LIFX Z vs. Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus

When it comes to picking out the perfect lightstrip for your home, you want to choose something that’ll offer you bright vivid colors with a full spectrum, and something which can transform your home into an art zone.

While LIFX still makes some of the brightest bulbs on the market, the Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is a new product from our beloved company by Xiaomi, accompanied by an upgraded Yeelight Smart Light Bulb V2. This lightstrip comes at an affordable price, with the latest features such as controlling the lightstrip from a smartphone via WiFi with no hub required.

With that being said, let’s see if Yeelight Lighstrips stacks up to the higher-end LIFX Z. We’ll give you a full breakdown of the two brands so you can decide which one is right for your home.

LIFX Z vs. Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus — Things in Common


    • Internet Connection – With built-in WiFi, both LIFX Z and Yeelight are simple to set up and easy to use. There is no hub or bridge required all you have to do is just plug it in, tap in the app, and via smartphone or smart voice assistants you can create amazing lighting effects.
    • 16 Million Colors – The LIFX Z and Xiaomi Yeelightstrip Plus can provide you with up to 16 million different color choices! You’ll have every tone to match your mood, and have the perfect lighting for any event. The app also allows you to change the brightness and the glow. Also, you can have preset scenes to auto-adjust the color or just create your own scenarios using the timers.
    • Length & Extensions – With LIFX Z and Yeelight you can create customized lighting under the cabinet, TV, table, etc. With the length of 6.6ft, extendable up to 32-33ft, the expandable strips can be easily cut and pasted wherever you wish. You also have the availability of purchasing the 3.3’ extended strip, if you’d like to cover a larger space, such as the corridor or stairs.
  • IFTTT – IFTTT is this powerful tool that connects to your LIFX and Yeelight lights, via the apps and devices you use every day. You can connect your LIFX through apps like Facebook or Fitbit.You can do cool things like, automate your lights to gradually turn on with the setting sun. You don’t even have to flick a switch or lift a finger! You can also select your favorite team, choose their colors and flash your lights every time they score. IFTTT is a great tool to use for scheduling around your day.
  • Music Syncing – Be the life of the party, by syncing up your LIFX or Yeelight bulbs with your favorite songs. Watch the light colors change to the beat of the songs. Music syncying is also perfect for a celebration to create a joyful environment.

LIFX Z vs. Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus — Differences


  • Difference #1: Brightness – It’s undeniable that with its 1,400 Lm that LIFX Z provides, you get extremely vivid and accurate colors. Compared to Yeelight Lightstrip Plus with its 180 Lm. What’s also great about LIFX Z, is that the strip gets brighter when extended! Meaning that the overall lumen output of the strip goes up 700 lumens with each extension. The limit ends at about 2,800 lumens per light strip. That’s a huge amount, compared to 180 lumens. Yeelight Aurora just doesn’t measure up to that kind of brightness, so it would be more suited for smaller spaces that require a softer light.So, if you’re looking for increased brightness and vivid colors, LIFX Z is the way to go.
  • Difference #2: White Color Spectrum – One of the biggest differences worth discussing when comparing the LIFX Z vs. Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is white color output. The LIFX offers you an array of color temperatures ranging from 2,500 to 9,000K. You can have various white tones for different activities, the warmer tones are great for reading, relaxing and winding down for bed, while the natural/cool white light can energize you and help you concentrate.While the Yeelight Aurora Plus, on the other hand, lacks in white color, due to EU certification. For the reason that the white color is made through mixing RGB colors, but does not come from actual white beads, and EU certification requires that the white color comes from the light bead. For that reason, the light strip is RGB only.
  • Difference #3: Zone Control – The LIFX lightstrip is the only strip to offer zone control. It has 8 color zones per meter, and you can customize each zone with a different color. Let your creativity run wild, as you accent your home decor with its customizable color zones. While sadly, the Yeelight Aurora doesn’t have this feature as of yet.
  • Difference #4: App – Both LIFX Z and Yeelight Aurora Plus use iOS and Android. With the exception of Windows 10 that is also used by LIFX Z. You have the ability to access Microsoft Cortana, it is a built-in feature on Windows 10 PCs and Harman Kardon Invoke smart speakers.
  • Difference #5: Smart Home Integration – LIFX Z also supports, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Apple HomeKit. You can integrate with smart products like:Nest, which is dedicated to creating a thoughtful home. LIFX works with Nest cameras, Nest thermostats, and the Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm.

    You also have , which improves your LIFX experience, making your home a more secure and efficient place.

    Xinity also can be paired with your LIFX products. It allows you to control all your lights and smart home devices via a single app. Plus, with extra lights, you can even extend your smart cameras’ night vision range.

    Let us not forget about , which can be used to create the perfect home. You can automatically dim your lights to watch the latest movie or set the mood to match your music.

    And when it comes to smart security systems, LIFX has you covered.

    You have the option of using LIFX with , which will definitely bring your home security to the next level. You can set up your LIFX lights to flash red whenever the Scout alarm is triggered to amplify the message and ward off any intruders.

    You also integrate LIFX with the abode security system, which LIFX can directly connect to. It offers powerful home security and automation capabilities in the top-rated and self-installed started kit.

    The Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus, on the other hand, is not as versatile as LIFX when it comes to smart home integration. As of now, it supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Also, support for Apple HomeKit is coming soon too.

  • Difference #6: Manual Control – This is where Yeelight beats LIFX Z. You have a single-button remote which sits on the cable. You hit the button to turn the light on or off and hold it down to change the color. This is a great tool for when you don’t have access to your smartphone, or if someone else wants to control the lights.Unfortunately, the LIFX Z lightstrip doesn’t offer manual control, unless of course you simply unplug it to turn it off.

LIFX Z vs. Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus — Comparison Chart

LIFX Z Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus
Consumption 17W (6.6 Ft.) 7.5W (6.6 Ft.)
26.6W (33 Ft.)
Lumen Output 1,400 Lm. (6.6 Ft.)
2,800 Lm. (at max.)
180 Lm. (6.6 Ft.)
White Color Spectrum 2,500 to 9,000K RGB only
Internet Connection WiFi: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n WiFi: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
16 million colors Yes Yes
Zone Control Yes No
Length 6.6 Ft. 6.6 Ft.
Extendable Yes (up to 32 Ft.) Yes (up to 33 feet with 3.3′ extensions)
Lifespan (in hours) About 25,000 About 25,000
Apps iOs, Android, Windows 10 Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 or above
Requires a hub to work No No
Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
Google Home Yes Yes
Microsoft Cortana Yes No
SmartThings Yes No
HomeKit Yes Coming soon
Entertainment Via third-party apps Yes
Manual Control No Yes

LIFX Z vs. Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus — Accessories

LIFX - Accessories - 02

Let’s have a look at some of the useful accessories that both lights offer.

With the LIFX you can have the option of getting a LIFX Mini. These small lights can unleash up to 800 lumens of brightness with its smart lighting range.

With the LIFX A19, you can control them via the LIFX app, the lights are vivid, vibrant and well connected.

Want to have some outdoor lights? You can with the LIFX Outdoor Lights. You’re able to take your party outside too.

Create incredible scenes and decor in your home, with the LIFX Beam. You can let your imagination run wild, as you paint with light creating your own setting.

Lastly, we have the LIFX Tile, with this, you’ll have the ability to create amazing scenes and artwork at home.

The Yeelight also has a lot to offer, including the Yeelight Smart LED Bulb (Color), which allows you to paint your home with colors, as well as sync it up with music, perfect for parties.

My personal favorite is the Yeelight Candela, the Candela holds a 1600K color temperature, mimicking the warm color of candlelight. It allows you to adjust the brightness so you can create the perfect mood for a romantic dinner or meditation practice.

With its BLE Mesh technology, Candelas are also able to communicate with each other. Allowing you to control up to 30,000 Candelas at once! All you have to do is, rotate a single Candela and watch all the other Candles spring to life.

LIFX Z vs. Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus — Our Thoughts


It’s easy to see that LIFX Z is the superior light strip in this comparison. The only thing that it lacks, is manual control. But other than that, it offers fantastic brightness, seamless smart home integration, and other useful smart home tech features.

When it comes to the cost, the Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus wins. It’s a budget-friendly option, that is easy to install and connects straight to your Wi-Fi router. It also provides smooth and reliable control of your smart lighting. Though not as bright as LIFX Z, it’s more suited to the ambient and complementary style of lighting, rather than as a standalone light fixture.

Making Yeelight Lightstrip a great choice if that’s what you’re looking for. Otherwise, we’d recommend paying a little extra and getting the LIFX Z.

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