Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 vs. 5

Experience sound quality like no other with a smart speaker!

Finding the right type of speakers for your home can be a little difficult since there are so many models out there today.

We hope to narrow it down a bit for you today with Onyx Studio 4 & 5, the two models that are quite different from each other, yet still offering something for everyone.

If you are a bass lover and want a speaker that’s more suited for a heavy sound, then you’ll like the Onyx Studio 5.

However, if you enjoy the idea of hands-free control, stereo sound, and crisp audio quality, then maybe Onyx 4 is the way to go!

Either way, check out the way these two Bluetooth speakers differ from each other, and how they can help enhance your listening experience!

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Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 vs. 5 — Differences


Difference #1: Siri & Google Now – For those of you who like the idea of using your new speaker with a voice assistant such as Siri, or Google Now, you’ll be glad to know that Onyx Studio 4 supports both assistants. You can easily configure the connection via the HK connect app.

So you can enjoy hands-free control over your smart devices such as lights, cameras and of course your smart speaker, allowing you to turn it on or off without even having to lift a finger!

Unfortunately, the HK connect app only works with the Onyx Studio 4, so that means you’ll have a harder time trying to connect your Oryx 5 with any voice assistants or enable the conference call function.

Difference #2: Audio Quality – When you are looking for a new speaker, you’ll probably want a model that can provide you with exceptional audio quality that will fill the whole room and liven up any party.

While both smart speakers come with impressive sound capabilities, Onyx 5 does have a deeper base with it’s 4.7” woofer which will bring much deeper levels to your favorite tracks.

While Onyx 4 can produce a notably higher frequency with its dual 8” tweeters that will bring life to your movie night or outdoor party.

So it’s pretty hard to say which model is the best in terms of sound quality if you’re looking for a more powerful bass that will enhance any soulful track, then Onyx Studio 5 is the one to go for. Otherwise, Onyx 4 with it’s higher frequency output, and crisp sound can complement almost any setting.

Difference #3: Aluminum Handle – It’s great to be able to easily move your speaker whenever you want, and can come in especially handy during long road trips or when moving. Which is why Harman Onyx 5 is designed to be carried around with it’s sleek and well thought out aluminum handle.

However, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that Onyx 5 is waterproof, the same goes for Onyx 4, so make sure that neither model comes in contact with water splashes.

Yet, if you want a smart speaker that is both portable and waterproof, check out the Sonos Move option, as it’s the perfect device to enhance your pool party or the next camping trip!

Difference #4: Daisy Chain – There are a couple of differences when pairing up your devices.

For example, if you wish to use the “daisy chain” method which basically means using Bluetooth to link one speaker to another, which links to a third one, and so on.

This can really enhance the audio output, and can be great when used in an auditorium, performances, or even parties!

Onyx Studio 4 allows you to link up to 100 Connect+ compatible speakers, while Onyx 5 can only be linked with another same model.

Additionally, through the use of the HK Connect App, and a second Onyx 4 speaker you can also enjoy stereo sound, which can really amplify any track, audiobook, or podcast you’re listening to, or even create the perfect movie experience!

Unfortunately, Onyx 5 isn’t compatible with the HK Connect app.

Difference #5: Size & Design – Harman Onyx 4 is bulkier with its dimensions of 13” x 12.5” x 8.5” when compared to Onyx 5’s 11.2” x 11.5” x 5”.

While it’s bulkier size might make it more difficult to place in the room, it does come with a nice range of color options to choose from such as Blue, Black, & White.

Yet we have to agree that the more compact Onyx 5, with its sleek aluminum handle is more aesthetically pleasing and will add a chic touch to any room.

It also comes in three different color options to opt for, which are Grey, Black, & Blue.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black (New Model, 100
Sale Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Onyx5) (Black)

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 vs. 5 — Comparison Chart

 Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5
Built-In MicrophoneYesNo
Siri & Google NowYesNo
Aluminum HandleN/AYes
HK Connect AppYesNo
Power OptionsBattery / DC InputBattery / DC Input
Daisy ChainUp to 100 Connect+
Compatible Speakers
Two Onyx Studio 5
Speakers Only
Multi-Host2 Devices2 Devices
Woofer3 x 24.7 x 1
Tweeter8 x 21 x 1
Battery Run TimeUp to 8 HrsUp to 8 Hrs
AUX CordYesYes
Dimensions13” x 12.5” x 8.5”11.2” x 11.5” x 5”
FinishBlue, Black, & WhiteGrey, Black, & Blue

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 vs. 5 — Things in Common


Battery Run Time – Both smart speakers have an impressive run time up to 8 hours, depending on the usage and volume output.

So you can enjoy your movie night with loved ones, or blast your favorite tunes without worrying about the battery running out too fast.

Bluetooth – In order to pair up multiple devices, stream music, and more, you’ll need a Bluetooth connection.

The connection can extend to about 33ft in distance, which is plenty of coverage to be able to operate your smart speaker from a different room without needing to be physically beside it!

Additionally, both Onyx 4 & 5 come with on-device buttons to operate your smart speaker with, in case you don’t have your smart device on you.

However, if you prefer a smart speaker that includes a wireless connection, you should check out the Bose Home Speaker 500, which supports both Bluetooth as well as a WiFi network, and even offers full app control!

AUX Cord – Both Onyx Studio 4 & 5 have a built-in AUX port, so you can easily connect other devices to your smart speaker to expand your listening experience!

So whether it’s to experience a truly cinematic night, or even as a tool to use when there isn’t a Bluetooth connection available, either way, this additional can come in very handy.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 vs. 5 — Accessories


Check out this Upgraded Portable Bluetooth Speaker Case for Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5, which comes in three color tones of Black, Blue. and Grey, to match your new Onyx 5 speaker!

This handy carrier bag not only looks attractive but it is also an efficient way to bring your speaker with you, as well as ensure it doesn’t get smudged or accidentally dropped.

And if you’re going for a really long trip, you can also check out this Hard Case for Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 with its convenient and sleek design, which will ensure your speaker is snug and protected.

Similarly, you can also get this dome-shaped Hard Case for your Onyx 4 speaker, so you can still bring it with you when you want to take the party elsewhere!

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 vs. 5 — Our Thoughts


So, in the end, both Harman Kardon Onyx 4 & Onyx 5 are quite different, with their similarities lying in their battery run time, Bluetooth connectivity, and the optional AUX port.

However, that can be subjective when it comes to the audio quality since Onyx 4 has a much higher frequency output with its dual tweeters, which produce a more crisp sound, while Onyx 5 provides us with a much deeper soul-shaking bass some of us enjoy.

Onyx 4 is also more flexible with its compatibility for voice assistants such as Siri and Google and the option to enjoy a stereo output when using together with the HK Connect app.

Additionally, Onyx 4 can be connected with up to 100 other Connect speakers, while Onyx 5 can only be paired with another Onyx 5.

When taking all this info to account, we feel like Onyx 4 is the better option to go for, however, if you are looking for a richer bass, and don’t really need a voice assistant compatibility, nor stereo sound options, Onyx Studio 5 is the one for you as it’s meant for the bass lovers out there.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black (New Model, 100
Sale Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Onyx5) (Black)

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