Flow Direction – Sous Vide

What is sous vide flow direction?

Sous vides cook food by heating water and circulating it around the container. Flow direction refers to the direction the water moves around the container. The heating tube features a motor which heats water while simultaneously moving it in a direction around the container.

There are many sous vides which circulate water differently. Some do it automatically, while others allow you to manually set the direction. Manually setting the direction can be beneficial if you have an oddly shaped container or a lot of food impeding the water from flowing normally around the container.

Most sous vides control the flow automatically. Automatic flow direction is more than enough to ensure a wonderfully cooked meal, as most people use a normal pot and aren’t over-filling it entirely with food.

You’ll often see sous vides featuring a 360° directional pump, which basically states that it circulates heated water throughout the container evenly, and not just in one direction. This is now considered standard, and most sous vides operate this way.

We think having the ability to manually set your flow direction is a nice feature, but with todays technology in sous vide cooking, it’s not super impactful.

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