & sound alerts, talk with your little one, and even play them a song!

A smart baby monitor lets you be close with your bundle of joy, or check-in with the nanny, even when you are far away.

A model such as Arlo Baby even acts as a night light which color tones you can choose! And Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera allows you to monitor your baby even without a phone when using its Smart Audio Unit.

So let’s get right to it, and see which smart baby monitor suits you and your little one best!

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Arlo Baby

Arlo Baby

Arlo Baby Smart Camera lets you check in on your baby with just a tap of the finger from anywhere in the world. You’ll also receive motion or sound alerts straight to your smart device, letting you know that your baby is awake and active.

This smart camera is specifically designed for entertaining and keeping an eye on your little one, with fun features such as a music player and the ability to change the color of the night light. It will also monitor the temperature, as well the humidity levels ensuring that your baby is always comfortable and warm.

This adorable monitor comes in different colors and animal forms that you and your baby will love.

Key Features:

  • Live-View on Demand – View your baby from anywhere in the world with the live view on-demand feature. Whether you’re at work, or in a different room, you can always check in on your little one in clear 1080p HD resolution.

  • 2 Way Audio – Talk with your baby from any room of the house, or even remotely with the two-way audio feature. This will allow you to be close to your loved one, even while at work.

  • Motion, Sound & Air Alerts – Recieve instant push notifications straight to your iOS or Android smart device whenever your little one is making noise, moving around, or even if the temperature drops, so you always know what your baby is up to.

  • Smart Night Lights – Now you don’t have to leave your baby in the dark, as you have thousands of colors to choose from, to illuminate the nursery with. This features also comes with a timer, and can even be remotely controllable too. You can also set the lights to automatically change, to give your baby a light show!

  • Smart Lullaby Player – Comfort your baby with a cute lullaby, nature sounds or even white noise to help them sleep! With Arlo Baby, you can choose from many different tracks, and even record your own voice which you can play after to your bundle of joy, to offer a sense of comfort when you’re away.

  • Cloud Storage – Arlo Baby already comes with 7 days of cloud storage to take advantage of. So you can keep a track of your baby’s movements, and even pinpoint their most active hours.

    However, should you wish for more storage, there are also additional plans available to choose from.

  • Smart Home Integration – You can also connect your Arlo Baby together with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, and more!

    So you can enjoy features such as voice control, allowing you to easily view the live view on-demand or adjust the light level, using just your voice.

Eufy SpaceView

Eufy SpaceView

See every corner of your baby’s room with the wireless SpaceView’s 5″ 720p video baby monitor display. This great resolution will ensure that you won’t miss a thing when it comes to keeping an eye on your bundle of joy.

We all know that our little ones grow fast, and in no time your baby will be walking around the room! When that happens, just attach the included lens to expand the view to 110 degrees, as there won’t be any need to buy an additional lens.

This smart baby monitor is great for busy moms, as you can always see what your baby is up to with the aid of the large screen, while also being able to communicate and hear your loved one too.

Key Features:

  • Impressive Field of View – See the whole room with Eufy’s impressive 330° view range, paired up with its 110° tilt, which will allow you to see from the floor all the way to the ceiling.

    You can also set up the camera wherever you want such as the wall, allowing you to get the best view of your baby.

  • Instant Alerts – Get notified immediately via the baby monitor whenever your baby is crying even when you’re sleeping, so you won’t miss a thing.

  • 2-Way Talk – Using the in-built microphone and speaker, allows you to have direct communication with your little one from wherever you are at home.

    So whether it’s to coax them into sleep, or play a fun game you can always be close to your baby.

  • Night & Day View – See your little one whenever you want in 720p resolution, even during the night with Eufy’s night vision feature. You can also zoom in 1.5x to 2x times to take a closer look , to make sure your baby is sleeping or awake.

  • Reliable Connection – Eufy SpaceView baby monitor comes with an FHSS connection, which ensures real-time communications and monitoring of your baby. So you won’t need to worry about your home internet being down, or other network issues.

Nest Cam

Nest Cam

See your baby 24/7 in clear 1080p HD resolution with Nest Cam!

While this model has been mainly designed to be used as a smart camera, it’s also an effective baby monitor too.

It will provide you with an excellent live view of your little one from wherever you are while offering other great features such as motion detection, 2-way audio and more. So you won’t miss a thing when it comes to your baby.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Speaker and Mic – Talk to your bundle of joy from wherever you are, with Nest’s built-in speaker and mic.

    This allows you to say hello to your baby from the office, or even comfort your little one with a lullaby.

  • Live-View on Demand – See your baby or nanny from anywhere in the world with the live view on-demand feature.

    You can easily view your loved one both day and night through any iOS or Android smart device. Ensuring that you can always be close to your little one, even when far away.

  • Motion Detection – Whether it’s your baby moving in its sleep, or awake and ready to go, it’s always good to receive motion alerts straight to your device when any movement is detected within the nursery.

    This feature will come in particularly handy when your little one starts walking!

  • Nest Aware – If you decide to include Nest Aware, you can take advantage of additional features such as intelligent sound detection to know when your baby is crying or making noises, person alerts, continuous recording, and even motion activity zones. So you can focus more on specific areas, such as the crib.

    That comes at the cost of $6 per month for 30 days of event-based notifications, or $12 monthly for 60 days of event-based notifications, and 10 days of continuous recording.

iBaby Monitor M6S


This smart WiFi baby monitor comes with temperature, humidity, and even air sensors to ensure that your baby is in the best environment that you can provide.

Additionally, this smart baby monitor also comes with all the essential features necessary in order to ensure your baby is safe and monitored at all times. Features such as 2-way audio, motion & sound detection, and day & night view make that possible!

Key Features:

  • Sound & Motion Alerts – Know when your little one is calling for you, or moving around a lot with iBaby’s sound & motion-detecting technology.

    This will allow you to monitor all of your baby’s movements from wherever you are.

  • Field of View – This smart baby camera has an impressive 360º horizontal, and 110º vertical field of view that will be enough to cover the whole nursery.

    Additionally, paired with its pan and tilt motion, you won’t miss a thing with the iBaby Monitor!

    To pan and tilt, simply swipe the screen of your mobile device.

  • Play Lullabies – Comfort your little one with iBaby’s lullaby playlist. This will allow you to entertain or coax your baby to sleep by playing some fun tunes, or even playing a recording of your own voice too!

  • Live-View on Demand – Access the 1080p live feed from your iOS or Android smartphone from wherever you are! This can be done through an iOS or Android device and lets you see what your little one is up to, even from the office.

  • iBaby Care App – From the iBaby Care app you can easily see the temperature, humidity, and even air quality readings, regardless of your location.

    While also enjoying a clear day and night feed of your little one, with the options of talking or listening in all done through your smartphone.

Ibaby M6S
787 Reviews

Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera


Use your smartphone to check in on your baby from wherever you are with Safety 1st Baby Monitor Camera.

This camera offers a clear 720p video feed, and a 130-degree wide-angle view allowing you to easily see the nursery.

Also, with this smart camera’s smart alert feature you can easily customize the settings so you can decide how much you want to be notified of motion and sound activity. For example, if one parent stays at home, they can be notified constantly as opposed to the parent who’s away at work.

Key Features:

  • Monitor Without Your Phone – You can operate your Smart Audio Unit with a single charge for up to 12+ hours. So now you can monitor your little one through the night without needing your phone.

    As it will continue to stream live audio and shines a soft light whenever sound or motion activity is detected.

  • Motion & Sound Alerts – Get notified whenever your baby is crying or even trying to escape, with the motion and sound alert technology.

    This will allow you to tend to your baby both day and night, ensuring that you never miss out on anything. You can also adjust sensitivity levels especially if your little one tends to move a lot in his sleep, so you don’t get notified about every small thing.

  • Complete Monitoring – Know what your baby is doing at all times through the smart camera’s efficient monitoring system.

    This allows you to access the 24-hour activity timeline and the smart baby audio unit all through the iBaby app, allowing you to hear, see, talk and even share viewing access.

Best Smart Camera For Baby Monitor — Our Thoughts

Arlo Baby

Taking care of a baby can be a lot of work, but with the help of a smart camera, it can make things a little easier for you and your loved ones.

Today we had looked at a wide range of impressive smart cameras that are both designed to replace your ordinary baby monitor, or a model such as the Nest Cam, which has the purpose of both as an indoor security camera, and as a baby monitor too.

When it comes to choosing the best one, there are a number of factors to keep in mind such as the viewing range. In that sense, a camera such as eufy SpaceView and iBaby Monitor M6S, won’t let you down with their impressive coverage skills.

However, in the end, we feel that Arlo Baby is a great choice to go with.

It comes with a myriad of fantastic features specifically designed for your little one.

Such as its ability to play music, temperature control, 2-way audio, and more. It also serves as a fun night light and even comes in cute designs providing to be a great addition to your nursery.

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