Neato D5 vs. D7 Connected

Keep your home neat, with a Neato!

How great would it be to possess a vacuum that you can schedule to clean your floors whenever you want it to? And the best part is, that you don’t even have to lift a finger to do it. By using voice control, both Neato D5 and D7 can be switched on and off, regardless of your location. So if you’re running late from an appointment, and need to have the house cleaned and dinner cooked before your guests come over, Neato can help with that (except the dinner part, unfortunately).

Using LaserSmart technology, your Neato can effectively map and adapt to your home, learning to avoid objects and decide on the most effective way to have your floors cleaned.

While also coming at a cheaper price, Neato D5 still offers those very same features. But if you decide to spend a little more, Neato D7 offers even more! Such as Zone Cleaning and Turbo Clean, fantastic tools that will allow you to have even more control over your floors.

So be sure to check out Neato D5 vs. D7 to decide which model might suit you best. Feel free to skip down to any part by using our navigation system.

Neato D5 vs. Neato D7 — Things in Common

Neato D5 pet

  • LaserSmart technology – Having a LaserSmart technology, allows your robots to map your home efficiently, avoid objects and clean in straight lines, so no spots are missed. This feature lets them navigate around your home using lasers, which can even help them see in the dark! So your robots will be able to easily navigate around furniture and even stop at the stairs.

  • ‘D’ Shaped Design – When looking at the Neato D5 vs. Neato D7 side by side they look very simmilar. Neato’s unique ‘D’ shaped design, allows them to get into even more spaces. Using their large core brush and side brush, they can go along the edges picking up dust, hair, and dirt. Leaving all your corners and edges nice and clean with every pass.

  • Suits All Floor Types – It doesn’t matter what type of floor you have, carpet, tile or wood. Both Neato D5 and D7 will take care of them all. So you don’t have to worry if your robot can get into the small spaces between the tiles, their unique, small spinning side brushes have been designed to get into all the nooks and crannies.

  • Smart Connect – Both Neato D5 and D7, can be controlled via smartphone, smartwatch, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. So you have the ability to control your robot without having to even press anything! Tell Alexa to make Neato start cleaning the kitchen as you leave for work or get the living room vacuumed before you have guests over for dinner.

  • Remote control – By using the Neato app you have the cool ability to schedule a daily cleaning or even control your Neato from a different location! You can set your Neato to have all your floors vacuumed when finishing up at work, so you’ll come home to a clean home. Or even while on a holiday, to keep your floors clean and dust free for when you get back. You have the power over your schedule, and you can change it as you wish.

  • Quick Charge – The Quick Charge feature is a fantastic addition to both Neato D5 and D7. In most cases, when the battery is running low, your robot will go back to its base to fully recharge and then resume, right? Well for these models, your Neato will boost up just enough to finish the job. So you won’t have to wait for it to charge all the way back to 100%, to finish its job. This is a very useful and time-saving feature.

  • Cleaning Summary – The Cleaning summary feature allows you to view your Neato’s cleaning history and statistics via its app. You can also see the vacuumed areas, as well as any obstacles which had prevented the robot from getting into some areas. You have access to all the detailed insights about the cleaning performances, and coverage of your robot. So you’ll always know how much space has been cleaned, and how quickly too.

  • Find Me – Lost your Neto? No worries! With its unique ‘Find Me’ technology, you can locate your Neato, wherever it may be hiding. All you have to do is click on the robot icon on Neato app dashboard, and your robot will start beeping for 5 seconds so you can literally follow the sound until you find it.

Neato D5 vs. D7 — Differences

Neato D7 carpet

  • Difference #1: Run Time – There is a distinct difference between the two Neatos total run time. With Neato D5 being 90 minutes, and Neato D7 120 minutes. While there is a 30-minute difference between the two, you have to keep in mind the Quick Charge feature. Which will allow your Neato to quickly boost up just enough to finish its job, so there isn’t a long wait when it comes to how quickly your floors are done.

  • Difference #2: Zone Cleaning – The Zone Cleaning function, allows you to control which areas should be specifically cleaned by your Neato D7. You can even create a schedule to clean it regularly too. This is particularly handy for areas which collect the most dirt, maybe near the front door because of people coming or going, or the kitchen. Regardless of where this useful tool will keep those areas clean at all times. Unfortunately, this feature is only available to the D7 model.

  • Difference #3: Price – Neato D5 Connected, does come with a cheaper price tag. So you don’t have to worry about having to spend huge amounts of money to get some smart cleaning done.

  • Difference #4: Boundary Markers – The difference between Neato D5 and D7, is that D7 uses digital No-Go Lines, that allow you to mark off any areas that you want it to avoid via the app. While D5 uses physical boundary strips. You lay these directly on the floors in order to provide physical boundaries for your Neato. While they are equally as useful and effective, for those of you who don’t like to leave any strips on the floor, Neato D7 digital option may sound better.

  • Difference #5: Turbo Mode – Neato D7 Turbo Mode allows it to get even deeper into the dirt which collects mainly in carpets. This feature is especially useful if you have pets that tend to shed a lot of hair. Unfortunately, the D5 model lacks turbo mode.

Neato D5 vs. D7— Comparison Chart

Neato D5 Neato D7
Lazer Smart Mapping & Navigation  Yes Yes
Filter type Ultra Performance Ultra Performance
WiFi Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Battery Lithium iron Lithium iron
Voice control Alexa & Google Assistant Alexa & Google Assistant
Auto Charge & Resume Yes Yes
Multiple floor plans Yes Yes
Cleaning summary Yes Yes
Coverage maps Yes Yes
Apple Watch support Yes Yes
Quick Charge  Yes Yes
Boundary markers Included Digital ‘no go’ lines
Run time Up to 90 mins. Up to 120 mins
‘D’ Shaped design Yes Yes
LaserSmart™ Technology Yes Yes
Eco-mode No Yes
Turbo Mode No Yes
Find Me Yes Yes
Full dust bin indicator Yes Yes
Weight 7.5 lbs. 7.5 lbs.
Height 3.9 inches 3.9 inches
Depth 13.2 inches 13.3 inches
Width 12.7 inches 12.7 inches

Neato D5 vs. D7 Connected — Accessories

Neato Botvac Connected and D Series Parts

Now that we have discussed the various differences between Neato D5 and Neato D7, let’s take a look at some of the accessories that you can include with your robot.

Avoid your Neato getting into places where you don’t want it with the Neato Boundary Marker.

This allows you to mark off certain areas, keeping your Neato out. Even though it already comes included with your Neato D5, you can purchase more as needed.

Make sure to keep your robots well maintained by checking out the replacement parts package, which includes filters and side brushes. It should keep your Neato in a good shape at least for the foreseeable future.

Also, a Brush cleaning comb is especially useful if you have furry pets at home. Over time there will be clumps of hair in your robot, so this comb will do a great job in cleaning that out.

Neato D5 vs. D7 Connected — Our Thoughts

Neato D7 pet friendly

It’s obvious that both models offer some great features when it comes to keeping your floors clean. Though there are some differences, like D7’s run time, which is 120 mins, ideal for large and open spaces. Or the zone cleaning feature, which allows you to concentrate on specific areas, that tend to attract more dirt. Making this product well suited for a larger home with pets, as it also has the Turbo Cleaning Mode, which D5, unfortunately, does not.

And if you’re looking for something more simple and budget-friendly, then Neato D5 is a good option for you. It still offers some useful features, such as Quick Charge and scheduling, allowing you to be in control of when your floors should be cleaned.

Yet if you’re willing to splash out more, then Neato D7 unique and powerful cleaning abilities, will be a great addition to any household.

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