Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Switch • A Smart Solution

As the world gets more digital and a wide array of smart home solutions enter our homes. Wouldn’t it be great to get total remote control of your home appliances with one simple device? From smart locks to smart lights, home automation systems offer more than just absolute control — it’s peace of mind, comfort, and convenience. And an incredible item in the world of smart home technology is a wireless dimmer. The Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer, to be more precise. It’s a switch that can totally bring remote lighting control to a whole new level.

Adjust the brightness of your light and create the perfect ambiance in just one click. With Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmer, you can control the light output and even reduce overall energy costs. And just imagine — you can do it all remotely.

remote control

Lutron offers different ways of remote lighting control. All Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmer kits come with a Pico remote control. This small and easy-to-use device helps you control dimmers remotely. And it’s great, but is there any way I can use an app on my smartphone to control the lights? — Yes, there is. And all you need is Lutron Smart bridge. Simply plug it into your router and install Lutron app on your smartphone. That’s it. With Lutron app, you can control lights in your home from anywhere you have a data connection. It’s so convenient, that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

remote control

Lutron app is free and can be used on any Android or Apple smartphone. It is also available for Apple watch.

You can use Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer with 4 types of light bulbs:

4 bulb types

When choosing a dimmer, first thing that needs to be checked is compatibility with different types of light bulbs. Unfortunately, there are dimmers that support only specific types of light bulbs. This can be a problem, especially if you have a mixed set of light bulbs in your home. But luckily, with the Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmer switch, you don’t even have to worry about it.

The dimmer works with all four types of light bulbs — dimmable LED and compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, as well as halogen, incandescent, and even magnetic low voltage (MLV) light bulbs. With all these options, Lutron offers you total flexibility when it comes to bulb choices.

With Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer,
no additional wiring is required.

lutron dimmer connection

Just a thought of dealing with additional wiring and electrical companies gives you headaches? Then Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer switch is for you.
No need to call an electrician — This is a DIY model. You can simply replace your existing switch with Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmer in as little as 15 minutes.

If you’re a newbie in electrical questions, don’t worry. You can find all the necessary information you need in the Lutron Dimmer installation guide or the Lutron In-Wall dimmer setup video instruction.


Technical specifications of Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmer models:

Model Number Product Description Capacity
PD‑5WS‑DV Caséta Wireless 5A In-Wall Switch PRO, 120/277 V 5A lighting/ 3A fan (1/10 HP, 120/277V)
PD‑10NXD Caséta Wireless C.L In-Wall Dimmer PRO, dimmable CFL & LED, incandescent/ halogen/MLV, 120 V 250 W CFL & LED, 1000 W Inc/Hal, 1000 VA MLV, 120V
PD‑6WCL Caséta Wireless C.L In-Wall Dimmer, dimmable CFL & LED, incandescent/halogen, 120 V 150 W CFL & LED, 600 W Inc/Hal, 120V
PD‑3PCL Caséta Wireless C.L Plug-in Lamp Dimmer, dimmable CFL & LED, incandescent/halogen, 120 V 100 W CFL & LED, 300 W Inc/Hal, 120V

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