LIFX vs. Sengled WiFi Multicolor

While LIFX smart bulbs offer amazing quality and some hard-to-pass-up features, Sengled WiFi is also a reliable and more affordable alternative to choose from. When comparing LIFX vs. Sengled, Sengled offers a competitive price, while the LIFX offers a more premium quality.

It’s true that both of these lights will add a great ambiance to your home, yet the Sengled WiFi just doesn’t match up to how truly great the LIFX bulbs are. Plus, you can often find them on sale, which then doesn’t make the price difference seem so bad. With its music sync features and fantastic theme settings, the benefits are quite clear.

With that being said, let us give you a full breakdown of the two smart bulbs, so you can make the best choice between LIFX vs. Sengled for you and your home.

LIFX vs. Sengled WiFi Multicolor — Differences

Difference #1: Brightness – In terms of brightness, LIFX definitely beats Sengled WiFi.

With 1100 lumens, LIFX is well suited for spaces that need the extra light, such as a bathroom or the kitchen. LIFX also has a great temperature range of 2500-9000K. While Sengled WiFi’s 800 lumens and 2000K-6500K would be more suited in a smaller space.

However, the LIFX bulb does require more power than the Sengled WiFi, with it’s 11 vs. 9 Watts.

Simply put, you’ll have a much brighter light with wider range of color temperatures with the LIFX smart bulb.

Difference #2: Bulb Base – Make sure to always check beforehand if your new bulbs will fit your current sockets. LIFX supports both the standard E26, E27 as well as the B22 Bayonet. While the Sengled WiFi only supports the E26.

Difference #3: Beam Angle – A beam angle is quite important when it comes to choosing the right type of bulb, as it has a big effect on the way light fills a room.

There’s a difference between LIFX’s 135 degrees and the Sengled WiFi’s 240 degrees. While the Sengled WiFi’s beam angle is significantly wider, the greater spread does reduce the overall brightness quality.

So, you will be getting a more concentrated beam with LIFX and a more subdued one with the Sengled WiFi that reaches a little wider.

Difference #4: Apple HomeKit – This is perhaps the biggest difference when comparing the Sengled vs. LIFX. For you Apple HomeKit users, LIFX works well with home automation and Apple devices. Unfortunately, Sengled WiFi doesn’t have this function yet — but they may be adding it in the future.

Difference #5: Microsoft Cortana – Both of these smart bulbs have the cool function of controlling them using simple voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabled devices. Which makes it great for the moments when you can’t find your phone!

Yet, with LIFX, you can now also use Microsoft Cortana too. Though it may not be as popular as Alexa or Google Assistant, it’s still a great addition to those who are using Microsoft to control their tech.

Difference #6: Outside Use – You can use the LIFX bulb both outside and inside your home, which is great for outdoor parties or lighting up your driveway up on the way home.

However, the Sengled WiFi is designed only for indoor use, although it can withstand cold temperatures of up to (-20 to 40°C).

Keep in mind though, that the LIFX isn’t waterproof so make sure not to expose it directly to water. Though it’s resistant to humidity, so it’s safe to have them in the bathroom.

Difference #7: Music Syncing – Bring some life to your party with the ability to sync music to your lights. This feature is standard to LIFX smart bulbs, including many other cool effects to choose from.

Sadly, the feature isn’t available yet on the Sengled WiFi bulbs.

Difference #8: Warranty – Lastly, the Sengled WiFi beats LIFX in terms of the warranty, offering 3 years, while LIFX offers only 2.

The warranty should always be an important factor to keep in mind when buying smart light bulbs: they aren’t cheap, and you could lose serious money in case something happened to them after the 1-year mark.

Even if both smart bulbs are considered to be reliable brands, it’s always good to be on the safe side when it comes to bigger purchases.

LIFX vs. Sengled WiFi Multicolor — Comparison Chart

LIFX Sengled WiFi
Lumens 1100 Lm. 800 Lm. (60W equivalent)
Color Temperature 2500-9000K 2000K – 6500K
Colour Range 16 million colors 16 million colors
Dimming 1% – 100% 1% – 100%
Night Vision No No
Geofencing via IFTTT via IFTTT
Scheduling Yes Yes
Away Home Control Yes Yes
Music Syncing Yes No
Movie/Games Syncing No No
Technology WiFi WiFi
Requires a Hub/Bridge No No
Wi-Fi Router Requirement 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/n
App iOS 9+, Android 4.1+, Windows 10 iOS/Android
Apple HomeKit Yes No
Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
Google Assistant Yes Yes
Microsoft Cortana Yes No
Full Brightness 11 Watts 9 Watts
LED Life-Span 22.8 years (based on 3hrs/day) 22.8 years (based on 3hrs/day)
Bulb Base E26, E27 Screw or B22 Bayonet E26
Beam Angle 135 degrees 240 degrees
Security WPA/WPA2 N/A
Water Resistant No No
Outside Use Yes No
Product Dimensions LxWxH 2.48 x 2.48 x 4.52 in 2.3 x 2.3 x 4.2 in
Weight 0.46 lbs 0.35 lbs
Warranty 2 years 3 years from the manufacturer

LIFX vs. Sengled WiFi Multicolor — Things in Common

Sengled Light Bulbs

Away from Home Control – It’s great to have the option of being able to control your lights even while away. Both the LIFX and Sengled WiFi smart bulbs offer just that.

Unlike other like bulbs that require a hub or a bridge in order to connect to WiFi, LIFX and Sengled both support WiFi technology. Meaning, they can connect directly to your WiFi router for remote control.

The smart bulbs use 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/n network to communicate with the router.

Colour Range – We imagine this to a feature that many of you are looking for.

Both light bulbs can produce up to 16 million vivid and powerful color options — There really is a color for every mood! And LIFX even has some cool themes to choose from, such as Halloween or Christmas tones.

You can set the perfect tone for date night, or have the colors of your favorite team up and glowing while watching the match.

Dimming – Being in control of your light is a great tool to have. With the dimming feature, it allows you to set your light to the desired level via an app. You have full control over the type of ambiance you want to set.

Whether you are winding down for bed, or need bright light to get you up and going in the morning, both the LIFX and Sengled smart bulbs will support that.

Scheduling – Did you know that you can also schedule your smart bulbs to turn on or off?

By using pre-programmed schedules, you can easily set your light bulbs to turn on when you are at home, and off when you leave for work. It’s a good tool to ensure that excess energy isn’t wasted.

Geofencing & IFTTT – While scheduling can be a useful tool, it isn’t entirely reliable.

This is where Geofencing comes in, and this feature can be enabled through the integration with IFTTT.

IFTTT, simply put, is a conditional trigger system that lets you connect several smart devices to run simultaneously. By doing so, you can, for example, set it up to automatically turn the lights on or off as your smartphone connects to or leaves the WiFi network.

There are some other cool features with IFTTT. Such as the ability to turn off the light at sunset, or even to have the lights turn blue when it begins to rain!

LED Life-Span – Based on the usage of 3 hours per day, both brands should last up to 22.8 years.

Most of us, of course, will use our lights for much longer than that per day, but you should still get a sufficient amount of years out of a single bulb, even with frequent use.

Not Compatible with Dimmer Switches – It’s important to note that, most LIFX light bulbs are not compatible with common dimmer switches.

The reason being is that LIFX offers all the dimming capabilities right from the app. You can change the tone, dim or turn your lights on/off right from your smart phone. And even though LIFX doesn’t work with dimmer switches, LIFX does work with standard single-pole light switches.

LIFX vs. Sengled WiFi Multicolor — Accessories


When it comes to the accessories you can add to your collection, we’ve found some great extras for your home.

For Sengled, our top choices would be the Sengled Smart LED with Security Camera or Sengled Smart LED Multicolor Light Strip.

The LIFX’s lineup is a little bit more diverse, offering a lot of interesting and unique products to choose from. Take a look at these cool choices: LIFX light strip, LIFX Mini, LIFX Beam, and LIFX Tile.

Keep in mind that some of these brand’s smart products usually work with the same main app, so you can easily mix and match a variety of accessories with the knowledge that it will all come together perfectly.

LIFX vs. Sengled WiFi Multicolor — Our Thoughts


In terms of comparison, it’s clear which smart bulb takes the top spot — LIFX.

While Sengled offers a more affordable price range, LIFX has cool features such as music syncing, smart home integration with Apple HomeKit, and control via Cortana.

If you don’t care too much about those type of features, then Sengled WiFi is a good choice. It has a more attractive price, as well as a longer warranty.

Yet, if you are lucky enough to find the LIFX smart bulbs on sale, then we see no real reason to choose Sengled WiFi over LIFX’s superior quality.

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