Neato D7 vs. Roomba i7

Take your home cleaning to the next level!

Do you like the sound of a robot that can clean your floors on command, with little to none interaction involved? Well, now it’s possible! Both Neato and Roomba series offer some powerful smart robots that you can schedule to clean your floors wherever, and whenever you want them to, through daily scheduling and even voice control.

They also come with other great technological advancements too, such as zone cleaning, smart mapping and more.

Let’s take a look at the top 2 trusted brands, and compare their differences to find the best suited for you and your home.

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Neato D7 vs. Roomba i7 — Things in Common

Neato D7 carpet

  • Recharge & Resume – Both Neato D7 and Roomba i7 have a useful recharge and resume feature. So you don’t have to worry about your robot being stuck somewhere in the middle of the room. When its battery runs low, it will pop back into its base charge up and pick up from where it had left off. Though Neato D7 takes it one step further with its Quick Charge addition, which we will talk about later.

  • Wall Barrier – Having a wall barrier for your robot is a very handy tool. It stops it from getting into places you don’t want it to be in. It’s also great for protecting certain spots, like the pace where you keep potted plants or pet food bowls. With Neato D7, you have the option of using Boundary markers. These useful, black strips can be placed anywhere on the floor, and your robot won’t go past it. Or to take it a step further, you can also use the app to create virtual ‘No-Go’ lines, no strips needed!

    While with Roomba i7, you’d have to use Virtual Wall Barriers. They act the same way as the Boundary Markers. These small, black rectangular shaped barriers can be placed anywhere around your home.

  • Voice Control – Control both Neato D7 and Roomba i7 with your voice, via Google Assistant and Alexa. You can tell your robot to start and stop cleaning whenever you want it to. This is a great tool to use when you’ve had a spill in the kitchen that needs to be vacuumed quickly, and you don’t need to press any buttons!

  • Scheduling – Leaving your traditional vacuum behind with this great feature! Scheduling allows you to set specific times via the app, to have the robot clean your floors. It can be early morning before everyone wakes up. Or as you’re leaving work, so you’d return home to nice, clean floors. The beauty of this technology is that it can be changed and tweaked as you please.

  • Remote Control – How awesome would it be, to control your smart vacuum from absolutely anywhere? Well with Neato D7 and Roomba i7, you can! Through using your app, you can control your robot from any location. Stuck in traffic, but having guests over for dinner? No worries, with the scheduling feature you can have your floors nice and freshly vacuumed before you arrive home.

  • Zone Control/Mapping – The Zone Control feature in Neato D7 and Mapping in Roomba i7 allow your robot to specifically concentrate on certain areas you want to be cleaned. This is great for when using voice control as all you need to say is: “Roomba, clean my kitchen” or “ Neato, clean my living room”. And your trusty robot won’t waste any time in getting to work.

Neato D7 vs. Roomba i7 — Differences

iRobot Roomba i7+ - Extra - 01

  • Difference #1: Run Time – There is quite a gap between the two models when it comes to their run time. Neato D7 comes out ahead with its run time of 120 minutes. While Roomba has only 75 minutes. Extended run time is better for larger and more open spaces, as your robot will waste less time in having to recharge and resume its task again. While Roombas shorter run time would be better suited for smaller homes and spaces.

  • Difference #2: Find Me – You’ll never lose your Neato! With its unique “Find Me” feature. Allowing you to locate your robot in case it runs into some trouble. All you have to do is locate the robot icon on your Neato app dashboard. Press it, and your robot will start beeping continuously for 5 seconds until you find it. Unfortunately, Roomba i7 doesn’t have such a feature.

  • Difference #3: Quick Charge – Neato D7 impresses us once again. With its Quick Charge function, you won’t have to wait for your robot to fully charge before resuming its task again. The quick charge works by having your robot boost up only as much as needed and then returning straight back to continue the work. Saving a lot of time, that would otherwise be spent charging up to 100%, like Roomba i7.

  • Difference #4: Automatic Dirt Disposal – One of the biggest differences worth discussing when comparing the Neato D7 vs. Roomba i7 is compatibility with an Automatic Dirt Disposal. This optional addition for you Roomba i7, allows it to automatically dispose of all the dirt it has collected into a base. This makes the robot completely self-sufficient as there is little you have to do to maintain it. This is especially useful if you’re out, as you won’t have to worry about your Roomba stopping its work because the bin is full. Keep in mind that Roomba i7+ and Roomba s9+ model do come with an Clean Base ™ Automatic Dirt Disposal already included.

    While Neato D7 does require you to have it cleaned out, and it will notify you of when its bin is full.

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  • Difference #5: Carpet Boost Mode – If you have many carpets at home, then the Roomba’s i7 carpet boost mode, is the perfect addition for you. This technology will allow your Roomba to get really deep into your carpets and suck up all that dirt, dust and hair. This is especially useful if you have furry companions at home, as it will really help you to tackle all that pet hair that can be a nuisance to clean.

    While Neato D7 doesn’t have this type of mode, it does provide you with Turbo and Eco mode.

    Turbo mode is a slightly noisier more powerful mode that is focused on quicker and more intense cleaning.

    While Eco mode, as its name may suggest. Is far gentler, and power saving mode. The Eco mode might be best used while you’re away since it will use the opportunity to thoroughly clean your home, in a slower gentle manner, saving the amount of energy being used.

  • Difference #6: ‘D’ Shaped Design – Neato D7 robot’s unique ‘D’ shaped design, contrary to the more common round shape, allows it to get into spaces your Roomba might not be able to. Such as bar stools, under furniture and cabinets. While also being able to get much closer to the walls and edges too.

  • Difference #7: Onboard Camera/ Laser-guided mapping – Roomba i7 uses its onboard camera in order to ‘see’ its path ahead, and carefully navigate around your home. It also uses this feature to map out your floors and adapt to the most effective method of cleaning. While Neato D7 uses Laser-Guided mapping to do essentially the same thing, except its unique lasers allow it to see in the dark too, a good thing to keep in mind if you like to have your floors to be vacuumed late at night.

  • Difference #8: Height – Height is quite important when it comes to how well your robot will be able to maneuver around and under furniture. Neato D7 comes slightly higher with its 3.9 inches, compared to Roomba robot’s 3.6. Making Roomba a better choice if you feel like Neato D7 might be a little too high.

Neato D7 vs. Roomba i7 — Comparison Chart

Neato D7 Roomba i7
Recharge & Resume  Yes Yes
Run time Up to 120 mins. Up to 75 mins.
Virtual Wall Boundary markers (2M) Virtual Wall Barrier
Technology Neato Robotics iAdapt
Avoids stairs  Yes Yes
Cleaning schedules Yes Yes
Coverage maps Yes Yes
Voice control Alexa & Google Assistant Alexa & Google Assistant
Empties on its own No No
Compatible with Automatic Bin Dispenser No Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Mapping LaserSmart ™ Technology Yes, Imprint ™ Smart Mapping
Height 3.9 inches 3.6 inches
Weight 7.5 lbs. 7.44 lbs.
Quick Charge Yes No
Remote Control Yes Yes
Zone control Yes Yes
Cleaning Summary Yes No
Find Me Yes No
Full Dust Bin Indicator Yes Yes
‘D’ Shaped Design Yes No
Carpet Boost Mode No  Yes
Turbo/Eco Mode Yes No
Onboard Camera No Yes
Side Brush Yes Yes

Neato D7 vs. Roomba i7 — Accessories

Neato Botvac Connected and D Series Parts

Now that we have some differences between Neato D7 and Roomba i7, let’s check out some of the accessories that each offers.

Roomba i7

Be sure to check out Roomba’s i7 iRobot® Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal.

This handy addition automatically empties out your Roomba robot’s bin, so you don’t have to! It can hold up to 30 bins of dirt and uses enclosed, disposable bags, avoiding clouds of dust from forming.

Enhance your home cleaning with the Cleaning Replenishment Kit for the Roomba® e and i Series. It comes with high-efficiency filters, edge sweeping brushes, and 1 Set of Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes. All the tools needed for replacing and maintaining your Roomba robot’s cleaning power.

Neato D7

Keep your Neato D7 out of the way, with the Neato Boundary Markers. If you don’t like using the app, and you would like to have more than the 2M already included, feel free to add more as needed. These can be placed on your floors all around your home as you wish.

Keep your Neato neat with the Neato Botvac D Series Brush Kit. With all that powerful cleaning it does, it’s inevitable that clumps of hair and dirt can get caught in the brushes. Using the comb included in the kit will help you tackle that problem in a much easier way. This kit also includes replacement side brushes and a combo brush too.

Neato D7 vs. Roomba i7 — Our Thoughts

Neato D7 pet friendly

When it comes down to the price, both Neato D7 and Roomba i7, fall relatively in the same range. Giving you the opportunity to really outweigh the pros and cons between the two.

Personally, I think that both robots offer some great cleaning features that will only improve your home cleaning. Such as zone control and scheduling, allowing you to be in control of where and when your floors should be cleaned.

Yet with Neato D7 robots unique ‘D’ shaped design, which allows it to get into some difficult spaces that Roomba might not, and its extended run time, make it an even more powerful smart vacuum for your home. It also has two cleaning modes available, as opposed to Roomba robot’s single Carpet Mode. Neato gives you both Turbo and Eco mode, allowing you to save time and energy when needed.

Although, if you’re looking for automatic dirt disposal, then Roomba i7 is definitely the way to go. Make sure to check out our take on Roomba s9 vs. i7 — the two latest smart vacuums from Roomba that support automatic dirt disposal.

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